Some of Twitter's ads run dry

Twitter, which accounts for 80 percent of mobile users, is one of the world's largest social networking media service providers, with 316 million monthly live users and 500 million daily tweets.RecentlyTwitterMobile Internet advertising is growing rapidly.App opening rates are 37% higher than traffic on other platforms, 34% higher than payment activity, and together with Facebook and Google are the world's top three Internet advertising platforms.

According to AppsFlyer's September 2015 statistics, Twitter has the highest retention rate on Android, 25 percent higher than the second-highest number, and Twitter's retention rate on iOS is second only to Google Adwords.

But Twitter's large-scale Sinochem district was established in July 2014, and in September 2015 the dust settled on the top domestic agents, Twitter's position in Greater China is more awkward: on the one hand, low-key and pragmatic business penetration is not fast, On the one hand is the rapid development of the domestic mobile Internet under the demand for advertisers overseas delivery increased exponentially, but the Twitter ads are a half-understanding.

So far, Twitter's situation in Greater China

1, July 2014 Twitter's establishment of Greater China;

2, the past year sales performance increased 10 times;

3, covering e-commerce, entertainment, tourism, mobile applications, games, electronic products, etc.

4, with 360, Tap4Fun, ASUS, Smart Star Tong, Metu, etc. have cooperation;

5, the unified account can be integrated a variety of advertising activities, unlimited, after payment;

6, payment model includes, CPE, CPC, CPI, CPV and CPD (promoting trend topics)

Steps to reconciliation on Twitter ad

1, set up a Twitter account, determine the structure of the Twitter account. These accounts can be named after highlighting your brand value, or they can be named with useful information, or describe the product/service offer.

2. Determine your Twitter account and structure. A master account, a secondary account, an opinion leader account.

If there are many products, it is recommended to set up a master account and several secondary accounts. Take mobile gaming companies as an example, the main account name can be set to "game", game promotion;AidedAccount 1, can be related to promotional content on Twitter, but is the role of customer service;AidedAccount 2, to the PR department responsible for the user diversion, reduce the player slot content appeared near the push press release frequency;AidedAccount 3, to the company's very well-known producer / dare to speak ceo, in particular, this is a personal account can interact with the company's main account.

3, launch at the same time to ensure that there is high-quality "native content."

Higher quality native ad content can get better results. Twitter advertisers have a large number of fans, and the number of fans has declined, who promotes the message more convincingly? There are a lot of fans, of course. Pay attention to the maintenance of native content, through pictures, videoand and other multimedia content and fan interaction, fans will feel sincere, willing to pay attention.

There are three categories of original ads on Twitter: promoting trending topics, promoting tweets and promotional accounts. On the front page of The Desktop edition of Twitter, it is made up of three parts, left, center and right, which are the global trending topics, the middle of the message stream promotion tweet, and the promotion account on the right. For mobile users, what they see when searching is a promotional trend, and when you refresh your phone is a promotional tweet in a time stream.

Promotion trend topics: Each region's list is different, except for the number one topic is automatically generated by the system, according to the most recent discussion of hot topics in a short period of time comments and retweets to determine. And in the first place, is the trend topic advertising position, every day at a fixed price to sell out, advertisers can buy out the day to the top position.

In the middle, is the time stream, Twitter here will also be inserted ads, in the form of pictures and text, ad tweets will appear under a small gray tag, reminding users that this is a small ad.

On the right, is the promotion account. Advertisers can "buy fans" here, there is a small button under the account, users as long as click to follow.

Some data and features about Twitter

1, Twitter video effect is amazing, 63% brand likes, 45% higher click-through rate, 90% mobile device to watch. Some advertisers have recently tested the cost in Europe and the United States at about 10 cents or 15 cents. It is worth mentioning that Twitter only pays for display, does not charge for retweeting and generating clicks and downloads, so if advertisers can start from the idea to ensure more interesting advertising content, the Twitter platform can achieve viral transmission.

2, Tailored Audiences. Twitter's platform also has the feature, which submits user models that need targeted delivery to the Twitter background, where Twitter will target advertisers who match similar users. You can "whitelist delivery", that is, to these people I want to put, or "blacklist delivery" is, I do not put to these specific users. INFORMATION THAT CAN BE PROVIDED INCLUDES WEBSITE VISITORS, APP USER INFORMATION, USER, CUSTOMER EMAIL, TWITTER IDS, CUSTOMER PHONE NUMBERS, ETC. According to Twitter officials, the marketing breadth can be increased to more than 10 times.

3, Twitter for the target of the crowd positioning delivery. Each user, depending on what content they post in peacetime and what content they interact with, Twitter will label users who have obvious usage behavior. Twitter's launch, which has three commonly used posts are Interest Interest Group, Followers fans and Keywords keywords.

Interest group, each Twitter user according to what the usual content and what content has public interaction, follow which accounts, will be tagged. Fans, such as an APP that wants to be put to people interested in music, can choose who is interested in music, such as Justin Bieber. When choosing the Big V for delivery, the logic of your ad will be known to fans of these Big Vs and similar users.

4, advertising form: if you buy CPC, you can use the website card. Pay-per-click.

Mobile app download card: There is a picture, Twitter will grab the app's information from the AppStore, the picture / below will be clicked to the download button, can be downloaded directly.

Application of card carousel, the user in the time stream may see may be can slide left and right carousel map, the picture may be 6-12 or so.

5, test or pre-registration. There is a new car test drive, game pre-registration, you can sell a card on the web page to collect user information, the user click confirmed to submit user information, Twitter ID and Twitter-bound email address will be sent to the advertiser background. Advertisers can convert these user information into Excel tables from the background.

(This article was shared by Zhang Wei, Senior Account Manager at Twitter Greater China, on Twitter's Overseas Marketing Experience Salon)

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