In 2019, YouTube's top 10 popular ads!

At the end of the year, the major websites ushered in their own inventory of the annual popular ity of advertising time, this year YouTube's annual most popular advertising works hit again.

These ads focus on commercial themes,The list represents the highest level of reach for commercial video advertising in the market you can reach。 Advertising that can enter this list is like "King of the Uncrowned", after all, the audience's recognition is the ultimate goal of advertising.

1, Amazon 
Not Everything Makes the Cut

Creative Agent:Lucky Generals
Media Agent:Rufus
Play:39.5 million times

The most watched piece on this year's list was Amazon's "Not Make Make The Cut." This one is amazon's Super Bowl ad this year, featuring Alexa, Amazon's smart voice assistant.
To that end, this year's ad features a number of big names: Harrison Ford, the American actor who has appeared in blockbusters such as Star Wars and Death Squad, Oscar winner Forest Whyt, and NASA twins Mark Kelly and Scott Kelly.

2、Modern Cars
The Elevator

Creative Agent: Innocean (Inosson
Media Agent : Canvas
Play:38.9 million
The ad also comes from this year's Super Bowl ad, which promotes a Shopper Product launch edifus by Astore Chinese called Shopper Protection.Consumer Protection is a modern car service for new car buyers that redefines how people buy a new hyundai.

We Believe - The Best Men Can Be

Creative Agent: Grey (Gary
Play:32.8 million

The british director Kim Gehrig, who has been filmed by the campaign against sexual assault, said the boys had developed a "toxic masculinity" act of being on the wrong foot of the TV show and the adults were acting on the sidelines, and that the men had simply said that after all, boys were calling for it. Adult men set a good example for boys.As soon as the ad came out, the voice of opposition came and went, and only 3 days after its release became YoThe biggest hits of the uTube video site.

Introducing iPhone 11

Creative Agent:Apple
Media Agent: Hawthorn Media
Play:31.8 million

This iPhone 11 ads do a very good look, the video will be the new iPhone features, such as fall-resistant, waterproof, facial recognition unlock screen, photo-taking function, etc. , all are visually presented, unlike domestic mobile advertising, those features are all said with mouth, the screen audience saw nothing.


Creative Agent:Jung Von Matt
Media Agent: Hawthorn Media
Play:23.3 million times

The man who plays high-tech life scenes with a mobile phone, in conjunction with the densely emerging Like A Bosch, is Bosch's global advertising campaign.The video's humorous rapper man, all the scenes in his life, seems to be able to be solved by "Come to Bosch."

Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys

Creative Agent:Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Media Agent:Hawthorn Media
Play:16.7 million times
At this year's Super Bowl, Pepsi's Doritos were able to storm out of the ring in a dark horse, and in numerous Super Bowl ads, it was able to shine a light on the way it redefined the classic melody.And this time, the Golden Master's dad was very bold at the beginning.To say that the Super Bowl ads are really short and expensive ah, must seize the time to show the brand ah.

Science Fair

Creative Agent:M/H VCCP
Media Agent: PHD (Pindi)
Play:14.8 million times

Audi has appeared in superhero movies several times, and this ad is a blockbuster superhero movie, Spider-Man:Hero Expedition, the advertisement small spider and good Kiwi ned to participate in the campus science exhibition, who knows the contestants are Tibetan dragons, in order to win the award, the Dutch brother-in-law live trust to borrow an Audi pure electric sports car e-tron GT, and to cope with the review, to exaggerate the electric motors they made

8、TIME Beer
Change Up The Usual

Creative Agent : Mother New York
Media Agent:Japan Telecom
Play:13.9 million times

Similarly, the ad is a Super Bowl ad that appears not as a star, but as actress Sarah Jessica Parker in the american drama Sex and the City, and veteran actor Jeff Bridges.The restaurant in the video is the same as the sex city theme, but this time the two ordered not only cocktails, but the fine dining restaurant's usually not-order Stella Artois beer, but also praise each other's choice of good choice

Dream Crazier

Creative Agent:W+K
Media Agent:Publicis Sapient
Play:11.1 million times
The "Dreamter" is inspired by Nike's Women's Day tribute, and all of the creative material comes from the athletes involved, voiced by Williams, and takes on the Oscars and March 8 Women's Day to honor women who dare to challenge themselves and dream crazy.

The 100-Year Game

Creative Agent:72andSunny
Media Agent:Hanweis
Play:7.3 million times

Among the many high-quality Super Bowl ads, the NFL's own advertising is no less impressive and has been the best for many fans.Bringing together the football stars of different eras is as if you're walking into a corridor full of history.Suddenly the picture changed, the scene fell into chaos, the game began....

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