Hot news: TV boot advertising revenue of 1.7 million yuan per day; Twitter to global users to introduce "hidden reply" function; Chengdu burning brain bus station name has been simplified;

  • 2020 holiday season
According to the notice of the General Office of the State Council, the specific arrangements for new year's day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday date in 2020 are announced as follows.
New Year's Day (1 day): 1.1 holidays.
Spring Festival (7 days): 1.24 to 1.30 holiday, 1.19, 2.1 work.
Qingming Festival (3 days): 4.4 to 4.6 holidays.
Labor Day (5 days): 5.1 to 5.5 holidays, 4.26, 5.9 days.
Dragon Boat Festival (3 days): 6.25 to 6.27 holidays, 6.28 days.
National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival (8 days): 10.1 to 10.8 days off, 9.27, 10.10 work.

  • Travel searches soar by 250% after holiday arrangements are announced

The State Council approved the 2020 holiday arrangements, within an hour Ctrip APP tourism entrance "Spring Festival", "New Year's Day" keyword search consultation volume surged 250%, there are many consumers online consultation next year May 1, National Day long-distance travel products.

  • The world's first male contraceptive
Researchers at the Indian Medical Research Council said the agency has successfully completed the world's first clinical trial of an injectable male contraceptive pill and has been sent to the Indian Drug Administration for approval, the Times of India reported Thursday.
The pill was designed to replace vasectomy and was valid for 13 years before it lapsed, the report said. It is said that vasectomy is the only available method of male sterilization in the world.

  • Illegal egg sales industry chain

It is reported that 120,000 eggs are divided by the black intermediary layer, to the hands of the egg sister only 25,000 yuan. On the 19th, Changsha Kaifu District Health and Family Planning Comprehensive Supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau said that it will be door-to-door law enforcement inspection. Doctors say the ovulation-promoting drugs used by egg donors are too large and, in severe cases, blood clots can occur and even life-threatening. The lawyer said the intermediary still carried out the act with the knowledge that someone else had carried out illegal surrogacy and egg-picking surgery. If a person is seriously injured or dies, he shall be convicted and punished for the crime of illegal practice of medicine.

  • Chengdu Burning Brain Bus Station Name Has Been Simplified

In July, because the station name is almost all by "north and south", "inside and outside" "one two three four paragraphs" and other azimuth words, too "burning the brain", Chengdu three ring road running 136, 137 bus caused a heated discussion among netizens. After nearly four months of discussion and research, the Third Ring Road has 90 site names optimized, parks, intersections, communities, communities ... are the materials for the new station name. On November 20th, the new platform name was officially launched at the bus stations along the route. Some members of the public said that the new platform name recognition is higher, more groundgas, better remember.

  • 100 shortage jobs ranked

On November 21st, the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center released the "National Job Search 100 Shortage Career Rankings for the Third Quarter of 2019", which is the first time that the national level has published a ranking of job-seeking shortage occupations in the human resources market. Ranking shows that marketers, cashiers, restaurant attendants, security guards, cleaners, merchandise clerks, housekeepers, car mechanics, welders, stevedores and handling porters ranked in the top ten.

  • Double 11 consumer rights information more than 60 million
China Consumer Association on the 21st released the "double 11" consumer rights public opinion analysis report. The report shows that during the monitoring period of 11.1 to 11.15, a total of 7908929 pieces of "double 11" related "consumer rights protection" information were collected, of which 655376 were negative information and 43692 were negative daily.
During the monitoring period, there was more information about issues such as courier, after-sales service, pre-sale rules, promotional promotion, product quality, price and information harassment.

  • Twitter launches 'hidden replies' to users around the world

Twitter now offers "hidden replies" to a global user base, TechCrunch reported. The company said the feature would be available to all-platform Twitter users, first tested in Canada in July and then in the U.S. and Japan through Web and mobile platforms. Hidden Replies is one of Twitter's most controversial features to date by balancing comments on Twitter by giving users back control over which tweets are still visible.

