Play Google! Get amazon choice with Google Ads

Two days ago in the public number of an article about Amazon is now more focused on the amazon choice of this location of the way, I said in the last article how to use FB ads to quickly get this ad bit, in fact, you use FB ads at the same time can also use google ads to get this ad, And now Google's advertising costs are relatively low,How to adapt to Amazon's new algorithmic changes

We're talking about this location, like you're selling stainless steel straws, the word stainless steel coffe mug, for example. 

Step 1:Determine the words we get

It's mineSuggest the same you or to check the words, the same way where to check? helium 10 Today we talk about a free, a lot of times I talk about charging software we all think this software cost is too high, can not use, so we use the free website today, first use Google Adwords 

Sign up for an ads account and go to The Keyword planner in the navigation bar tools setting above to retrieve keywords in this place.

After we click in, we go to the following page.

Directly put our keywords, the initial keyword sinless steel coffee mug fill in this location, and remember to remember to switch regions for united stated and switch language for English

Let's see what words are similar to ours.

Here we can get a lot of keywords similar to the stainless steel coffee mug and we can clearly see the monthly search volume and the degree of competition for words, you can export this piece of content excel form, We did this step to find more words and we can understand the number of words searched, although the number of searches on Google does not represent and the number of searches on Amazon, but there is a way, you here initially selected a few of your words (you want to get the location of the words) after you can directly place in the Amazon search box, take advantage of Helium10's Xray feature can determine the size of the word, and the amount of search, I recommend that your keywords and your product are more relevant the better, so don't think you just grab this big word of the amazon choice location will certainly burst the bill, You have to consider the relevance of the words your consumer searches with your product. 

We can use the Xray feature to give us estimates of sales volume and the product display edifythes on this page, it is not difficult to find out if the word is not the word we need, if we choose the word search volume is relatively large, obviously the estimated sales data here is certainly relatively large

This estimated sales figure is also a side reaction whether the word is a big word or a medium term, you can take advantage of the helium10 free feature can also predict the difficulty of the pit where you intend to account for the word amazon choice and the relevance of your product. 

Step 2:Use Google to serve ads

After we've identified the word stainless steel coffee mug, our next step is to advertise for the word, how can we use Google ads to do that? Very simple We first need a special link, you can use helium10/gem this feature can do this special link

In the keywords column we enter keywords, the second ASIN column we enter our ASIN and then click generate and then automatically generate a special link with this keyword, we in Google ads the link is this special link, we will use this link later. 

When the link is done, we now go to Google's ad page and log in to our adwords account and click on campaign

Next:Click on new campaign  

Then pull down to select, will appear your website you can not fill in

Go on to the next step:

Choose country and language, obviously we choose the United States, English (also choose Spanish)

Next we're going to set our budget, I suggest you're just starting to run Google ads, you can start with a budget of $5 to $10, and set a click ceiling, you can set to $1 or less than $0.7, and later you can adjust based on exposure 

Then the following is we want to add the sitelink extension extension, this I will not elaborate in this article, my student group of seller friends can ask me, I later in the student group sent a video dedicated to this part of the content, we use callout in this special advertising campaign today extension, we're going to create a callout extension, why should I add this specifically? Let's look at a case.

The blue word below this Google ad is sitelink extension, and the ad we're running today uses this location to remind our customers that we'll have an extra 20% off because we want to have a conversion when we're running the ad, and you can get the word with a conversion. So we use callout extension for this ad.

The following step is more important, we have just identified our keywords, but the key words used here is not but the key words in this is also quite important, my advice is: if your product has been sold for some time open advertising, you can take the conversion words from the advertising data to take out the conversion words in Google ads, If you say your ad data downloaded and you find a word sainless steel coffe mug then we can add an on amazon after the word when we put it on Google, so the word is stainless steel coffee Mug on amazon, the person who searches for the word on Google has a clear purpose of searching for related products on Amazon. 

Here we find that this Google's widely matched and precisely matched phrases are a little different from Amazon's, and I looked at the three words with three ad sets, all of which were widely matched found in the steel steel mug on amazon There's no search at all (the ad system shows 0click) but we still serve the word. If 24 children after there is no display I will adjust the word to coffee mug, can also run these two groups at the same time, each group you can put more than one keyword, I here take these two keywords as an example, I will be in the future Google advertising case I will elaborate on this part of the content, Today we won't explain too much about this part, so let's move on to the next step:

This figure we need to fill in the address, we assume that our product is doing this product B07HJ2KRX3 and then we intend to occupy the stainless steel coffee mug amazon choice this location, then we want to do an embedded link to this keyword, please see 

This link copy and paste is placed directly in the url of our Google ads, below is the section of the headline and description you have to fill in. 

After this is filled out, we need to set our negative keywords, just now we used a wide range of matches, and our word is stainless steel coffee mug on amazon, this time you must be clear, consumers may be searching hot selling stainlesscoffee mug on amazon, or steel coffee coffee mug review, etc. , these consumers don't necessarily buy your products, but our ads still appear under these words, so what do we do? We need to deny these commonly used keywords, and we need toPhrase Negation   Here's a look at the following, for example:

After we add these words, we must remember the need to group negation, this depends on the situation, not see clear participants can ask me in the group of students, or private letter ask me is also OK, and then select the ad campaign we just created, and click save after our campaign campaign will show this ad campaign

The last step must choose device, is that this ad is only served to the mobile phone side, because the mobile side conversion this keyword we can get the word Amazon Choice this location,

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