Twitter bans political ads; Google says antitrust investigation will leak sensitive information


Google's application to u.S. court:

Antitrust investigations should prevent disclosure of sensitive information

On Thursday, Google filed an application with a Texas judge to ensure that the state-led antitrust investigation does not disclose its trade secrets.

GoogleWant the court to order a court order to prevent Cristina Caffarra, an economist who has worked for Microsoft and News Corp.MicrosoftEugene Burrus, a former lawyer, leaked sensitive information or worked for other competitors a year after the consultant's job.Google"Given the breadth of confidential information sought by (Paxton's office) and in this and other regulatory procedures,GoogleCompetitors and complainants are at increased risk of disclosure, and protective orders are appropriate and necessary. "Google's petition is nothing more than an effort to block the investigation," Paxton spokesman Marc Rylander said in a statement. But Google does not have the authority to select state experts or conduct state surveys. Technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are facing increasing antitrust scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers.


Apple breakthrough in Micro LED technology

Fastest and later years to push related products

On October 31st Apple's new plant was probably due to a breakthrough in Micro LED technology, according to industry sources.AppleInvesting in Micro LEDs so early, in addition to mastering the technology earlier, can also be early from the design of thinking, how to use the characteristics of Micro LED,AppleYou can design completely different products with the patents you have. And according to the progress of the new plant,AppleProducts using Micro LED technology may be available as soon as the following year.

Reported that,AppleIt was a breakthrough on the equipment, the United States developed a new exposure machine that does not require a light mask. Industry sources have observed that the device can make a large number of Micro LEDs on glass substrates, in addition to significantly reducing costs, product design is also more convenient.


Different than Facebook.

Twitter to ban political advertising altogether

October 31,Twitter The CEO said Wednesday that the company will ban political advertising on its platform next month, a move that has won praise from Democrats but was scorned by President Trump's campaign.Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a statement:"We've decided to stop running all political ads on Twitter around the world.We believe that the spread of political information is won, not bought.

The ban will take effect on November 22, but analysts don't expect it to significantly depress Twitter's performance.The stock fell 1.9 percent in after-hours trading.Including Twitter competitorsFacebookSocial media companies are under increasing pressure to stop advertising that could spread false information and influence elections.Some believe that Russian propaganda on Facebook was a factor in Trump's victory in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.After that, Facebook promised to work on the misinformation.

But Facebook's decision not to fact-check ads for politicians has angered Democratic candidates such as former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 presidential election."Unfortunately, the only option for social media companies in this regard is to withdraw completely from political advertising, but it is encouraging that revenue has not prevailed this time around when faced with a choice between advertising costs and democracy."Russo said.


Hurun's global unicorn list:

Chinese company tops U.S., Ali Tencent is big winner

Recently, the Hurun Institute released the first "2019 Hurun Global Unicorn List."

According to the Hurun Institute, there are 494 unicorn companies in 118 cities in 24 countries in 2019.Of these, 206 are in China and 203 in the United States.Super unicorn ant gold suit, byte beat and drip travel still occupy the top three, ant gold clothing valuation of more than 1 trillion, byte beat valuation of more than 500 billion, drip travel valuation of more than 300 billion."Surprisingly, the US is not the world's largest unicorn country, " says Hurun, chairman of Hurun. Three years ago, for the first time, China's billionaires outnumbered the United States in our world rich list. Today, for the first time, the number of Chinese unicorn companies surpasses that of the United States. "

In terms of the industry in which unicorn companies belong, the top five are e-commerce, fintech, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and logistics.Among them, the largest number of e-commerce enterprises, there are 68, fintech enterprises accounted for the largest proportion of total market value, accounting for 22%.In cloud computing, the U.S. has a very leading edge. Of the 44 unicorns listed worldwide, the United States has 32, followed by China and Israel with five and four, respectively. A total of 40 unicorn companies are on the list, with the top-ranked AI unicorn company being Argo AI, the US self-driving technology company, and UiPath, a robotics company, followed by China's Merchant Sintech and Viewtechnology.

Google claims to achieveQuantum Hegemony

It's as much about the Wright brothers' first flight.

Recently, Google's "Quantum Hegemony with Programmable Superconductive Processors" paper, published in the British journal Nature in the form of a cover weight, said it had successfully demonstrated "quantum hegemony" and that quantum systems would take about 200 seconds to complete the task of a traditional supercomputer taking 10,000 years to complete.

InGoogleIn the team's view, this is a "Hello World" milestone in the quantum realm. In an interview with the MIT Technology Review, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said excitedly that it was like the moment the plane was first invented----- the Wright brothers' plane flew only 12 seconds for the first time, but he proved the possibility of flying.