  • Huawei Announces Top 10 Inventions
On November 21, Huawei officially announced "Huawei's Top 10 Inventions".
Includes: Super Fast Charge, Full Light Cross, 5G Super Upstream, Da Vinci Chip Architecture, Converged Storage System, Full Focus Photo, Flexible Ether, GPU Turbo, 5G MEC, 5GMIMO.

  • Huawei's new smart screen has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance and still uses the Hongmun system

Huawei's new smart screen products have been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance Certification Website. The Smart Screen product, certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance on November 19, will feature an LCD panel with a 9-generation version of the Harmony OS operating system, supporting 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

  • TV boot advertising revenue of 1.7 million yuan per day

Some manufacturers say that the low price of smart TVs is equivalent to giving profits to consumers, but if you lose the revenue from boot advertising, consumers will face the result of price increases. According to data released by a smart TV manufacturer, boot advertising revenue reached 1.7 million yuan per day.

  • Little Red Book Sues From Media Claims
November 21 news, Xiao Hongshu said today, 2 small red book bloggers to the micro-blogging big V "ring master", WeChat public number "beauty research institute" and "e-commerce headlines" and other self-media accounts filed a lawsuit, claims 10 million yuan, the court has entered the process of processing, and waiting for a trial.
In July, Weibo Big V "Ring Master" tweeted that the blogger who carded the hotel's attack on the small red book, involved in erotic transactions, and attached a screenshot of xiao Hong's book blogger's personal notes to the microblog. Within a day of the tweet's release, more than 3,000 retweets were retweeted, and it became the stuff of rumors spreading from the media. Xiao Hongshu said that the rumors on the bloggers themselves and the platform is extremely harmful, firmly support the bloggerthroughn through legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

  • American League Wang Xing:Shared bike is the core investment area next year, has greatly improved the bicycle supply chain

'Our shared bike is a core investment area next year, ' said Wang Xing, CEO of Corporate Review, on a earnings conference call. We have significantly improved the design of the bicycle, including the entire bicycle supply chain, including the value of the entire bike has also been improved, we have also seen the United States group bike this piece in this year to obtain a better turnover performance, but also believe that we will seize some good opportunity window, in the next few quarters to replace some of the old bike, It will further enhance our user base and enhance the stickiness of users on the platform.

  • Hungry and ask merchants to withdraw from the U.S. tour

Some netizens posted in the China Business Forum reflected that, because he did not listen to the advice of hungry let it go off the shelves of the United States, his restaurant was "hungry" platform forced offline. It is understood that only Xi'an High-tech District East area has seven shops were "hungry" requirements to go off the "United States."

  • Intel apologizes to PC manufacturers
On November 20th Intel wrote to computer maker customers apologizing for the company's continuing shortage of computer processor products, saying the processor shortage was posing "significant challenges" for PC makers around the world.
Intel acknowledged that it was still struggling to deliver the processors customers ordered on time, and hinted at new chip manufacturing problems. Last year, Taiwanmedia reported that Intel had been under-capacity and had commissioned TSMC to make computer processors. It is not yet known whether the latest Intel CPU commissioned contract program is still handed over to TSMC.

  • Apple:No profit from repair services

On November 20th, U.S. lawmakers asked in detail about antitrust issues in the technology industry.Apple response"The cost of providing repair services has exceeded the revenue generated by the repairs," it said.

This means that Apple does not benefit financially from the repair service.

  • asked to buy back the shares of Beijing Puss Investment Co., Ltd., A-round and B-round

LeEco announced that the company recently received the Beijing Arbitration Commission Award, as one of the respondents, was asked to buy back Beijing Puss Investment Co., Ltd. A-round and B-round shares.

  • Taiwan Huaying Company Bankruptcy

Taiwan Datong Group's China Film Management Company has declared bankruptcy, display production has been ranked in the world's top three. Taiwan media said this is Taiwan's history of the highest wage arrears, the largest number of cases. A total of 1842 workers in Huaying were owed about NT$1.2 billion in wages, and the advance fund paid only part of it, initially exceeding 800 million.

