Some principles of Google's advertising system and the direction of ad optimization

Composition of Google's advertising system:

Components:,Google Play, mGDN, Admob, YouTube.... And so on (in fact, I can't tell if there is no, probably on these, above is mainly search-based, PC- mobile have, Google Play ads include search, similar product recommendation location of pure display, mGND is a mobile site and so on, Admob is an in-app ad bit, YouTube,If we are doing mobile download ads primarily, UAC ads may appear in these locations.

The previous article introduced some of the considerations for the next UAC launch, how to do it:

Google UAC Launch Advice and River and Lake Play

Where the ad will appear:

Google's ads don't look like Facebook's news feed or ins' Story(Facebook Audience Network is similar to Instagram), and its traffic comes from massive websites, apps, searches, YouTube, and so on. Location is more free, ads are also from the copy you upload, pictures, videos, H5, and Google Play store diagrams, descriptions of the like in a way we don't know to combine N ad combinations, and then Google ads touch on perhaps hundreds of millions of locations for delivery. Finally, choose the combination of the most conversions from a large number of ad combinations and location-plus ad combinations to give you exposure. So it's also why Google Ads need to give him a few days to a week in the early stages of the study cycle.

How your creatives should be designed:

In a UAC campaign, must notice that your copy and pictures as far as possible to combine each other or smooth, at present I do material will generally try to put a selling point of the product in one series, rather than another series to write more, reduce the system learning cycle and reduce budget waste. Pictures and video design I now also tend to do a little really, simple and straightforward introduction of product features.

Why ads don't come out:

Generally the new UAC series may not be exposed sometimes, usually this product already has a large campaign, Google think that the appropriate advertising location of your product all took away the exposure, or the unit price is too low, can only get a volume of text, usually your product itself brand word search and so on, or the most matched location in the store. Of course there may also be cases where your material is too bad, or if there is a violation (RealIn too key refused to bid and technical issues did not dock to improve the non-discussion)

At this point, the general price increase is good, or rebuild once.

Well, all of a sudden, there's no amount:

No amount is not competitive, the system generally in the combination of advertising and location, and finally some head of the site / APP , a large number of long tail position exposure. At this time there is a more willing to bid for the competition appeared, you these good position sicity took away part, your amount fell, if you meet the dog big, the market just right for your position is all robbed ...In fact, the system will continue to give you to try new location and new combination, normally you in some good position will decay, and then the system learns new position to make up for you, the whole flow can maintain a stable state, good luck learned a large amount of position you will burst, but if your budget is limited, Then the position was taken away by others.So Google keeps telling you that your budget isn't good enough, and normally you'll have to listen to him and raise it: The system will also make a claim to give you a run to 2 times the budget to ensure that you can get more, and then a month to level your total budget (if you lie still).

When should we rebuild?

I generally 3-5 days no amount will not be able to dry up again, guess may actually you the same batch of ad system give priority to the person he thinks may be converted exposure (real target user), but there may be some users exposed and not converted (did not pay attention to ads / point did not install, etc.), the system behind gradually do not give him exposure, You can expose the remaining people (real target users) will be less and less, which will cause us to get the next no user to reduce conversion rate, resulting in this version we are no longer competitive, so we simply rebuild once, let the system as a new ad to relearn these locations, to the most matched crowd exposure, re-run.

Of course, I also have some old products may not go to see for days, or longer, some series and inexplicably run up (dog poo and learned a bull's position), so the history of running particularly good I will be patient and so on, or a little price increase, change the budget and so on. But if the new series has been built for a few days without much weight, then just start again...

The following is a systematic introduction to some Google ads (optional reading)

Whether an ad gets more exposure depends largely on both the bid and the ad quality score, i.e. if the ad is of poor quality, even if the price is higher, the ranking may be last.

Auction Mechanism of Google Ads

Google is using GSP (broad second price) as the bidding mechanism, the word is too forced, I just know there is a name, popular explanation, your actual auction price is not your actual bid, but the second price behind you, understood that every ad exposure is the first to get exposure, but the actual priceButis the price of the second place out.

Remember that the search ads seem to be in accordance with the actual cpc than the second place more than 0.01 dollars, the original do web game to cast search volume is particularly large, cast to the head several are to communicate with each other price to avoid mutual harm, but this may have been changed long ago, the impression of a while ago read the article said Google to cancel this.

Ad Quality Score

The statistical dimension of quality score includes the click-through rate of the advertisement, the advertising of the keywords, the quality of the landing page, the historical performance of the advertiser and many other dimensions for comprehensive evaluation, which is estimated to have many dimensions, but the black box will not talk to you.Popular explanation, before doing search advertising, we have to consider what words the user will search for, and the user search for the word when he wants to see what results, and then we cast the word, and corresponding to write the copy he may want to see (improve the click-through rate), and ensure that the search for the word into the correct corresponding good landing page.You also need to control the length of time your page stays, the speed at which you open, the bounce rate, and so on, and Google will judge the quality of the landing pages based on these parameters.But when we run UAC ads is not a search term, the relevance of the ads, click-through rate of these basic rely on optimization of the material, the rest rely on Google self-learning, landing page quality parameters also become optimized Google play page, improve conversion rate (thanks To Google (thanks To Google An AB test has been left for play backstage to continuously optimize the store's conversion rate).


Adsense is mainly for the site-related traffic master, 03 years or so began to do, 07-08 is the site owner's prime time, SEO can also use keyword heap, adsense anti-cheat ingress is not perfect, and then basically difficult, really rely on optimizing the user experience. Admob was bought around 2007, mainly for mobile app traffic, but it doesn't seem to give traffic owners much prime time. Then forget when to buy Doubleclick, the technology improved.Middle also bought Android, bought YouTube.... Coupled with the fact that the Android App Store is a huge source of traffic, there are actually some other apps that may not be noticed, such as ads in Gmail.

The basis for the display of ads to users (partial):

Information that users fill in in the google system, e.g. age, gender

Location information, GPS for Android phones

User search history, including your current search and historical search

Some activity records after a user logs into a Google account, such as downloads on Google Play

User history ad clicks and conversions

Website records visited, Chrome records

Types of apps installed on your phone, and activity (e.g. open frequency, duration of use, uninstall, etc.)

There are also a lot of related factors, such as advertising bidding ranking, user experience (repeat, irrelevant, inappropriate content), negative user feedback and so on. The technical aspects also involve a more advanced article that can be referenced:

Summary of algorithms and architecture sedations for calculating advertising system  (It's normal to read, i don't understand asking you to teach me)

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