"Quantum hegemony" has long been used to describe the key nodes of quantum computer development, which means that quantum computers can solve complex problems that traditional computers cannot solve, that is, to show quantum superiority. This is a key step in the practical use of quantum computers. One important indicator of quantum hegemony, often regarded as a quantum hegemonic, is the number of qubits, and some scholars believe that about 50 qubits can achieve "quantum hegemony" by quantum computers.

Some analysts believe that quantum computers will never gain "hegemony" beyond traditional computers, but will work with the latter, because each has its own unique advantages. Speaking about the future application value of quantum computers, Shonda Pichai said: "For example, to help scientists find more efficient battery designs, where chemistry can come in handy," says Shonda Pichai.GoogleAfter 13 years of investing in it, the motivation for research will continue in the future.

Software Engineer Job Search Flagship

Solemnly declare:In order to avoid the misleading industry chaos, the following screenshots and information for complete lying information, direct Silicon Valley is willing to bear legal responsibility for this.


5 front-line interviewers and 1 professor

After 5 years of working together to create a flagship course

Jerry:Senior Google interviewer;Fred:LinkedIn Senior Interviewer;Charlie:Senior Google interviewer;LancelotLinkedIn Senior Interviewer;Jason:Amazon Senior Interviewer;PhD Student Mentor Review, University of Liverpool, knowledge module system is comprehensive, technical content is nearly saturated,Close to interview trends, curriculum structure, teaching methods, continuous upgrading;Learning and training combination, to smooth out the dead end of the interview;Significantly improve job preparation efficiency


Careful selection of technical strength

Experienced lecturer

Fred, Lancelot, And Charlie, as job seekers,A mappingChuan, ZengWin the major tech companies offerAs an interviewer,After a hundred battles, well aware of the interviewer's approachAs the main speaker, the integration of the whole, ding ding to solve the cattle layer deep,Past students have been well received


Answer questions in all directions

Covers all aspects of job hunting

Professional teaching assistant 24 hours to answer questions, the explanation of the detailed:Have a doubt about your homework?Brush the problem of the total crime card?Not clear?Is there an error in the code?The teaching assistant will do it for you.Full answers

Mentors focus on tracking to protect job searches:Net-a-PorterHow do I fill it out in the process? How to communicate with HRReply to a messageOffer negotiationsHow do you dominate the process?Which project group to chooseMore space for the future? Students in the job search process all the questions do not have to worry about where to find a teacher, to consult with whom,All service teachers focus on consultation, ready, quick to help students answer.

Psychological guidance to help students unzip:In the preparation process for a job search,Students should not only complete the school's course, but also try their best to deliver resumes, brush the question preparation, one interview assessment, the pressure can be imagined, timely guidance and gas, can help students overcomePsychological disordersAndMental stressAny suffering can always talk to the teacher,Run with you in the job searchThe teacher knows your pain best and knows best how to help you unzip it.


Supporting services

Unlimited resume modifications and project consultation:Resume is a door-knocking brick for job hunting, its importance is self-evident, no competitive resume is difficult to get interview opportunities, each student's resume we will haveSpecial teacher carefully modify 5 to 7 roundsand willProjects and workCalendarCarry onIteration guidance, and make repeated modifications until our requirements are met.Our requirements will be subject to strict industry requirements.

Resume modification comparison:

For each resume, the teacher will comment in detail on how to modify it, how the project content will be iterative,Propose as many directions as possible for students to choose and optimizeThe following image shows two different resumes that have been annotated:

Note:The red part is the section that modifies the comments.

20h plus simulation interview plus in-business push:Simulated interview is a key link to familiarize yourself with the interview process and explore the interviewer's approach, in addition toProblem-solving abilitySkill strengthIn the interview, the interviewer also pays attention to the candidate'sWays of thinkingCommunication skillsAndAbility to express, through mock interviews andOn-site feedbackMultiple giant companies live-streaming mock interviews, teaching students how to take the initiative in the interview.PassMulti-point joint internal pushto help students get more interview opportunities.

Job documents:Four-year accumulation database, includingJob application templateFacial informationBQ information, etc.And let the classmatesGreat savings in data collection time before, middle and late job search


Course results

After a long-term iterative curriculum upgrade, supporting services continue to improve, through the Silicon ValleyStudent course praise rate is more than 90%, offer success rate of more than 85%, cumulatively help students get 2000 plus offerAccording to statistics, through systematic learning and preparation, in accordance with the teacher's guidance to prepare, students job preparationNearly 2x more efficientsignificantly saves preparation time.

Participant experience:Students attend the CS major in the National Ranking 75, the school overall ranking 129. The GPA is OK, but the information received in job hunting is extremely limited and little information about the North American technology company industry is known. Although there are more items in the resume, most of them are homework of the school, do not have industrial attributes, and the depth of the project description is not enough.

