Why are your Google ads repeatedly rejected? Two ways to teach you to solve quickly

In the context of the trend of cross-border e-commerce, more people are choosing Google to run ads. According to the data, Google's advertising methods have occupied the flow of independent station sellers 56.98 percent, more and more people choose Google's way to drain, the same Google search trend is also visible, the world's first search engine!

In order to make ad delivery more compliant, Google has tightened its existing policies and introduced a number of new policies that affect e-commerce ad delivery, and if you violate its policies, Google has the right to reject ads or even deactivate accounts!

Recently, xiao editor also heard a lot of sellers complain that their Google advertising accounts, because of "Malware or spam"The problem that led to the failure of opening an account!" So what is the cause of this problem? 2 cases for you to elaborate.

Case 1: The following image is an internationally renowned station system on the market, the seller said: after the site was built, claiming that there is no code modification of the site, it received an email from the Google account manager refused to log notice, prompting the reason is "the reason is "Malicious links"。 And this seller also refers to the same system of other sellers, found that there is this link, but can advertise, said to be overwhelmed.

Case 2: In addition to the above picture of this seller feedback situation, there are sellers through the SHOPYY system to build the site, also appeared this problem. When a seller submits a Google ad application, the reason for the rejection of Google ads is:Malware or spam”。

The seller then uninstalls the plug-in in the website and submits the application, which also prompts the question. Then the seller went to consult a domestic Google agency that opened an account, but the company was a bit of a problem with the website system.

If it is the same system, both sellers have the same problem, said that the website system problems can also be accepted. But the same problem is happening in different station systems and different sellers, it is clear that this is just Google agents to shirk responsibility.

So when you receive a rejection notice, the first step is to find the cause and fix it if the reason is clear. In general, there are two ways to solve the problem of ad rejection:

(1) Change the domain name and rebind to the website.
(2) Change google agents and reapply for an account.

Reason:Because each Google agent has only one link to open an account, so even if they submit n applications, will be rejected, this is case two, SHOPYY system sellers why the application has been repeatedly rejected, so we say that Google agents shirk responsibility is not too much.

In order to meet the needs of the vast number of users, to solve the problems encountered by sellers in the advertising process,SHOPYY system has now been seamlessly connected with Google official, sellers in the back of the site can self-service Google ad account recharge service。 If the seller appears Google refused to log and other issues (except product infringement), SHOPYY official will help the seller, re-open the account.

Principle:If agent A refuses to board, SHOPYY will be replaced to B dealer to open an account, and so on, until the issue is resolved.

In addition, the seller through the SHOPYY platform for Google advertising account recharge service,Recharge 5%-8% points and promise 0 account opening fees, 0 service charges, 0 tax points1% processing fee (sink/financial services fee) is charged only.

Hope that the above information can help you, Google review more rigorous, so from time to time there will be no problem ads like the rejection of the situation. But even if you're rejected, you don't have to be too nervous, and you can solve the problem of being disencated by following the above-mentioned methods!

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