Personal website smiles: Google Ad Alliance earns tens of thousands of knives a day

We all know that many large-scale websites in China were founded at the beginning, many are from abroad to learn from the idea, said the bad point is plagiarism, many foreign sites idea are very good, before the crazy team also shared a million knife advertising fees for everyone' website:Million-grid netThe site also has several sites in the country in imitation, but the results are not satisfactory, because of the problems of the user base in different countries.

In these cases of plagiarism there are also many large-scale failure cases, such as happy net and Renren net are plagiarized FB, but obviously encountered in the country water and soil disobedience situation, although there was a small fire for a while, but now basically has disappeared, no one is using.

These may be relatively well known some large-scale website cases, in fact, in foreign countries, individuals set up websites and annual income can reach more than 100,000 U.S. dollars a very large, generally these sites revenue to google adsense ads and affiliate Marketing's cps revenue is the main.

Have done English website and through these two income to earn money students should be clear, commission unit price is relatively high, if the site can get better traffic in google search engine, normal ordinary people set up a common English station, do earn a million knives a month, is absolutely not a difficult thing.

However, for Xiaobai, it may be difficult, difficult in a few places, some can be through a short period of learning to solve, some short time is resolute.

For example:English this pass, not a day, two days, nor a month, two months of study can be done things, especially if we do niche type of website, in addition to your English is better, but also for your site positioning industry to be familiar, otherwise, You may not be able to write too good a guide to buy real-life sales, so you won't get a cps commission.

But for google adsense, as long as the site has a user, there will be revenue, that is, how much problem.

And in the niche this kind of site, building a site is also good, the site operation is also good, google seo is also good, these are able to learn in a relatively short period of time can master.

In fact, the Internet to make money, has always been a confirmation of the crazy team has been saying a word:Difficult will not, will not be difficult, why learn knowledge, learning experience, increase personal ability, in essence, is to make you in the running of the project easier, easier, more profitable.

Today's crazy team to share with you a foreign website case, a person in 24 hours to do a website, only work 2 hours a day, every dayGoogle Advertising AllianceHe spent tens of thousands of dollars on advertising, and after 12 years of operation, he sold the site for $575 million.

This is also a typical case of a personal webmaster relying on a website to successfully stand at the top of the list, just as we said before the "what is worth buying" website, initially also a webmaster, a WordPress blog began, and finally achieved the IPO in the previous period.

Although, such cases on the Internet is not many, but, if you narrow down the goal, a website to achieve millions of annual income, such a site on the Internet there are many, many sites may have never been contacted, these years to earn millions of webmasters are very low-key, and they may have more than one site.

Many people have not understood SEO optimization and website operation in the end what kind of difference?

SEO optimization is more biased towards a certain or several sites home keyword optimization, more technology-driven.

The nature of the website operation is the same as you raise a child, you have to constantly pay hard, raise it, let him grow, in the website operation inside, technology is not the most important, technology itself is only auxiliary, the focus is you want to be careful.

And once you can successfully run a website, the rest of your second and third run will become very simple, because you already have experience and know how a website should be done to grow.

Let's take a look at what kind of website can be worth more than $500 million and earn more than $10 million a year:

This is a dating website called:Plenty of Fish。

From the data of the love station network, it seems that there is nothing, Baidu weight is also very low, a few keywords, the main reason is that this is a global-oriented website, not China, so at this time, we only want to see the love station network inside a few key data:

Alexa ranks as:1333 bit, Google's pr value is 5, estimated daily IP as high as 190,000, of course, in this three data, should only alexa data is more accurate, pr and estimated day IP are not accurate.

Alexa ranks 1333 with out a lot of people without concept, so let's take a look at what's worth buying in September:

Alexa ranks only about 200 places higher than the previous site, and the valuation of what's worth buying should be billions of dollars.

While it may be that alexa rankings are worth buying higher, don't lose sight of one of the most important cores:The group of traffic.

Plenty of Fish traffic is for users in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil and the United States.

What is worth buying traffic is basically Chinese users.

If you have used the traffic traffic platform abroad to know that China's traffic is the least valuable, perhaps even the U.S. traffic price of one-twentieth, so perhaps The Daily Traffic of Plenty of Fish may be worth buying, but the traffic value is much worse, Although what is worth buying traffic has been very valuable, after all, has been directly to the product recommendation.

Founded in 2003, Plenty of Fish had an annual revenue of more than $10 million by 2008 with little staff, thanks to a core point:Free

In June 2003, Plenty of Fish had only 493 views (PV) and advertising revenue of 7.6 Canadian dollars (almost equivalent to the United States dollar);In July 2003, there were more than 180,000 views and more than 1,700 advertising revenue.Slowly steadily increase monthly, by February 2004, advertising revenue has reached more than 12,000.In June 2004, the revenue exceeded 50,000 knives.In April 2005,Monthly income exceeded 100,000 yuan.

If you open the Plenty of Fish website, you will feel incredible, the home page is a very simple interface, and we see the normal domestic dating site is completely different:

In fact, there is no need to be surprised, many foreign sites are basically like this.

For example, the very well-known cj site in the field of advertising alliances, opened is basically the same, very well-known:

Plenty of Fish is free, but it also offers a fee-based service, except that the service is better than the one charged.

Plenty of Fish was sold to Match Group in 2015 for $575 million, and by the time it sold it had 90 million registered users and 3.6 million daily living, you might think that's not as good as many domestic sites. But always do not forget the problem of traffic groups, Chinese many so traffic is also huge, like the male traffic station said before you, the daily IP to do 100,000 plus a month's income is tens of thousands of dollars, after all, male traffic on the Internet is too large, Feel free to do a website out can get thousands to tens of thousands of IP in a short period of time.

Markus Frind

Although, the crazy team has not been very willing to send this type of case, already this success belongs to a very small number of people's success, its odds may be comparable with the purchase of lottery tickets, and we are all ordinary people, see such a case is no use, and this kind of site does not have any idea to learn from.

However, I want to tell you that you can understand a core:When we do projects on the Internet, most of them should choose those projects that have accumulated and developed in the selection stage, and the accumulation and development are in the process of your continuous learning and efforts to pay.

Insert something other than an article:

Yesterday someone sent this message in the computer cluster of our university:Urgent need for fast. Hand shakes. Sound praiser, has a mobile phone can do, wait for a month 2200-3500 or so.

Generally speaking, normal people will not believe such things, you can see that there are people in the group to refute, but particularly interesting, we can be sure:The person who sent this message in the group believed it.

As long as someone believes, as long as someone to forward, mass send such a message, for the operation of such a project behind the trader, he is able to make money, as to the mass message of the person can make money, is not the trader's concern, as long as you send, his goal has been achieved.

What kind of pitfalls and ways are hidden behind a project, only the project's designers know best.

And what exactly is the project?

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