Advertising fraud! 7-year-old most gold-sucking children's network red Youtube channel accused!

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7 years oldBoyRyan and his parents were indicted on charges of advertising fraud.


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Popular toy Youtuber charged with advertising fraud

A consumer watchdog has filed a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission, accusing the popular child YouTube channel, BuzzFeed reported.Ryan Toy Review(Ryan ToysReview)Tricking preschoolers into watching ads

The channel is starring Ryan, who is only 7 years old and has been posting on Youtube since 2015. His account was managed by his parents, who began filming their son when he was a toddler.Play with toys and unbox

The Ryan Toy Review has grown into a media empire. The original channel hadMore than 21 million subscriptionsand his video was viewed.More than 31 billion times

Ryan is now nick Inge Jr., in addition to his own channel. Ryan 'Mystery's Playdate' starred in a show called Ryan's Mysterious Dating. Advertising agreements have also been struck with Colgate, Carl's Jr. and Wal-Mart.

But True in Advertising, the consumer watchdog, said Mr Ryan and his parents were "deceiving millions of children" "every day" and had accepted the ad deals without correctly pointing out them.


Do not prompt to insert ads or harm children

In a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission last week, Truth In Advertising said Ryan's channel violated FTC law by "deceiving millions of preschoolers and selling them a large number of products."

While adults can tell that most of Ryan's sponsored videos are advertised,Children may not be able to tell

The Truth Ad says that because the information is embedded in the video, it may be difficult for children to recognize that they are selling a product.

"In this case, the audience could not understand what the advertisement was, or even recognize the obvious advertisement," the complaint reads. "

In response, Ryan's father said in a statement that he supported regulators in developing "basic rules to protect viewers and creators." And he said, "I'd be able to do that.The happiness of the audience is always our top priority.It's important for us to create safe, appropriate content for our young audience and their families.

"When we looked into it, we decidedTake action now to help protect millions of preschoolers from fake video ads," said a spokesman for Advertising Truth.

An FTC spokesman confirmed that they had received a complaint against Ryan Toys Review.But they could not confirm whether an investigation had been launched, the said.

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