Twitter launches new 6s ad bid to join Indian social media ShareChat

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Twitter launches new ad auction program to watch more than 6 seconds to collect money

The concept of "6-second ad" may have been no stranger to.

At a time when social media and digital advertising are fragmented, consumers are becoming more distracted and less patient to be left with advertising.The resulting six-second ad has become a popular form of advertising on many social media platforms:Ads on YouTube, Twitter, or ads from the official Account of the Instagram brand all start edging up to just six seconds - quickly grabbing consumers' attention and ending before you get bored.

Twitter, the social media platform, also recently launched a new platform ad service for six-second ads.According to Adweek and other media reports, the Twitter line of a six-second video advertising bid.Advertisers can serve platform ads for up to 15 seconds, such as post ads, but Twitter charges only if users watch more than 6 seconds and watch 50% of the page.

This largely optimizes the platform's measure of ad performance."Traditional social media platform ads are charged for two to three seconds, 50 percent of the picture will be charged," says Brooke Reno, head of mediaKitchen, an advertising agency.But there is no awareness of the brand.

Twitter's ad bid, in fact, is linked to Facebook's launch in September 2018ThruPlay Advertising ProgramSimilar:Facebook charges advertisers only if they watch the ad for 15 seconds and are viewed at 100%.

TrueView, which you launched earlier, is also a way to charge for ad effects - when a user clicks on an ad, or watches it for more than 10 seconds, it can be considered the actual exposure of the ad;The default measure of conversion rate is that the viewer produces actual actions (e.g. actual purchases) within 3 days.

Changes in the way advertising is measured by social media platforms are, on the one hand, related to the intense competition between them - in the digital age, where platforms are delivered and how much budget is spent is something that every advertiser has to think about, and platforms that measure more scientifically, cost-effectively and less watery.

On the other hand6-second ad is currently considered the best ad viewing time

Twitter's own data shows that 88 percent of users expect video ads to last no more than 15 seconds, with 6 seconds as the best length.We have earlier reported that one of the world's three advertisers is now using the form of a 6-second ad, which is short, not easily repugnant, and can be delivered with a higher frequency.Of course, 6-second ads don't apply to all brands:"Big brands only need to pass a message with a 6-second ad and tell everyone about the latest event, " Google's Japan Strategic Innovation Analyst Otsuka told the interface.

Indian social media ShareChat completes $100 million financing:Twitter

ShareChat, founded in 2015, has raised $224 million.Simply put, ShareChat serves local-language users in India on Twitter, offering content including graphics and videos.On ShareChat, users can follow others or explore content through interest categories.These range in direction, including humor, fashion, health, education, religion, and more.The company said that THE CURRENT MAU is around 60 million, supporting 15 local languages.

The dialect content is one of the most watched tracks in India right now.Unlike the Chinese market, India is a multilingual country.According to KPMG, there are 30 languages and as many as 1,600 dialects spoken in India, which number more than a million people.

Of India's 1.3 billion people, about 125 million are English speakers."There are about 300 million Internet users in India who use local languages."And for many people whose native language is native to India, even with an English education, they tend to consume content in the local language."

From a user's point of view, Ankush introduced ShareChat's user portraits and India's demographics are basically the same, including a large number of young people, while religious, cooking and other content also attracted some middle-aged and elderly users.According to Ankush, shareChat's content is mainly UGC-based, 10%-15% of monthly live users are also content creators, most of them are new to content creation.These users post content on ShareChat primarily for sharing purposes, not for the sake of producing the content that bursts.With out of the burst ingest, Ankush believes ShareChat users have determined that the product has a relatively strong community attribute.

For ShareChat, it's important to match content and content consumers.On the one hand, constantly seeing and their own "related" content can enhance the content of consumers' sense of belonging to the product, on the other hand, accurate matching can promote communication between users, maintain activity.From the time new users enter ShareChat, the company evaluates the user's characteristics based on their network of relationships, thereby determining their preference for content.Then, as users consume content, they continue to push content that users feel more "relevant."ShareChat also encourages users to interact with content creators through PM capabilities.

In terms of content, ShareChat has a dedicated content operations team that controls content quality, and the content review team is responsible for avoiding sensitive content.By booting, some head users on ShareChat will evolve into KOL on the platform, producing PGC content.

Ankush says the company will consider cashing in in a variety of ways, including advertising and socialization.Limited online advertising budgets and eCPM in the Indian market are the problems companies that rely on advertising for cash.Ankush believes that most of the current advertising budget is also spent on TV, paper media, ShareChat and other Internet companies are in the process of educating advertisers, the overall volume of online advertising is growing.ShareChat, meanwhile, allows users to be finely divided because of the product's features, which means advertisers can deliver more efficiently and accurately through ShareChat.ShareChat can also increase ad value by extending users' time on the platform.

After a process of grabbing English-language subscribers to the head, companies in the Indian market have begun to focus on opportunities in local language markets, such as Netflix in video streaming, Amazon Prime Video and other local-language series, with News Convergence' Dailyhunt, Dailyhunt, Companies such as NewsDog.Today's headliner, Helo, is also a fast-moving player on the track and a direct contender for ShareChat.

In the face of competition, ShareChat is now India's largest local language application, and the community attributes of the product and the four-year-old understanding of the market and users are the core barriers to ShareChat.

The team currently has 230 people.Founder and CEO Ankush Sachdeva and co-founder and COO Farid Ahsan, co-founder and CTO Bhanu Bratap are both graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

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