Precise delivery features of Twitter ads

TwitterPrecise delivery characteristics of your ads

  Advertising is often seen as a breach of the user experience, and poor design often causes strong emotional backlash. But this is in theTwitter Not obvious, even a large percentage of users claim to not feel that he has ads. VisibleTwitterAdvertising andTwitterThe services provided are very well integrated in themselves. It depends onTwitterGood user experience design and accurate delivery of ads.

  TwitterDeep mining of user attributes provides very subdivided positioning conditions.TwitterThe ad system provides targeting conditions behind the scenes, including geographic location, gender, language, devices and platforms, followers, interests, custom audiences, TV, and more.

  Take user interest, for example,TwitterProvided25A wide range of interests, including film, music, pets, science, sports, technology and so on. And there are many sub-topics under the category, such as sports under fitness, rock climbing, baseball, boxing and so on. Advertisers can search for interests, or they can simply tick the hashtag to target the ad to the target audience for the relevant interest attributes.

  It is with these segments that advertisers can really find the target audience they want to deliver on demand, and increase the relevance of your ads to users, so that they canTwitterGet high marketing value.

A complete self-service advertising platform

  TwitterHave a lot of user attribute data and rich forms of social interaction. To take full advantage of these resources and translate into marketing performance for advertisers,TwitterA self-service advertising platform is available. The platform has a standardized delivery process, very segmented delivery conditions, clear ad bidding methods, and clear performance reports. A well-established self-service advertising platform allows customers to get started quickly. And throughTwitterAdvertising performance analysis tool, advertisers can clearly see the number of attention to the recommendation account, the number of impressions, actual interactions, conversion rate and other performance indicators, as well as the advertising costs paid, and continue to optimize the advertising according to advertising performance.

Performance-based payment

  From the advertiser's point of view, the so-called pay-per-effect, not by advertising time to pay, but according to the actual effect of advertising to pay. This is the advertiser's more pro-gaze way to pay. If it is not to improve brand identity, advertisers would prefer that advertising bring stod to potential consumers and pay for this part of the ad.

  TwitterAdvertising is charged differently from the general media.TwitterAds are charged based on how well the user interacts with the ad. Advertisers need to pay for an account follower or an interactive one when they follow the recommended account, or click, reply, forward, and collect the recommended posts. As a result, advertisers can actually pay for those who are interested in business services or products, reducing ineffective advertising spending.

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