Skip video ads with one click! These 5 anti-day Google plugins definitely make you amazing!

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Well, here's the text of today.

Chrome does not extend, it is equivalent to birds without wings, mobile phones do not download APP, this time, Xiaobei on the recommendation of a wave of super-use plug-ins.

Don't say much, take a look!

01 Jane Yue
 Turn on pure reading mode 

Chrome has a reading mode that comes with it, but it's limited, such as not adjusting colors, sizes, and so on:

But it seems too simple, typography is not particularly good-looking, and Jane Yue this plug-in, can help you quickly beautify the layout:

Also, you can define the style yourself. My favorite is that it can automatically color some code:

In this way, on the one hand, can directly copy the text inside, on the other hand, very convenient for us to read.

Of course, there's a feature to read later:

But Xiaobei i am not using a lot, are saved in their own notes.

02 Ad Terminator
 Block page ads 

There are many plug-ins blocked by ads, such as adblock, ublock, etc., which I have used, but for now, my favorite is "Ad Terminator".

For example, this page below, did not startThe plug-in is like this.

Not just pop-up ads, but background pages.AdsIt's not going to close.

And when you turn on the plug-in, it looks like this:

The page was cleaned up a lot at once.

And, even worse, it supports skippingAds at the beginning of the video

It's not about which website, often watching video should know.

I don't know how this plug-in works, it's great anyway.

03 Simple Allow Copy
 Find the lost right button. 

Many websites, such as Baidu Library, Beanding, 360doc and other document sites, are prohibited copying text.

Take it.360 libraries, for example, mustLoginTo copy text:

Also, the text that you know to copy by default is this:

It's fine to include the original author's information, but there's a whole bunch of code that we don't need.

Maybe you'll use the OCR tool to recognize text before, but you'll need to compare it to see if there's a typo, and the steps are cumbersome.

And after using this plug-in, a simple click, copy what text, paste on what text, WYSIWYG:

In addition, there are many websites that prohibit the use of right-click, the use of this plug-in, you canRemove the right-click restriction, copy the picture without restriction.

04 Wen Zhixin
 Quickly organize favorite sites 

We may have a lot of websites, including tool sites, magnetic link sites, movie sites, and so on, but I believe most people put these aside and let it go.

When you run into a problem, you remember that there seems to be such a website, but you just can't find it. Or, it's hard to find it, and it fails:

This little plugin lets you re-examine the websites in your favorites:

Each time you create a new tab, you are pushed a previously saved bookmark and a preview of the corresponding site is given:

You can deepen your impression, and for collections that are no longer valid or useless, delete them.Let you leave a favorite site

05 extension manager
 Manage plug-ins 

We've introduced a lot of plug-ins above, and there have been a few previous recommendations, but these plug-ins, if all turned on, will eat memory.

Chrome's own extension management, with more complex opening steps, requires scrolling through a lot of screens to find what you want:

We need a housekeeper to take care of these plug-ins. This little plug-in acts as this role.

With just one click, you can see all the installed plug-ins:

Bright is the enabled extension, the dark is the unenabled extension, click, easily switch state.

AndSupport for grouping, the less commonly used plug-ins are divided into a group, when used to turn on.

At last

Due to the latest version of Google ChromeBlocked installation of local plug-ins, requires some special operations, butNot a good place to share

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