Google advertising service DoubleClick is used to spread cryptocurrency mining malware

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Stormtime Review:For months, news that mining script Coin Hive was sneaking in the background and hijacking users to dig for Monroe coins was no longer news. But recently DoubleClick, the advertising service of Google, the internet giant, also found that the script had been affected by the loss of user computer performance. In addition, many large companies' websites are affected by this malware.

By Annaliese Milano Translated: Annie_Xu

Google's DoubleClick advertising service is being used to spread cryptocurrency mining malware to users in Europe and Asia, security services company TrendMicro said in a new report.

In its Security and Intelligence Blog blog, the company describes the JavaScript program CoinHive running behind the scenes on the site, using the power of the user's computer to poach the Monroe coins. The attacker swashes up The malware using Google's DoubleClick. CoinHive's mining program is not licensed by the user, even without the user's knowledge.

Google's DoubleClick ad service is also used on YouTube, the world's most popular video-sharing service, and the mining app has affected many users of the site, ArsTechnica said.

The TrendMicro report shows that "separate network mining programs connecting private pools" are also involved in the activity.

Malicious Ads adds two different web mining scripts to the true ad.

"The affected web pages still display legitimate ads, while two web mining programs secretly perform tasks. We suspect that the attackers used the ads of these legitimate websites to attack a large number of users, unlike just attacking devices. The flow of the above-mentioned cryptocurrency mining procedures began to decrease on January 24."

80% of the computing power of the affected computer is hijacked, which reduces the performance of the computer.

Secret cryptocurrency mining has been on the rise in recent months. The systems of companies such as oil transportation giant Transneft have also been affected by malware, and a November report showed that CoinHive had become one of the most common malware.

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