Adjust extends advertising revenue to Twitter-owned Company MoPub

Following the release of its user-level advertising features in February, Adjust is now partnering with MoPub, a cash-out platform, to provide marketers with display-level ad revenue data.

BEIJING - June 11, 2019 - Adjust, the industry leader in mobile monitoring and anti-cheating, today announced that it will extend its advertising revenue to MoPub, Apron's realizing platform owned by Twitter.Marketers working with MoPub now have access to highlighted ad revenue data at display levels to better understand their users and how they interact with in-app ads.

As companies around the world increasingly adopt mobile-first strategies, in-app advertising revenue has gained more and more attention and is seen by many app publishers as a viable model for cashing in and diversifying.

Successful in-app advertising relies on accurate and granular ad ROI, but today's industry status is to aggregate ad revenue data across the channel, rather than segmentite it by user. Right nowFor the first time, app publishers can associate realized revenue with user sources, comparing the cost of getting the same user based on a per thousand impression basis.This means that brands working with MoPub can make smarter user acquisition decisions while leveraging smarter and personalized targeted pushtos to deliver a superior user experience.

The user-level ad revenue feature, which was rolled out in February, provides a cross-platform extension that will help increase transparency in the mobile ecosystem and provide ad publishers with more accurate data.Most importantly, this feature will ultimately provide marketers with a sophisticated, privacy-compliant way to monitor the lifecycle value of users (LTVs) and average revenue per user (ARPU). This is critical for ad publishers who need to make more informed targeted decisions.

Adjust Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Paul H. M?ller

The competition to get new users has never been more intense, and providing real-time display-level revenue data to ad publishers is critical to optimizing user acquisition. Providing attribution-level revenue data to attribution providers like Adjust means that we provide more granularity for our mutual customers, allowing them to use this data as a reference for their next steps, and providing the comprehensive perspective they need to take their business to the next level.

David Gregson, MoPub Product Manager

Adjust's expansion of user-level advertising revenue will strengthen the company's continued support for marketers' activities and drive its goal of providing the most comprehensive and accurate solution in the global mobile monitoring industry.

About Adjust

Adjust is an industry leader in mobile monitoring and anti-cheating.The company provides high-quality analytics, monitoring, anti-cheat and network security solutions to mobile app marketers around the world to help them make smarter and faster marketing decisions.Adjust is a marketing partner for platforms such as Facebook, Google, Snap, Twitter, Line and Tencent.Today, more than 25,000 applications have adopted Adjust solutions to improve their performance.

Founded in 2012, Adjust now has global offices in Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Paris, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai and Singapore. In December 2018, Adjust acquired the data aggregation platform January 2019, Adjust acquired Unbotify, an award-winning cybersecurity and artificial intelligence start-up.These acquisitions are part of Adjust's goal to unify advertisers' marketing efforts and create first-class monitoring and anti-cheating tools.

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