Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads, the gap is too big! !


Today Amazon sellers come together, and almost no one is talking about it. Moreover, Amazon has developed to today, the available resources and flexible play space in the station has become smaller and smaller, it seems that the core of off-site promotion can only be around evaluation,But is it worth losing profits in order to evaluate the risk of taking a large number of tests?

Second, everyone wants to get more orders from Amazon, but the real order is up every day.Because everything has turned into goods in the Amazon warehouse.In order to balance the risk, the sale than small and medium-sized sellers more urgent need to do off-site promotion.

Perhaps the vast majority of sellers would think that off-site promotion is to import off-site traffic to Amazon and then get more orders from Amazon. But to make more profits and balance Amazon's risks, we should consider multi-channel operations. When cross-border e-commerce is strong, driven by international market demand,Layout stand-alone stations have also become one of the important options for transformation.

So when it comes to off-site promotion, the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook and Google ads. Since Facebook ads are only searched for demographic and interest characteristics and do not fall into the category of CPC keyword ads, we will take the Facebook ads out for the time being and focus on Google ads today.

Google's transformation is likely to bring a deep root to the buyer's heart of the identity, it brings more is higher profits, higher order volume and more consistent repeat purchase!

Several types of Google ads commonly used

They are: Search, Display, Shopping.

1: Search ads (most commonly used)

Somepeople search for ads that appear, and when a user searches for certain keywords, the corresponding text ads appear in the user's search results

To match keywords set by a user based on the words or phrases they search for, matching and high-quality ads may be shown in user search results.

For example, if you sell a truck, you can add "purchase truck" as a keyword in your AdWords campaign. When people enter "purchase truck" in Google Search, your ads may appear on the search results page.

The image above is an example of a search keyword vacuum furnace in google, with the "Ad" logo in the search results being search ads, and the google shopping with the price on the right.

The main body of the search ad consists of three parts: the title, the display URL, the description, as shown in the following image:

In addition, when you set up search ads, you can choose to add display ads at the same time to expand your reach.

2: Display ads

A specific group or site targeted by ad runners shows ads that appear on numerous websites, mobile apps, and video content. (The Google Display Network has 2 million websites and more than 90% of the world's Internet users).) Display ads can set up responsive ads, image ads, interactive ads, Gmail ads, and more.

(1) The user can target display ads according to a specific audience, such as: users who have visited the site, users who add products to the shopping cart but do not place an order, users who may have the intention to purchase a particular product, users with distinct demographic characteristics (such as young mothers) etc.

(2) The runner may target the content so that the ad appears on a particular category of content on the page or on the website. For example, an advertisement selling yoga socks, the runner can target the ad to appear on the yoga blog.

3: Shopping Ads (Google shopping)

Simply put, you're shopping things on Google, so why advertise you? Of course it's paid, and all of the Google ads we do are text-type ads, but we Google Shopping can be directly displayed in front of users by showing the product, as shown in the figure:

Inside the red box here is the ad show done with Google shopping.

If it's the green arrow of the image below, it's shown through a search ad.

In the context of the trend of cross-border e-commerce, more people are choosing Google to run ads.According to the data, Google's advertising methods have accounted for 56.98% of the indie site sellers, and more and more people are choosing Google's way to divert, the same Trend of Google Search is visible to all, the world's first search engine!

Abroad, Google Shopping contracted 55% of Google's total search for ad hits, which means the section is a treasure trove of traffic and will eventually become one of the necessary channels for independent site sellers to get business opportunities, so don't be confined to a drainage channel like Facebook.

According to the case above, you can see that Google shopping ads are relatively more mature, very obvious display in front of the user, it can be said that as long as is interested in all will try to click, click on the conversion rate will occur! And Google can also help you achieve better conversion rates and data effective detection based on a lot of analytics and data detection!

Independent station as a piece of their own land, play a variety of ways. How to achieve good marketing, build a brand, so as to harvest the attention and purchase of users, is every independent station operators need to think about the issue.

Therefore, for sellers should have to consider the brand, consider how to precipitate users, hands to have their own real core things, rather than simply on the platform to sell goods.

And Google ads just play the power of assistance, we just need to grasp this high-quality resources, and do a good job of the relevant in-site optimization can be.

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