The student through the course of learning, for the computer engineer job interview assessment scope has a comprehensive understanding, especially in dynamic planning, the student before the solution of this type of topic is more vague, the idea is not clear enough. In the course, the teacher through the easy to difficult topic analysis, and constantly strengthen the dynamic planning topic and recursive relationship and difference, and analyze the algorithm and the interview thinking mode, so that the student in this type of topic to solve the ability greatly improved. About the system design, but also carried out an in-depth explanation, so that the students' interview ability has been improved by the system.

With the help of a consultant teacher, the student has made several rounds of one-on-one resume modifications. In view of the student's situation, the tutor selects the better items in the resume for deep optimization and learning, for each project description of the detailed rewrite, so that the student resume size greatly increased. In the whole process of job application, the tutor keeps abreast of the student's problems, gives guidance to the student's specific situation, helps the student complete a series of job applications, communicates with HR and so on.

After winning ViaSatoffer, the student was prepared to take the job, but at the urging of the tutor, he continued to insist on the preparation, and eventually won the Facebook offer. In the offer process phase, discuss countermeasures with your mentor, and finally get into Facebook and get a generous package.

Participant experience:The vast majority of students who are preparing for a job, will feel that in the preparation process, as long as the "hard" brush problem, the LeetCode topic repeatedbrush on it, so many students began day after day, week after week brush problem, then brush the problem really works?

Brushing questions is certainly useful, but for interviews, brushing questions is a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition. In the job preparation process, we do not advocate blind brushing questions, for two reasons: First, there are too many LeetCode questions, only brush questions to prepare for the interview, the time cost is too high, and only a few students, can really "brush through" the question, so that for each sub-module of knowledge Second, because throughout the technical interview process, the ability to accurately solve the problem does not necessarily guarantee the interview pass. The basic knowledge of QA question and answer, object-oriented and pattern design, system design, finish the topic of the explanation, communication skills between the interviewer, answer The soft skill level of Code Question, interview rhythm control, etc., is also an indispensable factor to determine the success of the interview.

The student in the consultation process, also thought, I will learn a brush training course on it, but after the comprehensive assessment of the consultant teacher, the student's resume content is not targeted enough, resume project direction is relatively single and not deep enough, for job interview algorithm and data structure, The operating system and system design and other knowledge is not comprehensive enough, for the sake of comprehensive preparation, the student finally signed up for the software engineer job to improve the flagship course.

During the course to improve, the student's learning attitude has been very positive, there is any content that does not understand, can communicate with the teacher at any time, in addition to being able to complete the teacher's assignment must do homework, but also spend time to complete the selection of homework, self-exercise. Through the course of study, in a short period of two months, the content of the job interview has been more comprehensive grasp.

During the job search, the student also maintains excellent interaction with the teacher, from the recruitment situation of the enterprise to the warm-up preparation for the appointment interview, to the experience of the interview, to the end of the interview to the offer tracking, negotiation, selection team. Any decisions and questions in the job search process are actively negotiated with the teacher.

With the help of the consulting teacher, the resume has been revised several times, the content of the resume has been adjusted, and the original full stack and machine learning projects have been deeply remodeled, so that the resume more in line with the requirements of industry, reduce the gap of resume and industry skills. Get multiple interviews through Silicon Valley, get multiple offers, and eventually choose a very difficult interview, through the very low rate of LinkedIn offer.

LearnExperience:Undergraduate and graduate students are civil engineering majors, pure transfer professional students, participate in the straight-through Silicon Valley courses before, without any technology company interview experience, without any data structure and algorithms, OOP, OS and system design knowledge accumulation, computer software engineers know very little about the direction of job hunting. Has been involved in a few AI project development, resume is weak, project depth in general, no experience in developing industrial projects, but is very interested in computer vision and artificial intelligence direction, want to move into the future into self-driving, or other computer vision-based artificial intelligence field work.

Participating in the flagship course of software engineers through Silicon Valley job search and computer vision direction VIP special custom project development course, the system learned the software engineer job interview knowledge system, training topics more than 300, face 100 plus, OOP, OS and a large number of test points summary, System System Design's systematic answering skills. At the same time, by VIP teachers to plan the direction of job search, increase the depth of the resume, learn 3D computer vision of real-time camera system development, understand the overall system architecture and design model. At the same time, the system learns the principle and realization of camera correction, binocular vision and structural light algorithm. Easy to win in the recognized high-profile self-driving company, and then in A.C. and other well-known companies, the first year package 22 million u.S. dollars annual salary, because the resume program focuses on AI and vision, successfully divided into the corresponding field, Perfect lying to the goal of new people in the workplace.

The student in the learning process, the greatest advantage is not to understand to ask, good at the teacher after the question self-thinking and can actually do their own problemsolving. Instead of just listening, so turn professional job preparation less than a year, it soon has the ability to enter the super-line technology companies. Even after getting the offer, still maintain a positive attitude to study!

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