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Heard... Less than 3 days of your holiday balance?Heard... Three pounds fat every holiday?

Mid-autumn full moon night, the other side rejected your home to eat moon cakes plan, invited you and family to walk to the courtyard to see the real moon. Forward high-energy warning, Google and double-zoom to-enlarge!

This time, the translation software of our factory Google TranslateInvite your super-obsessed brother, HipHopMan MC Jin Ouyangjing, to take a city-to-city exploration tour with Word Lens.

In addition, a number of new youth also released themselves together, not only open edgling the brain and advanced version of Google translation of a Battle, but also share the story and inspiration in their lives.

They aim Google-translated footage at the familiar city, the original text and the translation are inviolation of the sense of the chinese and Chinese translation in the lens, it is simply "black technology" force Max, the city's those unknown moments presented in front of us.

Google Translate x Hot Blood Teen:

Explore the interest of youth

Users play series more than inventors:

Rooftop drone Battle, youth is to dry!

Fans from Ouyang Jing's "Unhandsome Team" said, "Jinggo can actually use the international version of Weibo." Ouyang Jing responded, would rather sacrifice the convenience of not using the international version, but also with translation software, to ensure that the information is true and accurate. Google Translate maintains their relationship with the captain, youth can be an irrelevant age state, with Google Translation, smooth communication is not a problem. They fought drones on the rooftops, as if together to return to 16 years old.

"Captain Hey, I think you have this Google Translate Blue It's ok! "

"Hankbro, if you can give me the hat back, I'll be more complete..."

Google Translate x Craftsman:

Explore Tattoo with a Unique Self

Small C is a north drift, do tattooist for more than ten years, from the apprentice drawing helper to start, to the mature can live alone side.

In the tide of people coming and going, too many people with stories tattootheir on their attitudes, and sometimes get lost in the city. But when someone reads him, they find their way again.

In the eyes of others, he has tattoos and Cool is not right. But he knew in his heart what it was called true personality. I've been a tattooist for so many years,

"This Tattoo reminds me that finding myself is the most important thing. "

Tatoo in Google Translate's Lens Reveals Personality: And This Kind of Operation?!


Google Translate x MCJin Ouyang Jing:

Explore the "hip-hop spirit" of the city 

For Ouyang Jing, the city tour is like hip-hop music, and the exploration is endless. He had a great time all the way, singing Call for the trip. In the studio he is like a vibrant big boy, with Google Translate hi "turn" hat costume, can not stop!

Ouyang Jing plays Google Translation in the Studio

"I used Chinese rap i thought I'd gone to work,

But with Google Translate to explore Chinese's footsteps are still on the move! "


There are three days left on the holiday, whether you'reDomesticWaves, or overseas to participate in the friend circle photography contest,Google Translatewill explore the city with you.

Google Translate, explore with translation.

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