Advertising you have WeChat, I have Twitter

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Today, Wang Tudou said boss brother has been abandoned by WeChat, because BOSS brother did not receive WeChat promotion ads. And Wang Tudou because received A BMW advertisement and put himself in the "high rich handsome" list. What do fans get?

WeChat's first wave of ads was divided into three types: BMW, Vivo and Coca-Cola. According to the friends circle related survey, each user's circle of friends shows only one of them.

So, there is such a guess: see BMW is Toho, see Vivo is silk, see Coca-Cola is 2B youth, nothing to see, I'm sorry, you have been abandoned.

Of course, the above guess is purely YY, but the basic amount of BMW ads received is iPhone users, while VIVO is mainly aimed at Android phone users, while Coca-Cola users are mainly concentrated in older Android users.

In fact, some large social software abroad has long been popular. Twitter was the first to experiment with advertising on social platforms. Twitter has three modes of account recommendation, information recommendation and trend recommendation, and advertisers can accurately deliver through screening. Twitter has advertised a movie that was rejected by the Film Bureau, which has been retweeted more than a million times and has had good results.

Second, Facebook has launched a similar feed ad. Mix ads into the messages of concern to users, while users can also use "no matter my business", "big garbage", and even "look tired" simple reasons to hide the ads, to create a "personalized newspaper" sense of experience. In the NBA Finals, the Heat VS Spurs, representing the team at T-shirt, are designed to allow users to distribute ads regardless of which one they choose.

For social platform advertising, Instagram is arguably the last. It wasn't until October 2013 that Instagram began to launch an ad-based profitability model. Because of its own pictures and short video-based, its user personality is also very distinct, for the content, quality requirements are very high. Therefore, the ad image itself is very good processing, not only will not make users disgusted, but also will be praised by users!

YouTube is also very good at promoting advertising. YouTube has its own advantages in promoting new products and persuading consumers to buy. Through video, YouTube is able to present its products to users in a comprehensive way, image, vivid, rather than a single surface or description. Carlsberg, which has advertised on YouTube, has more than 10 million video hits in just a few months and boosted sales by 4.3% in the quarter.

If it's to catch the eye, then Pinterest is definitely the perfect fit, gorgeous, relaxed, entertaining style positioning is a great weapon to attract the eye, the pattern of waterfall flow is also more creative. Uniqlo takes advantage of the penchant for Pinterest fans to enjoy sliding through pictures on a sliding screen, making the set of images above, turning continuous still images into animations with a screen that slides up and down.

WeChat ads finally came. BOSS brother says creative advertising can add a touch of interest to life. As a loyal user of WeChat, since we can't resist, expect it to do better!

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