How to improve the quality of Google ads, improve the effectiveness of advertising? 3 key points to optimize ad quality scores



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Ad quality scores play a very important role in Google advertising, and quality is a key factor if you want to get a high profit from your campaign. On the other hand, good quality scores provide a competitive advantage, and your ads can be better ranked in search results than your competitors. So how can advertisers improve the quality of their ads? 

How do I check the quality score of my ad?

1, click on the Top Campaigns tab.

2, select keywords label.

Click the status that appears next to any keyword to see more information about the keyword's Quality score.

This metric not only helps improve the quality of ad ratings, but also helps drive the success of your campaign.

If your ads have a high quality score, obviously don't worry. However, if the quality score is not high, there is clearly a problem with the ad:

How to improve keyword quality score?

Each keyword has a quality score, which is rated by Google, based on click-through rate, relevance, and landing page.

And the ad quality score and keyword quality score are the same, both have an impact on the success or failure of advertising. To improve the quality of your ads, you just need to do the following:

  • Increase click-through rates

People see multiple ads while browsing, but to get their attention, ads need to be attractive. Here's how to increase your ad click-through rate.

1, add countdown timer, create a sense of urgency in the ad

Adding content to your ads that directly attracts users' attention can do just that.

For example:You can use words like "2 days left" and "end after 3 days of the campaign", a strategy that helps increase ad clicks and works better with a sense of urgency than other ad copy. 

2. Add call-to-action language to your ads

CTA can have a direct impact on the user's psychology, guide the user to operate, and attract them to click.

You can add a CTA based on your target requirements, which can be "Buy Now," "Register," "Contact Us, etc." Using a copy to entice users to click on an ad, not just click, but also to satisfy the user's intent after clicking on the ad to provide a better user experience. 

3. Increase the exposure of your ads by adding additional information

Advertising extras are additional information about your business. Use extra ad information to highlight important information and increase your ad's exposure.

For example, you can add phone numbers, locations, brands, categories, types, and more using ad extras.

In this way, ads will not only become more attractive, but will also help users better understand your business at no additional cost. 

4. Use target keywords in the URL

Trust is the key to driving transformation. Adding the main keyword to the URL helps win the audience's trust.

When users find keywords related to search terms in a URL, they perceive the high relevance of the page.

In addition, users can determine if the site is what they are looking for by simply viewing the URL.

  • Optimize the landing page

If there is no landing page, the ad will be considered incomplete. If you want to get a good quality score, the landing page needs to be advertised and optimized.

It's like attracting someone to a store with various offers, but there's still a chance that he'll be able to complete a purchase at the store. Similarly, ads attract users to the site, while landing pages persuade users to make purchases. That's why you need a carefully optimized landing page.

1. Maintain the relevance between ads and landing pages

Users click when they find relevant and useful ad content, and they'll be frustrated if they can't find the same content in the ad. Also, be sure to use the ad group's target keywords on your landing page.

2, improve the loading speed of the landing page

The quality of your ads is affected by the landing page user experience. Landing pages that take a long time are difficult to satisfy users and can affect their experience on the landing page.

Therefore, increase the loading speed of the landing page and prevent users from leaving the site.

3, attractive title

Use the attractive title to give the audience reason to stay on the landing page.

Once the visitor is interested, it will explore further. Visitors can usually make a good conversion if they complete the landing page.

4, the design of appropriate white

If the landing page is properly designed to remain white, it can have a great effect. Leaving less white and too much color is not a good landing page design, both of which can distract visitors.

By leaving the target page more compact, the target page allows the visitor to quickly catch the point, which helps draw the user's attention to the message you want to convey. 

How can I improve the relevance of my ads?

Advertising relevance is another important aspect of improving quality. Ads and search queries or keywords are related, can make ads get a higher quality score.

1, advertising copy use of target keywords

Making sure your target keywords also appear in your ads can help you establish a high degree of relevance between your ads and keywords.

In addition to the Quality Score, you can also get a higher click-through rate on your ads.

2. Divide the campaign into multiple ad groups

Creating campaigns that include many ad groups improves targeting accuracy, and in many ad groups you need to use more specific, relevant target keywords. That way, you don't have to use all the keywords in one or two ad groups.

As a result, you can run campaigns that are more accurate, more classified, and relevant.

3, to ensure that the advertising copy and keyword related

The ad copy you write also needs to be relevant to the keywords, and the ad copy that is not related to the keyword will give the impression of being misleading. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a deliberate statement and write an attractive and relevant advertising copy. This can improve the relevance of ads and keywords, and high correlation can improve the quality of advertising scores.

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