Google founder Peppa Page resigns as CEO; People's Daily approves pop-up ads; Northeast media underpay; plus media talk about meng's final hours before arrest

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Arebati - Good morning, today is Wednesday, December 4th.
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Today's highlights
1. Google parent Alphabet simplifies management: CEO Page steps down
Google co-founders Peppa and Bryn
Larry Page, ceo of Alphabet, Google's parent company, announced Tuesday that he will no longer serve as CEO, replaced by Sundar Pichai, Google's chief executive. Mr Pichai will also serve as CEO of Google and its parent company. Google co-founder Sergey Brin is no longer president. Page and Brin will remain on the board of directors. With Alphabet's business now stable and Google and other businesses operating efficiently as independent companies, it's time to streamline management structures, and Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a president, the two said in a joint press release.
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2. The last hours before the arrest of Meng Evening Boat
Senior U.S. government officials orchestrated the arrest, not in advance, or even with Mr. Trump, The Globe reported. David Naught on The Ron, a former Canadian ambassador to Washington, said there had been no discussion spree between Canadian and U.S. officials before the extradition request was made. At Trudeau's final meeting at the summit, an official quietly handed over a note to his chief secretary, Gerald Butts, saying that Meng was about to be arrested. The prime minister was caught off guard by the news, the source said.
3. Luo Yonghao Launches Antibacterial Kids Backpack for Sharklet Shark Tattoo Technology Platform
Luo Yonghao
As a global partner of Sharklet Technologies, Luo Yonghao opened the Merchants Conference for Sharklet Shark-Print Technology in Beijing. According to the press conference, the technology mainly by changing the surface structure of the material, borrowing physical microstructure to achieve antibacterial effect. The site also released antibacterial children's backpacks, business suitcases, has been in Tmall and platform pre-sale, in January 2020 officially launched.
4. Northeast media underpaid Chicken West reporter off work to help people bathe more than 200 people 12 months without pay
A person claiming to be an employee of Chixi News Media Group said that Jixi News Media Group had been in arrears for 11 months and was now making a living on its own, trying to ease the pressure on life by helping relatives distribute apples. Sources told the media, and even colleagues in order to ease the pressure of life to help people shower: "young people now generally rely on the help of their parents, the unit has colleagues off work to give people a taxi, there are help people bath, give people to do tutoring, really no ability to weekend to give people to do small work, mainly by doing some part-time work." "
Jixi News media group is based on the Chixi Daily News, Chixi People's Radio, Chixi TV station as the main body was set up on December 23, 2009, belongs to the implementation of enterprise management institutions. People familiar with the matter told the media that the current Chixi News Media Group has about 490 employees, of whom more than 200 are for the business balance and extra-budgetary business preparation and enterprise editorial staff, it is this part of the staff, including journalists, editors, all of whom are in arrears. (Media insights
5.Music website sues Google for copying lyrics
Music website Genius Media has filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming it was "caught up in the current situation" by copying its lyrics to profit at the cost of Genius's business. Genius also named LyricFind, a Canadian lyric licensing company, as a defendant, seeking a total of at least $50 million in damages from the latter and Google.
6. Apple Releases annual iPhone game download list: Mario Racing tops the list
Apple on Tuesday announced its 2019 iPhone and iPad game download list. The most downloaded version of the free iPhone game is the hand-traveled version of Mario Racing. Minecraft topped the pay-per-view iPhone game. In the iPad game, "Roblox" and "Minecraft" are the top free and paid games, respectively.
7. Alibaba: Co-representative has fully exercised the over-allocated equity
Alibaba announced late on December 3rd that the company's co-representative (on behalf of international underwriters) had fully exercised its over-allocation on December 3, 2019, involving a total of 75,000,000 shares (over-issued shares), accounting for 15% of the initial available shares for the global offering. (before any over-allocation). (China Securities Network)
8. Sdorial multi-unlicensed business payment business is currently being corrected
According to micro-blogging legal sources, in early November this year, Chinese Minmin Bank Shanghai Branch of a report reply to the opinion confirmed that the multi-warranty operation of payment business, is currently in the process of rectification. According to last year's shanghai Chinese People's Bank of China, since 2017, the relevant departments have been the main body of the company --- Shanghai Dream Search Company to carry out investigation and evidence, found that the company has no license to operate the payment business behavior, and has asked it to carry out rectification. (Hunting Cloud Network)
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9. Traffic is not finished to disconnect the network? China Telecom apologizes to writer seventy-six
China Telecom said it had resolved the issue and apologized for the "monthly traffic can't be used to charge money" as reflected on Weibo by well-known female writers. On December 2, six tweets to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology complained about China Telecom, she paid an annual fee once, the case is three to five because the gift of mobile phone traffic did not run out of the family network, never early warning, said break. (Beijing Youth Daily)
10. Nokia appoints new chairman: former head of network business
Nokia announced on Tuesday that it plans to appoint Sari Baldauf, a former head of its network business, as its chairman. Risto Silasmaa, Nokia's current chairman, will step down after eight years in the job.
