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1. Russian Deputy Prime Minister: Russian blockchain legislative framework to be completed in the coming months

"There is a need to create a regulatory framework for blockchain that is not necessarily too detailed and cannot be too restrictive on the implementation of projects," Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said during a meeting with students at the University of Russian Economics in Plekhanov. We are doing this now and will finish it as soon as possible. I hope that in the coming months, blockchain legislation will be resolved. "

2. Maduro may have falsified part of the information on the ICO of the petroleum currency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's announcement that the petrodollar ICO has raised $5 billion is likely to be false. According to the white paper on petrodollars, there are 38.4 million tokens, each worth $60 (excluding the 60 per cent discount announced by the government at this stage). A closer look at these figures, excluding discounts, could raise up to $2,304 million. If Maduro had told the truth in his announcement, he did not tell the truth in the official documents of the project and in all the announcements issued by the president himself.

3. Twitter spokesman confirms ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising to be implemented among all advertisers within the next month

"We are committed to ensuring the safety of the Twitter community," a Twitter spokesman said in an interview with CNBC on Monday. That's why we've added a new policy related to cryptocurrencies to our Twitter ads. Under the new policy, Twitter will ban advertising for ICO and cryptocurrency sales worldwide.

4. Nvidia CEO: GPU production must be increased to meet shortages caused by cryptocurrency mining

In an interview with TechCrunch on Monday, Nvidia's chief executive, Jen-Hsun Huang, said Nvidia must increase production of its graphics processors (GPUs) to address the shortage caused by cryptocurrency miners. Huang points out that many of the company's high-end SKUs have been sold, so more must be built to maintain its position in the gaming market.

5. Coinbase and BitPay employees are being paid in Bitcoin

Currently at cryptocurrency start-ups such as Coinbase and BitPay, employees are being paid in Bitcoin. Some employees receive 100% cryptocurrency payments, and as employee benefits, Bitcoin payments are most commonly used for employee retirement savings.

6. Li Qiyuan apologizes for The sudden suspension of LitePay

In February, LitePay's price surged after it announced the launch of a business service and the issuance of LTC-backed debit cards, which were not issued as scheduled. In a statement released on March 26, Kenneth Asare, chief executive of LitePay, revealed that he had stopped all businesses and intended to sell the company. Both LTC founder Li Qiyuan and the LTC Foundation have apologized for failing to conduct due diligence on LtC-based payment solution processor LitePay.

7. Survey shows 76% of Millennials prefer to invest in Bitcoin

According to a Forbes survey of millennial investments, 76 percent of young people prefer to invest in Bitcoin, 12 percent prefer to invest in ETH, 12 percent choose LTC, and the third-largest, Ruibo currency by market capitalisation, is unchallenged. The sample of 1,000 people, 9.19 per cent of 20- to 30-year-olds, chose to buy cryptocurrencies, compared with 4.04 per cent and 3.08 per cent of those aged 30 to 55 and over.

8. Bitute Continental has developed the first Ethereum ASIC mining machine

Christopher Rolland, an analyst at Susquehanna, said it had lowered price targets for chipmakers Nvidia and AMD. Meanwhile, in its Asia trip last week, it was confirmed that Bitucontinental had developed the Ethereum ASIC mining machine and was preparing for the second quarter of the delivery supply chain. It is likely that the continental is by far the largest ASIC supplier (70-80% of Bitcoin Mining ASIC) and is the first company to launch the Ethereum ASIC mining machine.

9. Reddit Stops Bitcoin Payments

Prominent forums and social networking site Reddit have announced that they are ending the acceptance of Bitcoin payments and banned an anonymous forum for cryptocurrency trading. The information platform once had a large cryptocurrency community, and the above comments had a significant impact on market dynamics.

10. NetEase Black Diamond auction starts at 10am today, 12 items can be auctioned

NetEase Planet Black Diamond auction function opened at 10 o'clock this morning, the current auction platform has 12 kinds of goods can be auctioned, including NetEase central black pork, Bluetooth speakers, stainless steel basin, towels, rod box, etc., the starting price of 0.01 black diamond. At present, Net-easy black drill has sold 4 pieces of goods, respectively, net easy black pig card (73 black diamond), Bluetooth speaker (63 black diamond), stainless steel basin (57 black diamond), bath towel (57 black diamond), and 8 items to be photographed.

11. Tsinghua University x-lab offers blockchain courses

Tsinghua University x-lab offers a 7-15 week blockchain open course, in which 200 students are selected to participate in the program. The program's mentors include Ren Changrui (DIRECTOR of blockchain research at IBM), Yang Dong (Dean of Renmin University Law School), Li Lin (CEO of, Cao Wei (Chief Exhibition Officer of Energy Blockchain) and others.

12. The founder of the Ponzi scheme "MMM Financial Pyramid" has died, saying he had 140,000 bitcoins to sell

Sergei Mavrodi, founder of the mMM Financial Pyramid and MMM Financial Mutual Community, died yesterday in a Moscow hospital after suffering a heart attack. It is said to have 140,000 bitcoins to sell.

13. China's National Audit Office unveils cryptocurrency black screen, more than 60 platforms manipulate "currency value" blood-sucking

On March 26, the National Audit Office reprinted wang Mengming's article "Audit Methods for Virtual Currency" in its public account, which provided a risk warning and audit method for the current digital currency problem. The article mentioned, "audit spot check 60 platforms found that the actual all do not have its claimed technology and any monetary functions, the so-called "currency" by the platform itself arbitrary manipulation, the platform to attract investors to join, through the manipulation of the 'currency' to investors 'blood', often affected by a large number of people involved in the huge amount." "

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