  • Foreigner suing for cruise sons, no package

On November 20, Hainan Haikou Maritime Court auctioned off a giant oil tanker, the "Light Exchange Gem" ship, at Ali Auction. In the end, a foreign netizen 4.033 The price of 100 million yuan was successfully sold.It is reported that the tanker started at 390 million yuan, a total of 2 people signed up, 664 people set reminders, 76807 onlookers.
Officials said they needed to raise the issue of whether the tanker was chartered. Many netizens also said: China's online shopping is really strong, foreigners are coming to China to buy oil tankers online, and what can not be online shopping? There are also netizens said that poverty limited the imagination, feeling that online shopping is really addictive, money what dare to buy.

  • Real Light AR Glasses Developer Kit Opens Global Presale, Priced at $9699 in China

Domestic AR eyewear start-up Nreal announced that the Nreal Light Developer Suite is officially open to developers around the world, the first batch of pre-sale countries including China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Europe, the domestic price of 9699 yuan. The kit consists of AR glasses, 3DoF controllers, and computing units.

  • Microsoft:Surface Earbuds to be released from Christmas until next year

Microsoft's chief product officer, Panos Panay, said on Twitter that the company's real wireless Bluetooth headset, Surface Earbuds, would be delayed until next spring, foreign media reported. Panos Panay explained that the product development process was a relentless pursuit of detail, which took longer than we had expected, and that Microsoft decided to launch Surface Earbuds in the global market next spring to ensure that Microsoft's Bluetooth headsets provided the best possible experience for consumers.

  • SoftBank launches subscription-style commercial sweeping robot

Recently, SoftBank officially launched a subscription service for The Enterprise Sweeping Robot Whiz in the United States, charging $500/month. SoftBank has previously launched the service in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Whiz works up to three hours after a full-charge operation and can clean up to 15,000 square feet .400 square meters. The system used by Whiz is BrainOS of Brain Corporation, which has invested $114 million in the start-up, which specializes in self-driving technology.

  • Xiaomi responds to self-built plant:Yizhuang factory is a prenatal test-research plant, not to mass-produce mobile phones here

In response to the news that Xiaomi had built its own factory, Xiaomi responded by saying:Yizhuang factory is a prenatal test-research factory, not we have to do mass-produced mobile phones over there.Earlier today, Lei Jun said xiaomi's future plant in Beijing's economic and technological development zone will start production next month, with an annual capacity of 1 million mobile phones with a total floor area of 187,000 square meters.

  • Google employees will rally today amid further tensions

Google employees plan to hold a protest rally on November 22 to support colleagues who have recently been suspended, according to foreign media reports, in the latest sign of rising tensions within the company. Bloomberg first reported the suspension of two Google employees after they were accused of obtaining information beyond their work. Another employee was also fired for media leaks. The two suspended employees had previously been involved in activism involving tensions within the company, and the employees accused the company of being suspended in retaliation for them.

  • Half of Apple's employees don't have a college degree.

On November 20th Apple CEO Mark Cook said in an interview that 50 percent of Apple's people don't finish college, and that Apple is more concerned with ability than a degree. Asked if someone with a future low degree could be Apple's CEO, Cook replied, 'Isn't Jobs?

  • Cook responds to Trump's call to add home key

In an interview on November 20, Cook responded to Trump's request to add the home key to his iPhone. Face ID is popular with many people, he said, and he hopes to take a moment to show Trump how to use the slide screen.

  • Bezos Charitable Fund donates $98.5 million to 32 organizations to help homeless

Amazon CEO Bezos announced Thursday local time that his family's charitable fund, Bezos, will donate $98.5 million to 32 organizations to help the homeless, foreign media reported. Bezos launched the fund with a commitment of $2bn, including Bezos's First Day Fund and its First Day College Fund, which aims to help.

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