Google has also been fined hundreds of millions of baidus for false advertising?

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Are are doing search, is not the irregular bid ranking only Baidu a search engine in doing?

These days the mood of small M slightly heavy, not only Wei Zexi young life fairy death, but also lamented the sorrow of their parents' only child. This incident has once again brought our attention to the search engine. Behind an event is not just the evil of a company, but also reflects the root causes of cultivating this evil soil. So inertia we will think about a problem, are doing search, is not the irregular bid ranking only Baidu a search engine in doing? (From: Tencent Finance)

Google also has a "prior" as the biggest portal for Internet users to obtain information, Google 90% of its revenue comes from advertising, also in search results for its users to display ads. Advertisers typically set their highest bids in the background - based on clicks, impressions, conversions, etc., and then Google determines the ranking of ads by bid, quality score, and ad ratings. This is certainly a way to bid. (From: Tencent Finance)

In fact, in 2011, Google paid a $500 million fine to U.S. regulators for helping Canadian advertisers advertise illegal medicines. Since then, Google has taken stricter regulatory measures to restrict pharmaceutical advertising. According to Google, 780 million ads violated its policies were removed in 2015, up nearly 50 percent from 524 million in 2014. In addition, Google blocked 10,000 websites selling fake goods in 2015, closed 18,000 accounts selling fake goods, and blacklisted 30,000 websites that sold weight-loss products. (From: Tencent Finance)

How Google "doesn't do evil": Google's ad delivery system is self-service, called AdWords, as shown in the figure. Advertisers can run ads on Google by registering an account on the system, but there are strict limits to the content. The official page of AdWords clearly lists advertising policies, including four aspects: prohibited content, prohibited behavior, restricted content, and editing and technology, prohibited advertising including fake products, dangerous goods (including weapons, ammunition, explosive materials, etc.), products and services that cause dishonesty ( Examples include hacking software and guidance, people's services to increase traffic on the site, academic fraud services, etc.), offensive and inappropriate content (e.g. propaganda of violence, hatred, intimidation, racism, etc.). (From: Tencent Finance)

AdWords includes Healthcare-based content in the restricted content of Restricted Content. If you want to advertise prescription drugs at Google in the U.S., you must be certified by the National Pharmacy Council (NABP) for online advertising and connect to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) database. This means that in reviewing medical advertising, Google recognizes only NABP (The U.S. Pharmacy Council) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification, in which case it is the responsibility of NABP and fda. (From: Tencent Finance)

In Adwords's official policy note, Google also makes clear that "misleading or unrealistic promotional activities" are falsely claiming to achieve the results that users expect, and that it is unlikely to actually achieve that result, even if the results are possible, so that ads are not allowed to go live - Obviously, the "magic bullet" for incurable diseases is included. (From: Tencent Finance)

It is known that the use of AdWords to promote the introduction of customers, Google's advertising audit is unusually strict, time, frame series, text, content have strict requirements, sometimes rejected more will also lead to the entire account blacklisted, so that the promotion effect after the discount. A domestic Internet company that ran Google's mobile ads, the marketing department said that in the process of data review, Google the entire advertising screen button size, text and picture ratio have strict requirements, half of the mobile phone screen size banner ads after three or four repeated modifications to be able to go online. (From: Tencent Finance)

In addition, Google has more than 1,000 people dedicated to monitoring and cleaning up these malicious ads. Of course, after watching Google AdWords system, small M personally on Google search "shelf" word, the result is really different from the domestic search boss full screen ads. It has to be said that the technology itself is not guilty, the guiltis is the person who uses the technology. (As shown, the ads are labeled "Ads" and displayed on the right side of the page) (from: Tencent Finance)

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