Google AdSense Auto Ad Settings

  My site has been using manual methods to optimize Google AdSense ads, some time ago the site was revised, by the way the form of advertising also changed to AdSense automatic ads, AdSense automatic advertising is a new ad format series, can be easily monetized the site. Deploying automatic ads is as simple as placing the same ad code at the beginning of a web page once. Once the code is added, Google automatically uses artificial intelligence to automatically provide ads for a good user experience on the site.

  Before optimizing AdSense ads to spend a lot of effort, including debugging different sizes, verification of click-through rate, performance evaluation and so on, different locations also need to deploy different code, quite cumbersome, and after a period of testing, I found that automatic ads show performance is not weaker than manually optimized ads, or even better, You can run a lot of manual can not set the form of advertising, such as in-text ads, floating ads, etc. , users can focus on creative content, automatic ads will automatically place and optimize ads for the site, can save a lot of time.

  How automatic ads work

  AdSense autoads use Google's machine learning technology to accomplish the following tasks:

  1, understand the user's web page structure.

  2. Detect all existing Google ads on the page.

  3, according to the site's page layout, the amount of content on the page and the existing Google ads and other elements automatically place new ads.

  If a user makes a change to a website, Google detects the change and reanalyzes the page.

  The format of the automatic ad

  AdSense automatic ads include the following ad formats.

  1. Text ads and display ads: Text ads and display ads are banner ads that appear on a web page. These ads can appear anywhere on the page.

  2, article embedded ads: article embedded ads insert ads into the article, you can run between paragraphs of the page native ads. The ad format, which uses high-quality ad material resources, can significantly increase click-through rates and looks attractive. Such ads appear only between large segments of text on pages that contain long enough articles.

  3, information flow ads (mobile devices only): stream ads can be naturally integrated with the content on the site. They are displayed in the edited stream of selected information (articles or news lists) or product details (product lists, service lists). Stream ads are native ads, which means Google automatically adjusts its style to match the look and feel of the site's content. When a visitor scrolls down a page of a site to see an article or product list and sees a stream of ads, they feel comfortable and natural, not sudden at all, without mistaking it for page content.

  4, matching content (mobile device only): matching content is a mobile native ad, can be advertised with the recommended content from the site. Increase page impressions by providing visitors with more content relevant to their needs.

  Some tips and tweaks for placing ads on your website

  AdSense autoads are usually displayed at the right size on the site, but there are also situations where display anomalies occur, such as for some code-written non-standard websites, AdSense auto ads may appear on the site at 100% width, the width of the ads displayed abnormally, very unsightly.

  The modification of this situation is to:

  The site deploys a global CSS and adds the following code to the CSS file:

body, {
max-width: the maximum width of the content of the website;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
word-break: break-all;