Google takes a 'cat slave' ad that warms up all the cat parties

"Sucking Cat" and "Cat"Almost became the contemporary "empty-nest youth"An integral part of life.

Be a "cat slave".And gradually become a trend thing,However, some people have a big social heart about cats.

Carefully selected cat breeds,The corner of the living room is arranged into a delicate cathouse,Then began to tweet, friends circle "suncat."Watching the number of likereviews rise,A kind of earthy red-red oil is born.

HoweverThat's not the case with the real "cat slave."In order to win the cat's instant "favorite luck",Even giving up dignity is at all costs.

As SuperCat slave Hemingway once said:

"A man will not be defeated, but he can be destroyed by a cat. 」

Recently, Japan's Google for its ownSmart Electronics Google Home mini,A film was made about the life of the "cat slave".Let people watch can't help thinking,One day the earth will be ruled by the stars, right?

Or rather,It's already there.

Like Hemingway.

Dickens is one, too.

The "Cat Slave"

To please the heart

How humble do the officers live?

Here are 5 living examples

Case 1

Sleep on your lap.

Look at the man's intoxicated look.

It's so out of interest.

I don't.

I want it too!

Case 2

Crazy to grab toilet paper

Is this a cute move?

The officers are in the eye.

Keeping a cat is better than a house man.

It's more paper-spending.

Case 3

like to be next to

People who don't have cats don't even think about it.

Buried in a pile of hair.

Won't you be uncomfortable?

It doesn't matter.

This cat is too obedient, ToT.

Case 4

I like to drill boxes.

Cat crawler, cat sofa, cat scratchboard

Fancy not.

Cat's favorite.

It's a box.

Case 5

I like to sit on the computer.

It's amazing.

It must know I'm tired.

That's why I sat on the keyboard.

So for the sake of the main man

It's so sweet.

"Humans, who is the Lord, please find out"

Case 6

Like the sun.

My love bird.

It's already flown away.

My officer.

"Okay, spoil you once. "

Case 7

Like stoain.

People who really love cats.

It's very patient.

Even if it's going to burn the house down.

Isn't that cute, too?

That's right

People who don't have cats.

I probably don't understand.

The Japanese obsession with cats is definitely not lost in any country in the world, and the "Cat Slave" ad immediately attracted a lot of likes from cat lovers, with more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.

This ad restores the daily life of the "cat slaves", the plot is simple, but brings a good dissemination effect, perhaps the following three points can give us some inspiration:

I. Insights into life

Human beings need to accompany, especially in today's society, more and more in the big cities to fight alone "empty-nest youth", perhaps most of them have become accustomed to single life, but the gap in the mind is still in urgent need of filling, cat ownership has become the most convenient way to meet this need.

Their lives are tiny, on the cat this matter, but become a social phenomenon, even if you do not have a cat, there must be friends around, so the radiation surface is naturally expanded.

The most wonderful ideas are actually in the details of life, carefully observe the details of life, and think about it, to extract the points that can impress people, in fact, it is not difficult.

Second, the use of the scene of the construction

Google has done a good job of implanting its own products into the "cat slave" life scene, this guided scene shows not only the use of the product scene, but also secretly inspire sfantasing, build their own use of the same product, and even divergent thought more useful.

As someone shows you a picture of an elephant, he tells you, "Don't imagine it's a giraffe," but the psychological implication is strong and leaves no trace in your mind.

Hong Kong columnist Ken Wu said:"If you want to sell something in Japan, just pull up the cat. "It still seems to make sense.

Third, to create psychological resonance

Google directly reproduces the "cat slave" life, without too much interpretation, but it is easy to cause the audience to frequently issue "Wow, this is really! approval.

An ad can resonate, but it's even a success. Just as cats have a home, introverted, need to accompany, do not love trouble other people's character characteristics, and most of the urban youth very suitable, walking together is a natural thing.

And the brand should also establish such a resonance with users, showing that "I understand the user," the brand's affinity has naturally been enhanced.

Are there any interesting stories between you and the cat? Let's share it...

2019, but also to wait for the good.


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