Google's 2019 Advertising Retail Ings Report

Sidecar released the Google Advertising Retail Benchmark Report.

Retailers are starting to get more paid search clicks from shopping ads, not from text ads. But as the industry has become more inclined to Google shopping ads, their ctR has fallen. CTR, the retailer that invested in Google's shopping ads, fell 18 percent last year, as google offered more inventory of shopping ads last year.

The highest vertical component of CTR was auto parts (1.41%), followed by flowers/gifts (1.30%). Computer/electronics had the lowest CTR in 2018 at 0.73%, while the office supplies and jewelry industry both improved slightly, with 0.76% in 2018. Toys/Hobby scored best in 2017 at 10.25 per cent in return on advertising expenditure (ROAS), and fell to 7.31 in 2018. Electronics came in second in 2017, with 10.09 ROA this year and 8.92 in auto parts.

On the other hand, there has been no change in ROAS since 2017. Its ROAS remains at 3.39, the bottom of the rankings.

The average order value (AOV) for clothing/accessories was the highest at $291, with the highest conversion rate of any vertical market at 3.09 per cent. AOV lowest for food/drug ($54) and lowest conversion rate for autoparts (1.12%).

Paid search benchmarks

Google's paid-for ctR grew even more in 2018. The food/drug growth rate was fastest (67 per cent), with an average click-through rate of 1.21 per cent. With 49% growth, health/beauty click-through rates increased by 49% to 3.24%, the highest in the vertical industry.

Other Google Paid Search Benchmarks:

Jewelry has the largest paid search range, at $309, while flowers/gifts have the lowest paid search range ($53).

Office supplies had the highest rate of paid search conversion, at 10.07 per cent.

Jewelry had the lowest conversion rate, at 1.49 per cent.


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