Twitter to ban political advertising from November 22

According to Reuters,Twitter's chief executive said Wednesday:"Next month Twitter will ban political advertising on its platform. "

The move won praise from Democrats but was met withThe contempt of the Trump campaign team。 YesAnalysts expect the ban to take effect on November 22nd, and Twitter's businessNor has there been a significant decrease.

IncludingTwitterCompetitorsFacebooksocial media companies, which are also under increasing pressure, are beingStop publishing false information about election-affecting ads

Once Russian propaganda on the platform was seen as influencing RepublicansFacebook promises to work on 2016 U.S. presidential electionthis information.

ButFacebookmade a decision,Don't check politicians' ads.That has angered Democratic candidates in the 2020 presidential election, such as former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren. KlipC believes it's not clear who Twitter's decisions will affect and how they will affect them.

Bill Russo, deputy public relations director for the Biden campaign, said in an emailed statement.:“We thank Twitter for not allowing unproven defamation to appear in ads on its platform. "

Russo says:"It would be regrettable if social media companies were to pull out of political advertising altogether.But when it comes to choosing between advertising revenue and democratic integrity, twitter has chosen the latter.

Earlier this month,Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defended the company's policies, saying the company did not want to stifle political rhetoric.

Dorsey's inTwitterThe message of paid advertising is to convey political messages to people, a power that poses a significant risk to politics and can be used to influence votes and even the lives of millions of people, it says.

He added:"Twitter says it's not credible to try to stop the spread of misleading information, but if someone pays us, let's target us, and force people to see their political ads, say whatever they want!" "

But at least Twitter is moving forward. While Facebook has made a series of self-destructing decisions, Twitter is trying to improve, to say the least.

The KlipC survey found that Twitter's decision was in stark contrast to Facebook's.Political ads are unlikely to become TwitterA key part of the business.

Jasmine says:"And given the nature of the platform, the people, publishers and politicians who still use Twitter to discuss politics organically, that means it won't completely address the issue of misinformation." "

KlipC believes thatHe disagrees with the idea of banning political advertising on any network, including Twitter.

He's inTwitter says:"Banning political advertising doesn't hurt the presidential campaign, it does harm local politics that rely on paid (advertising) coverage." "

KlipC always wants them to "never forget their first thoughts" and find the latest news and world events to share with those who support it.



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