Australian government halts YouTube ad run, joins global Google ad boycott

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Australia has joined the global campaign against Google advertising! The government said that fromStarting this afternoon.All non-enterprise ads on the YouTube platform will be suspended.

The government's decision comes after its media agency Dentsu Mitchell worried that advertising could appear next to extremist videos. Secretary of State Scott Ryan said in a press release that the move was only precautionary, although the withdrawal of advertising from some websites, the governmentwill still deliver important information to the public in other ways.。 The Australian government and Dentsu Mitchell will continue to ask Google to take steps to reduce the risk of probability.

It is understood that this cancellation of the ads includeRecruitment, public health and public information campaigns, etc.。 In 2015-2016, the government spent A$57.4 million on digital advertising. Ahead of the government's decision, some of Australia's leading advertisers Bunnings, Telstra and Foxtel also withdrew their advertising on Google.

A Google Australia spokesman said it would not comment directly on the government's decision, noting that they had begunStart a broader ad review strategy。 "We recognize that no system is 100% perfect, and we believe these important steps will further protect our advertisers' brand and we will be committed to being vigilant and continuously improving ourselves in the future." "

So how did this sensational Google ad boycott actually happen, and then let the little editor comb the story for you.

Event through

Global Google ad boycott beginsUnited KingdomThe government, the Times points out that many British government advertisements - as well as those of the BBC, RAF and Royal Navy - appear next to videos posted by David Duke, a white nationalist, and Michael Savage, who has been dubbed the "mouth of the same name" by the media. Subsequently, many brands also found that the launchThe ad appeared next to some terrorism-related videos in the pipeline.

The key to the problem is:Google not only puts these ads together with inappropriate content, but it also makes a lot of money for video makers.It is reported that for every 1,000 views of an ad, video producers can earn an average of $7.60 from it. Ads are equivalent toDisguised scareit can also damage the image of advertisers. In this case, the British government and many brands have announced that they will take down their advertising on Google's service providers until the internet giant guarantees that its ads will only appear in a secure environment.

Google response

Google's chief commercial officer, Philip Schindler, apologized on his blog and promised improvements. He saidGoogle to take corrective action in three areasLet's set stricter standards for what is allowed to air, advertisers have more control over where their advertising costs go, and where their ads will be shown "more transparently" for advertisers.22, Google said it had begun a comprehensive review of its advertising policies.

New officials took office three fire, Western Australia instantly changed days, a number of policies have changed!

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