Newbies of Google Ads

People seem to like google's related articles... Is Alibaba International Station going to get cold?

Make an ad: can be connected to an international station platform operation, recently relatively empty.


Google ads, whether it's a big foreign trade enterprise or a small SOHO individual, can try a channel, because it's simple to open an account and money can be controlled, but only if you have a good website.

Go to Google Ads

1. Set up a campaign


Select promotion mode: (Foreign trade we only choose search ads)

Next, set up the name of Google's campaign, location, target language, daily budget, due date, campaign-level sitelinks, promotional messages, phone messages, and more.

2. Set up ad groups

As shown in the image above, select the ad group type (standard), set the ad group name, and add the keywords that trigger the ad. Then click Save and continue.

There are several types of matching for Google's ad keywords:
(1) Broad matching:i.e. keywords without any symbols, such as led light.
For a wide range of matching keywords, ads can be triggered when a user's search term contains a misspelled form of the keyword, synonyms, related search terms, or other relevant variations. In this example, when a user searches for how to purchase led light, what is led light, cheap led light, ads can be triggered.

(2) Phrase matching: that is, the keyword placed in double quotes, such as "led light".
For keywords that match a phrase, a display of an ad can be triggered if the search term used by the user matches the phrase, or a close variation of the phrase, or if other words are added before or after the phrase. However, if other words are inserted between phrases, or if the order of words in the phrases is different, the ads will not appear.

(3) Perfect match(match exact): that is, the keywordplace placed in square brackets, such as "led light".
For exactly matching keywords, ads are only likely to trigger display if the user's search term exactly matches the keyword, or if the search term is a close variation of the keyword (such as simply adding or deleting prepositions, conjunctions, and other keywords that do not affect the order of the search intention).

(4) Use a widely matched modifier keyword (note: there are no spaces between the words.) )
A broad match modifier,known as a plus sign, is used to modify a wide range of match keywords. Ads can trigger a display when the search content is an approximate variation of such keywords (which does not contain synonyms) or any sequence of combinations. For example, for the keyword s.purchase and led. When a user searches for led purchase, purchase cheap led, led buying, the corresponding ads can trigger the display, search synonym buy led, ads will not show.
(It can have more control than broadly matching keywords; it is freer and more flexible than keywords matched by phrases.) )

1) Most advertisers find it appropriate to use 5 to 20 keywords per ad group.
2) Keywords are not case sensitive, which means they do not take upper or lowercase letters into account when they match.
3) Symbols have a special meaning in AdWords, so keywords cannot contain any non-standard characters, such as:! @%,*
4) The matching type of these words can be changed at any time.

Tips: When newbies start running ads, they can use a wide range of matches, when they have accumulated a certain number of guest search terms, then add appropriate search keywords to promote, and set phrase matching.

3. Set up ads

A, first of all, in the final URL to fill in the correct ad landing page URL, that is, click ads to jump to your page.
B, then, fill in sections 1 and Path 2 of the display path. Note that the path characters here are primarily used to describe the product or service of the ad landing page in detail, with the goal of giving users a clear idea of the main content of the target page before clicking on the ad. For example, you are a shoe-selling website, you want to run an advertisement for outdoor lamps, so you can set it to
C, next, fill in specific ads in title 1, title 2, title 3 and description of the ad content.

Notes for filling in the slogan:
1) Pay attention to the word limit, accurate description of the landing page productor or service
2) No other brand words, no exclamation points
3) Use specialized language to give users a sense of trust.
4) Study the user psychology, stand from the user's point of view, tell them are interested in or useful information
5) Advertising can appear discount, discount and other information, there are numbers as far as possible in numerical expression;
6) Put the service case and proof of authority on the way to show your experience and authority, as well as trustworthiness.
7) Proper use of call-to-appeal language
8) The most important point: in order to improve the quality score and ad relevance of ads, ad language and ad landing pages should include as much as possible the keywords set by the ads!

D. Add an ad's additional information:

You can extend your ads with additional ad information, give users more reason to choose from, and increase click-through rates. The format of additional information includes call buttons, location information, links to specific parts of the site, and additional text. You can add to the use according to the actual situation.
Note: When you choose to add a sitelink, you'll be asked to choose the level, whether it's an account level, a campaign level, or an ad group level. For account-level additional information, all ads under the account are valid, for campaign levels, only for ads for all ad groups under this campaign, and for additional information for ad groups, only ads for this particular ad group are valid.
In addition, because the user's search device is different, the display of the sitelink will be different, may be displayed on the computer side of the site link will not be displayed on the mobile phone side. 】

As follows:

E, each ad group set at least three different ads, and select "Optimize: Select better ads" in the ad carousel settings

F. After setting up a new ad settings, Google Adwords needs to review it, and after approval, the ad status changes from "in review" to "approved."

That's all.

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