What tools can you diagnose the quality of your Google ad account? Tools

In the past, I've written a lot more about Facebook ads, and today I've written Google ads.

Today's topic is:How to use tools to diagnose and optimize your Google ads

When we run Google ads, we often encounter the following problems, such as:

  • How do you know that your ad account is optimized at this stage?

  • How can you find your product audience more accurately?

  • Or how do you reduce Google's advertising costs and improve ROI?

Other elements may also be encountered, such as:

There is no time to analyze all the details of the account;

Or the perception of account advertising performance, in fact, requires very professional skills and judgment.

So, here's the problem.

How can you effectively improve the effectiveness of your ad account quickly and professionally?

Here's a tool, and maybe optimize your Google ad account for these questions!


The tool was developed by a French company called SEISO.

We know that Google ads for campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords of the setting adjustment is very fine and large content, coupled with the breadth of the audience, improper operation of Google ads may be very expensive to run.


In turn, to achieve performance indicators and improve the effectiveness of advertising work becomes complex and decentralized, so how to manage the account?


At the same time, in Google ads in the e-commerce friends also feel that a lot of value information can not be directly summarized through Google advertising account:

The quality score of the account

Weights that affect quality scores

Show the factors that affect the share......


But I found Seiso as a tool, and he'll put the data on one-on-one diagnostic analysis!


Learn about Seiso



First let's take a look at this tool!

This tool, he can make a free diagnosis of your Google ad account, it can automatically analyze all the campaigns I'm running in 5 minutes, give suggestions for delivery, and also find a lot of hidden features that need to be optimized


About 50 pages of pdf in the report I received, which raised several elements of my common interest:

  • Wasteof budget

  • Part of the optimization potential that exists today

  • and strategic recommendations for developing the account

Overall, This report from Seiso balances three leverage principles:

  • How to get traffic on the same budget

  • How to improve conversion

  • Optimize the quality of your audience


After using Seiso for the first time, a monthly report is sent through the email I filled out based on the account's delivery update.


How does Seiso work?


Next, let's take a step-by-step look at how Seriso works, and I've written a specific action procedure, and if you're doing Google ads, you can do it

First log on to Seiso's official website:

RELATED LINKS http://www.s: https://seiso.io/cn

Then simply follow the website interface, 3 clicks to start the Analysis of Google account diagnosis.

Then you must grant Seiso access to the google account:



Seiso then analyzes the data quality of your account based on campaign keywords such as your account.


Attention:I see that Seiso is a "read-only" permission requirement tool that cannot make any changes to my account.


If you have multiple accounts, Seiso can analyze 20 accounts at a time for one user at a time.



Depending on the complexity of the account data, seiso will take 3 to 10 minutes to generate reports and send me a message via google drive in PDF format, improving security.




What did the Seiso report say?


The entire report was very comprehensive and accurate in the account analysis I put in, and I listed some of the things that I found valuable.

Advertising waste and opportunity judgment:


On the first page of the report, an account is judged: the potential for the monthly waste of ad/or additional conversions.



This prejudgment can help to distinguish, and I can optimize my advertising potential on the same budget.

Through monthly optimization, reports are also updated to monitor changes in this page of data to see how the effect of your account has changed.


The next report page will provide a detailed analysis of how each of my sections is being delivered.

Visual charts allow you to quickly see the input/traffic/conversion of each type of ad for performance judgment and adjustment.


Show share


Looking down on the report, I found that 66% of the non-brand ads I run did not see my ads when searching for keywords I bought! 

I didn't see this statistic in my Google account either.


At the same time, the report also sifts the reason, my ads are not seen by the search crowd, mainly because of ranking reasons.


The ranking depends on:

  • Quality score

  • Hits

  • CPC

Seiso also lists the best performing campaigns, and is influenced by the share of the show:


You can see that these campaigns are affected by the daily ad budget (I immediately increased my daily budget by 2% for these campaigns, quickly getting more traffic)



If I want to reach 80% of the show share (increase 50% plus traffic), according to the report I have to pay attention to my ranking issues, very instructive.


