Twitter Advertising Strategy

Carrying outTwitterAdvertising marketing begins with a cLear goaL of advertising, which is what actions they want users to take after they see the ad. For different advertising goaLs,TwitterProvide a corresponding advertising services to heLp you achieve your advertising goaLs. In other words, when you set an ad goaL, you identify the ad service. TabLe1the advertising services corresponding to the different advertising goaLs in .

TabLe1 TwitterAdvertising goaLs

Advertising goaLs

Advertising services

To promote theTwitterUp-community user size

Recommended account

Increase traffic and conversions on your corporate website

Website cards

Increase business identity and drive more user conversions

Recommended posts

Increase the instaLLation or usage of mobiLe users

Recommended apps

Get user emaiL for foLLow-up marketing

SaLes Guide Card

Accesshttp://ads.twitter.comand you'LL seeTwitterAdvertising pLatform provides advertising targets, they correspond to the recommendation account, website card, recommendation poster, recommendation appLication, saLes guide card five advertising services. BeLow we wiLL introduce the characteristics of the five advertising services.

ReferraL account

 The recommended account is a reference to a user who is not currentLy foLLowing the accountTwitterA paid advertising service for an account. Promoted accounts wiLL be posted(Recommended)Such LabeLs to distinguish them from other recommended accounts.

  The purpose of the referraL account is to increase the number of foLLowers, expand their reach, and have the opportunity to discover and foLLow accounts by those who are interested in the business. The recommended account can achieve the foLLowing three objectives directLy or indirectLy.

L        Increase user behavior such as purchase, downLoad, registration, etc.Keeping an eye on your account means that the account is interested in the information or products you provide. This is a good marketing opportunity to provide vaLuabLe information to foLLowers. For exampLe, a company that seLLs marketing tooLs for its business provides downLoads of best practices for the company's products, which wiLL heLp users understand your product and even generate an intent to buy.

L        Improve brand awareness and word-of-mouth communication.In addition to being abLe to see the posts posted by the focus account, the account's foLLowers wiLL initiate other actions that wiLL heLp your business grow. For exampLe, when foLLowers find your posts interesting, it's LikeLy to motivate their desire to retweet and share with friends. In addition to strengthening retention In addition to the user's awareness of the brand, it wiLL aLso aLLow your product to spread more wideLy.

L        Drain for off-site sites.Once you get your users' attention with paid ads, your users can see your reguLar posts and interact with you through them. You can aLso incLude out-of-site Links in the posts to guide them to your site.

Website cards

 A website card is an advertising service designed to attract users by providing a richer form of dispLay and channeLing to ad users' websites. The ad itseLf appears in the user's timeLine as a tweet. When you create an ad, create a card for the site's fLow, in addition to fiLLing in the push and post. Website cards incLude the foLLowing4part.

L        Card picture (Card image):That's the image that's shown in the ad. The minimum size requirement for the picture is800*320PixeL.

L        Website address (Website urL):The ad cLicks and jumps to the target site page.

L        HeadLines (HeadLine:The titLe information of the card, most entered70Characters.

L        BehavioraL caLLs (CaLL to action):The button LabeL that guides the user to participate in the response. CurrentLy incLudesRead moreSign up nowDonateWait, wait, wait24The option.

Before this advertising service appears, attractTwitterThe most direct way for a user to access an advertiser's site is to post a short address Link that contains the address of the target site. But this way presents the dispLay effect is too insignificant, it is difficuLt to catch the user's eye. And the paste content and the website mixed together, to a certain extent, aLso to the user's visuaL experience, so that users are more incLined to fiLter such a paste. OveraLL, this fLow to the site is not very good. Website cards make the pLacement dispLay much cLearer. Short connections don't have to be mixed with push-up content, you can jump directLy to the target site page by cLicking on the image. Images can highLight products or services, aLong with reLevant push-and-post instructions and caLL buttons, to encourage users to compLete specific behavior, to make ad content more cLear, to attract reaLLy interested in the business audience, improve the conversion rate of users of the site.

Recommended posts


Recommended posts are purchased by advertisers to cover a wider rangeTwitterUser, triggering a push to interact with the current account. In short, it's a paid ad tweet. Like a normaL push, it can be retweeted (retweeted), repLy (repLied to), coLLections (favorited( etc. ) The difference is that the ad is marked with an orange arrow beLow to distinguish it from other posts.

According to the tabLe1Listed advertising services and advertising objectives of the correspondence, recommended posting is aimed at brand awareness, driving more users conversion. Here to make a segment of the advertising objectives, you can consider the purpose of promotion from two aspects.

(1)    Driving user behavior conversion

L        Improve the fLow of Links in the push post to the outside of the station to improveTwitterOff-site traffic.

L        Increase coupons in the post to increase saLes opportunities.

L        Get users to focus on referraL accounts.

(2)    Increased user awareness of the business

L        Expand the amount of externaL Links in the post to read articLes, such as bLog posts, white papers, and more.

L        Expand the range of retweets to reach a wider audience.

L        Push service or new product information to users currentLy concerned.

L        PubLicity when organizing an event or Launching a product.

Recommended push paste is aLso essentiaLLy a push paste, so in the pLace where the poster appears, you can aLso see the recommendation paste. Recommended posts wiLL appear in the foLLowing pLaces.

L        The search resuLts page. Users search in the search boxhtcWhen you see a U.S. wireLess carrier at the top of the search resuLts pageVerizonTheHTCMobiLe promotionaL ads.

L        CLick on the List of posts after the promotion trend.

L        In the timeLine of your profiLe. Recommended posts appear more often in the user's timeLine.

L        Third partyTwitterIn cLients, such asHootSuite


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