11. Musk's "paedophile" case goes to court to defend himself
Musk came to court.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Elon Musk's "paedophile" defamation lawsuit went to trial on Tuesday. Musk appeared as a witness to defend himself. Musk's lawyer said Musk's "paedophile" tweets were not criminal charges, but merely taunts between men. Lawyers for the plaintiff, British diver Vernon Unsworth, said Musk destroyed what was supposed to be a bright spot in Onsworth's life.
Latest product news
12. Apple has started stocking the iPhone SE2 as soon as early next year
The latest news is that Apple began stocking the iPhone SE2 through the supply chain on December 3rd Beijing time. The new product, which will start in February next year, will start at no more than Rmb3,000 and is expected to ship 20-30 million units by 2020. (China Securities News)
13. Amazon announces new data center chips 7 times faster than the previous generation
Amazon said Tuesday that it has designed a more powerful data center processing chip: The Graviton 2. It is expected to be seven times faster than its predecessor, using SoftBank's ARM architecture technology. The new chips will help Amazon reduce its reliance on Intel and AMD.
14. Tesla or start delivering Model Y in the first quarter of next year
Tesla is ready to deliver its cross-border SUV Model Y from the first quarter of next year, Deutsche Bank said in a research release Tuesday. Taiwan media previously reported that the Model Y listing process accelerated, the supply chain has recently received a Tesla notice, asked for Model Y mass production in advance preparation, about half a year earlier than originally planned.
15. Qualcomm releases flagship mobile phone chip Dragon 865 OPPO, Xiaomi will be the first
At the 2019 Qualcomm Dragon Technology Summit, Qualcomm officially launched two new Dragon 5G mobile platforms: the Dragon 865 and the Dragon 765 series. On-site, Lenovo's mobile phone brands Motorola, Xiaomi, OPPO, Nokia representatives said, will be fully launched based on the Dragon 865 mobile platform and The Dragon 765 and 765G platform products. (Operator Financial Network)
16. People's Daily approves the pop-up advertisement:The platform concerned should cherish its reputation and control the pop-up window
On December 4, the People's Daily published an article entitled "Pop-window advertising" that "pop-up advertising" should not be impeached, in which it referred to "pop-up advertising" as wanton, not only affecting the mood and efficiency of Internet users, but also bring trojan implants, information fraud, forced consumption and other issues. Relevant departments should clarify the regulatory responsibilities, strengthen law enforcement efforts, strengthen precision law enforcement. Governance pop-up windows are rampant, and the platform is duty-bound. The platform concerned should cherish its reputation and control the pop-up window. Network operators who publish illegal advertisements shall terminate their cooperative relations with them in a timely manner. Only by optimizing the industry ecology, strengthening the industry's self-discipline and forming a management force, is the solution.
NASA to send 'robot inn' to space station on SpaceX resupply mission
NASA will send a "robot hotel" to the International Space Station on its next SpaceX commercial resupply mission. The robot hotel, officially known as The Robot Tool Storage Space (RiTS), is actually a protected storage location that robots use when they are not in use.
18. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:New vehicle sales of new energy vehicles will account for 25% in 2025
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology yesterday publicly solicited opinions on the New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035). "Draft for comments" proposed that by 2025, the competitiveness of the new energy vehicle market will be significantly improved, power batteries, drive motors, vehicle operating systems and other key technologies will achieve a major breakthrough. New energy vehicle new car sales will reach about 25%, smart net-linked car sales will reach 30%. (Beijing Youth Daily)
Capital things
19. Apple's intraday decline of 3%, its biggest drop since August
Apple's shares fell as much as 3 per cent in early trading on Tuesday, their biggest one-day drop since August 23. Apple's shares have fallen for three straight sessions, closing down 1.78 percent on Tuesday.
20. The IPO of View Technology may be postponed until 2020 before being requested by hkEx for supplementary materials
Sources say the company may delay a Hong Kong IPO of up to $1bn until 2020. It follows reports that the technology failed to pass the HKEx listing hearing because Hong Kong regulators had asked the company for more information. The official response from The View Technology is that the reports are false. (Zhitong Finance)
21. Xiaomi Group:Repurchase of 18.78 million shares involving capital of HK$169 million
Xiaomi Group said in an evening announcement on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 3 that it had repurchased 18,782,000 shares on the same day, involving HK$169,184,330.38. (China Securities Network)
22. Headlines Third Quarter Net Loss of RMB890 million YoY
The mobile content platform headlines last night to report unaudited results for the third quarter of the 2019 financial year ended September 30. According to the results, net revenue for the third quarter was RMB1,406.9 million (RMB, the same as below), up 44.0% from RMB977.3 million a year earlier, and net loss to common shareholders attributable to Funny Headlines was RMB891.8 million ( RMB) Net loss of $1,055.1 million from a year earlier narrowed 15.5 percent from a year earlier.
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