2019 Latest YouTube Ads Run All Tutorials

Today to introduce you to YouTube advertising process, detailed steps are all included, I hope to help you, YouTube ads need to be used with Google Ads, let's take a look!

1) Log back stage on Google Ads

2) Also connected to the account, we have explained before, link to Google shopping, today Oh we are the same, connect to YouTube!

3) In order to facilitate everyone after the analysis of data, we can also connect to Google Analytics, after looking at the data traffic will also be very convenient, as shown in the figure:

4) Similarly, the associated account, linked to the YouTube account, as shown, click on the deTALLS in the lower right corner

5) Click on conversation to add conversions!

6) Click on conversations, add conversions and click on the plus

7) If you are an independent station and other online sales platform, click website, as shown in the first can!

8) If you are selling products, selling products, choose purchase, buy products

9) Give your conversion a name

Just fill in a name according to your product!

10) Probably predict how much your product is worth, generally choose the second one!

11) All done and click continue!

12) After all, go back to the home page and click on campaigns

13) Click to add a new event, new campaign

14) If we sell our products, we choose sales.

15) Then we're doing video ads, and naturally we're going to choose YouTube, and the bottom right corner is visible

16) Set the ad name and budget, suggest everyone 5$or more

17) Choose the time of publication, it is recommended that you choose the sooner the better

         You can also choose a weekend or custom time!

18) Choose bidding and your target CPA

        Everyone can fill in according to their own budget

19) Three forms of ad video display

       1. Searched out of ads

       2.The second one was set before that, and we chose the sales to set this

       3. Show Ads

20) Set the customer's language, which is what language your audience speaks!

21) Select the drop zone, the U.S. will choose The American

22) This is what content your video ad shows in, suggest the middle one,

Other may be designing violent and so on

23) Unlike what video your ad appears in, I usually have a full selection, because some of the videos really do not fit us to put ads, we all understand!

24) exclude the use of violent video, because I think others want to see those things, will certainly be extremely offensive to your ads, not to mention conversion rate!

25) Set your ad, a few times a day by others to see, I generally suggest is three times a day can!

26) Custom number of delivers per day

27) Ad time

28) Name your audience

29) Audience definition, detailed and precise targeting

30) The specific characteristics of the audience characteristics of the positioning, positioning, the higher the conversion rate!

31) Select the precise drop crowd

32) Choose who likes what to watch

33) Specific browse settings

34) Keyword selection and topic topic determination

35) Add keywords manually, and will automatically match the relevant keywords

36) Add a topic topic

37) This ad can put their own ads to your competitors above, there is a certain budget to consider, after all, the cost is the highest, the effect is also the best!

38) Start creating videos to submit videos

39) Fill in the video link, then fill in the link to the ad you want to do or the link to the stand-alone product

       It can also be linked to any platform product, such as Amazon wish

40) Finally set it up, or headline

41) Once created, click Save!

42) When you receive a congratulations, prove that your ad is created

43) The backstage ads start running, as shown in the figure:

Based on this, your YouTube video ad is complete!

In YourTube ads, there are two things to worry about:View Rate and Click Rate (Click-through Rate, CTR).

1. If the movie's viewing rate is not high, it is likely that it is because you show the advertisement to the unsuitable audience, they will make you ignore your film. You can also find out if your film is attractive through this number,Another possibility is that you've locked in the right group, but because the content of the movie isn't good, it's not working well.

2. Improving the number of viewers of your film is not something else, but it will improve Google's ranking and make your ads perform better and reduce your advertising costs. If your movie has a good viewing rate, it will make the search engine think you've created a great user experience,So Google will make sure your ads get more exposure and reduce the amount of money users pay for each movie they've seen.

3. Click-through rate lets you know how many people have ordered your ad, and how many people watch your video is highly relevant. If you find that your movie has a high viewing rate but a relatively low click-through rate,That might mean that your ad needs to show your strengths more clearly, such as what problems you can solve for your main target audience.

4. If your movie click-through rate is high, it means that people are interested in your ad content and will take corresponding actions, and people are interested in the content of the ad, perhaps in order to get the promotion mentioned in the ad, or your movie is really attractive.But if your ad hits are high and conversion rates are low, consider whether you're not doing enough on the call to action, so that people won't act after watching the movie.

5. Adjust your bids; adjust your bid strategy can also help you optimize your movie marketing ads for more effective applications to your ad budget. At the first time, you can increase your ad's bid a little bit to make sure it has enough exposure. And when the advertisement has been running for a period of time, you can first reduce the advertising budget, the previously collected statistical information for further analysis,See which ads perform better, which don't, what the bad causemight be, and stop or fix less effective ads.

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