How to optimize your website and Google ads for mobile devices

Now do not know that we did not find, run Google advertising data out, you can find that at least 60-80% of the clicks are from the mobile side, but often many sites simply do not check the mobile end how the user experience or do not know how to check.

Run Google ads for children's shoes, do you have a check on the mobile side of your website? Are there specific optimizations?

The importance of website mobile optimization is reflected in:

1, mobile good website can get better ranking in natural search
2, Google Ads click at least 60% from mobile clicks
More than 3,50% of Google searches are done with mobile phones
4. If your website is not performing well on the mobile side, the probability of visitors leaving is increased by 500%

How to optimize your website for mobile devices

1, the website mobile opening speed is the most direct factor, if your website mobile opening time more than 3S, then at least 50% of visitors will choose to leave, so, the first step, we need to do the first check your website's mobile access speed in the end, click on the following Google official test site.

Website mobile speed test

2, your site on the mobile side is not easy to let users find what they want, while ensuring that users do not need two fingers to enlarge the page can be clearly viewed, you need to simplify your navigation bar, so that the navigation bar in a prominent place, and convenient for users to click to view.

3, your website mobile is not easy to operate, for example: add the shopping cart button in a prominent place, to facilitate users to find their own shopping cart, find their own order information and so on.

4, can let users on the desktop device can continue to shop, to ensure that users can easily return to the shopping cart after switching to desktop devices, in order to complete the purchase.

How to optimize your ads for mobile devices

1. Upgrade to plus-large text ads

Plus large text ads provide more space for ad text, designed for the best results on mobile devices. To take advantage of this new ad format, it is recommended that you update your existing text ads to larger text ads. There is no charge for an ad upgrade. A larger text ad has three title fields and two ad content description fields, each of which can be entered for up to 90 characters.

Here's how: Sign in to your Google Ads account.

  • In the page menu on the left, click on ads and extensions.

  • Hover over the text ad you want to modify, and then tap the pencil icon. The system uses the text from existing ads to populate the fields of your new format ads, creating a good start for your new plus-large ads.

  • Enter the final URL, title text, ad content description, and text in the optional Path field. When you enter this information, the mobile and desktop versions of the ads appear instantly in Ad Preview.

  • Once you've made sure your new text ad is correct, click Save ads.

2. Use ad extensions

I've said before that additional information must be added, additional information including business address, phone, specific web links and so on, these will increase your ad click-through rate, thereby reducing your cpc bid, and add additional information is free, no additional charges.

3. Write a beautiful ad copy
First of all, the title of the advertisement to be eye-catching, the title in the mobile advertising is the most prominent, my advice is to be sure to put the keywords in the title, for example, you are selling red shoes, red shoes must appear in the title.

The call should be loud, e.g. the last three days, free parcels, order now, and so on.

Ads describe how to make the most of it, highlighting what makes your business different and why the products or services you offer are ideal for users. Highlight key selling points that differentiate you from your competitors, such as service, reliability, wide selection, exclusive products, specific prices or promotional offers.

Create multiple ads, and if a group has more than one ad, Google Ads automatically starts showing better ads by default. Be sure to use 2-4 different ads and set a different title or description text for each ad.

4. Make sure the content of your mobile landing page is consistent with the content of your ad

Moving landing pages are critical to turning click-clicking users into customers. When people click on an ad, they want to reach a page that is relevant to what's shown in the ad. If they don't immediately find what they want to see, they're likely to leave the site.

Select a mobile landing page that aligns with the call-to-call language in your ad text and provide a clear path to perform the called action, such as buying a specific product or filling out a form. All promotions or special offers promised in the advertising case should be presented in a prominent manner on the landing page. This should be noted, many people in the ads write parcels or a few discount promotions, but when the user clickon on the site found that this is not the case.

Summary: Optimize your mobile site, optimize your mobile ads, and ultimately make your ads less money, get better returns!

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