Fix Love Company Opens On July 7th, Twitter Advertises with User Tweets One-week case

In love, every little quarrel may become a wound that cannot be healed by each other, how to repair can be recovered? Jane a marble tile opened a "fix love co., Ltd." on the seventh night to help you find the original look of love; Junii Iwai made a micro-movie for the perfect diary, like a summer dream as fresh and cured; Twitter took the user tweets into an outdoor advertisement, with their own content to promote their own products, but really a clever ghost ...... In order to give you more chances to browse these good works, I will look back on the week's case and re-create memories and classics.

 - Domestic cases - 

A clear stream in the seven-night advertisement

On July 7th this year, Jane A marble tile released a creative short film "Tinker Love Co., Ltd.", a short film with "gap" as the creative point will seem to have no connection between the tiles and love analogy, fantasy interpretation of "Love God" to help each emotion back to a seamless perfect state of the story, so as to promote the product seamless spread of the characteristics, convey" Let the home do not leave seams, only leave love" of the seven-night blessing.

Send you a teenage daydream

Recently, Japan's well-known director Junii Iwai for the perfect diary floating series light perfume filmed a micro-movie "daydream", the tone of the entire short film quiet, delicate, pure, the director's grasp of the picture, music, image is very accurate, with a dream-like scene for everyone to create a summer daydream general half-dream illusion sense, At the same time convey the fragrance fresh and healing product characteristics.

OK, with Gaudrea.

Gold Map announced a complete product upgrade, the launch of a new brand Slogan "line, with Gold", while releasing a q-print advertising video with dialect, pearl milk tea, corn, pigeons, dumplings, around the "line, with Gaud" theme highlights Gauder driving, bus, taxi, tourism and other functions, Life is easy and fast to travel.

 - Foreign cases - 

Advertising with netizen tweets, economic and affordable

To show that people can fully show their true state on Twitter, Twitter directly gathered the dynamics of Twitter and other social media posts posted by 29 users, and made a series of outdoor ads running in subway stations in New York and San Francisco. These contrasting figures vividly illustrate the current social situation of contemporary netizens, showing that Twitter's social positioning at the same time triggered the secondary dissemination of netizens, can be said to be affordable.

Be careful!Liu Haiping!

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Poverty limits my imagination.

Design Army, the US creative agency, has produced a series of high-end promotional films for high-end properties owned by Thai property developer SC Asset, which is completely different from the traditional real estate ads, showing the fine life of the upper classes in a cryptic and abstract way. Imaginative fantasy images have a luxurious beauty, and sure enough, the idea is not for everyone to understand...

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