Super Bowl Ad C Comes Out, Why Is Google's Ad Marketing Successful?

■ Author, Black Horse Jun. Dark Horse Brand (ID: heimapinpai)

While the 2019 Super Bowl is over, major brands release 2019 Super Bowl adsBut the heat does not decrease, with excellent advertising creative continuous brush screen. And among them, Black Horse Jun prefers from Google"100 Billion Words"

In this ad, people of different countries, colors, and different languages translate what they want to say to each other through their mobile phones and the Internet.According to DOMO, a Us data company, the Internet will generate 103 million spam messages in one minute in 2018.4.14 million YouTube videos clicked on,3.6 million people use Google Search and Translation...According to Google,About 100 billion words are translated every day.

And in these, such as"Food,""Sports,"In words such as "friendship,"The words that are translated most each day are:"How are you?""Thank you."And"I love you."

After watching the short film above, the overall plot seems to show only a series of reviews by users of Google, but in factRepresents the most translated and most understandable words for Google users in 2018.Compared to other brands taking creative routes this year for Super Bowl ads, GoogleThe Super Bowl ad continues its usual style, and this year it's been based on "warm feelings":

Give data emotion

In this short film,GooglePutting aside the stereotypes that have been left with the audience in the past,Choose to impress people with warmth and give cold data to live feelings.

In the ad, GoogleBy building realistic scenarios of different countries, environments, and different people,Changed the data too rational, not emotional attribute defects, powerful reproductionThe daily work of ordinary people around the world, to reflect the current situation of life in today's society, and users to achieve deep emotional communication,Activates the warm feelings between the user and the brand.

Content and brand strong correlation

This time, Google is also very careful in the choice of advertising content, and Google Translation has a strong connection,MakeContent and brand products closely linked to deepen the user's sense of identity and dependence on the product.

In every shot of the ad, Google combines its products perfectly into the plot, creating a brand-related image transformation and emotional warmth for the public.The core of marketing is the focus, is the focus of the audience on the brand, is also the brand's focus on its precise audience. That's what Google is doing, focusing its content choices on its more important product segmentsOn Google Translations.

As a marketing-oriented video, Google in the ads, although everywhere reflects the product, but emphasizes its life in the subtle appearance of the warm image, so that the brand has emotion, there is temperature.(Of course, the Super Bowl's $5 million ad doesn't water it down. )

Data has always been huge, and Google has warmed up countless people with such a simple set of data. Moreover, this year's Super Bowl just happened to meet New Year's Eve, such warm advertising is also in line with the Chinese festival atmosphere, Google is happy!

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Editor-in-chief: Black Horse Jun, senior brand person, graduated from Zhejiang Media University, has worked in ChinaA well-known 4A company, focusing on the field of advertising marketing. Here, create brand influence!