Quality score analysis

To address the ranking issue, Seiso then analyzed the quality scores that affect ad rankings.


Oh, my God! My entire account keyword quality score is only 4.7 points! (Google doesn't see this data) 7 points is the most basic score.

The Quality Score directly affects ad costs and performance, and the reasons for determining the Quality Score include: Estimated CLICK-THROUGH/Ad Relevance/Landing page.


The next page helped me to analyze in detail what the quality score problem was.


Through this icon's analysis (which I can't find in Google ads), I can see what causes my low quality score:

1. Drop the page : The report recommends that I check the relevance/landing page load time for keywords and landing page texts


2. Estimated CTR: Suggest edding for a search term assessment /creating a new ad for a specific keyword to improve CTR/adjust keyword match type


3. Ad relevance:Correlation is also problematic, but there are no big problems with the first two points, so you'd like to start optimizing the first two points proposed by seiso first.


I think the seiso report in the key word this analysis is powerful in the place:

Google only provides quality-score data at the keyword level, and doesn't look at it macro-view each time it's optimized.

And this seiso report presents the quality score on the campaign/ad level, I better to control the overall situation, focus on optimization.


The Seiso report goes a step further with the expected savings in advertising costs after optimizing the Quality Score.

Where do I prioritize my quality score?


Seiso filters the most ad spending on the next page, but a few keywords with poor quality scores (which account for 72% of my ad spending), and obviously I'll start optimizing the quality score for those keywords that account for the most!



Focusing on underperforming campaigns, I went on to see the following pages about my ad account underperforming campaigns, ad groups, and keyword lists.


For example, I spend 46% of my advertising spending on keywords with higher CPA, which are listed according to the cpA's most popular keywords:



I naturally focus on these high-cost keywords to optimize them. For example, the report filters out a few keywords that didn't cause conversions, but ad spending more:



Search terms


Your ad may be triggered by search terms (not the keywords you bought) that you didn't expect. seiso separately analyzes the search terms that trigger your ad:

  • Search terms that didn't generate any conversions but cost the most

  • The most profitable search terms

  • Account data based on Search Term Query Report


Obviously I forgot to evaluate my search terms: buy ingesting good search terms as keywords to control ad performance, and waste my ad budget search terms to exclude.



Shopping ads


Seiso also helps analyze ad performance and strategic recommendations for shopping ads. In my account case, I saw that 57% of my shopping ads were used to search for my keywords due to feed quality issues.



 Show ads


I was also surprised to see that some of my remarketing ads were too expensive, and the report listed them.


Audience Analysis


The vast majority of Google advertisers ignore creating lists for their audience slated to serve ads using different strategies based on age, gender, geographic location, or even whether there are children.



Seiso also analyzes ad performance for audiences of all ages, regions, and genders based on your audience.


For my account I saw 18-24-year-olds my ads didn't fit them.



I'm just a part of the report listed above, Seiso has more detailed analysis of dimensions, and I'm not going to cover it much more here. The tool has analysed 10,000 Google accounts, saving an average of 34% on advertising to achieve the same ad performance



For security reasons, Seiso does not do anything about ad accounts, requiring users to adjust and optimize their own ad accounts based on the reports.



Who is the team behind Seiso?


Seiso was developed by JVWEB, a dedicated SEA advertising agency from France, which has been running ads for 15 years and has a team in Shanghai.

Seiso was developed to help its in-house optimizers save time to optimize their accounts, and is now free for google accounts worldwide, and has been endorsed by Google Europe as the first automated account diagnostic tool.

In this way, advertisers can easily macro control their own optimization group partner agent optimization and account quality.


Last but not least, Seiso is safe and reliable:

  • Seiso reads only accounts and does not modify campaigns

  • User and account data does not leak in any form

  • Data security and confidentiality will be carried out in accordance with European and Chinese laws, and NDA is provided

Now Seiso is also free to use chinese sellers, if you have google ads, then hurry to see your account in the end high cost, traffic is not good, the reason for the conversion is not good! 

Access address:www.seiso.io/cn


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