Learn to run YouTube ads, traffic need not worry

YouTube is a great way for sellers to promote their products, as videos make it easier to show the look, functionality, and more. And Google Ads can set up YouTube video ads, as follows:

1, associate YouTube channels with Google ads

Sellers need to link up with Your YouTube channelbefores before setting up。 Open the Google Ads panel, click the Tools and Settings button at the top right of the screen, and in the pop-up menu, click On the Linked Accounts under Setup:
On the pop-up page, scroll down and select YouTube:
Then click on the "plus" button to link your YouTube channel to the prompts.

2. Create video ads in Google ads

Open the Campaigns on the left side of your Google ad, click on the "plus" add button, and select new ad "New Campaign" in the pop-up menu.
Select your ad target on the next page. If it's your first YouTube ad,It is recommended to create a goal not to be set (Without a Goal's Guidance) Ads, it has a lot of bidding options to choose from, first chooseManual setupCPV (pay-per-show)。 After you've collected enough data, set your ad goals as you can.
If you set your ad goals the first time, you may not be able to get impressions because Google doesn't have the relevant data. If your ad doesn't have impressions, re-create your ad and don't set ad goals.

You can create video and image ads, and choose to create videos:
There are many types of YouTube video ads, including:
  • Skippable video ads (Skippable video ads) appear in front, in the middle, or last of the video content. Users can skip these ads after 5 seconds.
  • Non-skippable video ads (Non-skippable video ads) appear in front, in the middle, or last of the video content. The ad length is 15-20 seconds, depending on the setting.
  • Bumper ads, non-skipable, 6 seconds long, play before video content.

When you create an ad, the video type selects Custom Video Campaign.
Bids and budgets
After you've set up the video type, enter the ad name on the next page. In the spot strategy, select maximum CPV (Maximum CPV). Usually CPV is between $0.05 and $0.12. If you set a bid and don't get a presentation, increase the bid.

On the budget side, choose the daily budget or the total budget.

Then select the ad start and end date. Push method selection criteria, if you choose to accelerate, Google will spend your advertising budget as soon as possible, the budget can not last a day.
Network selection
In Networks, choose YouTube Videos and cancel YouTube Search Results and Video Partners in Display Network. If you want to run ads in the next two locations, set up a separate campaign.

Next, set the language and location.
Set content exclusion
Content Exclusions lets you customize where your ads appear and prevent them from appearing in videos that don't match your brand ingenaarry.

Under Inventory Type, choose the right video range, with three options: Expanded, Standard (recommended) and Limited.

In Content Exclusions, you can filter out video content that is unrelated to your business.
In Devices, you can choose which devices to display on your ads, including computers, mobile devices, tablets, TVs, and more. You can create ads for each device individually.

In Frequency, you can set the frequency of your ads to avoid harassing users.
You can also set when your ads will run. For example, if the ad works well from 4 to 8 p.m. on Monday, you can choose to bid for the ad at this time.

If the effect is not good, do not serve, avoid wasting advertising expenses.

3, set up ad combination and audience targeting

You can name an ad group with a descriptive name instead of a simple "Ad Group 1" or "Ad Group 2."

Target your audience
There are many ways to target your audience, including gender, age, parenthood, and family income.
Then click On Audience scan to see other targeting methods, including:
  • Life events: Audiences who have just moved, bought a house, are married or retired,
  • In-market: 14Audiences who searched for keywords in the day,
  • Remarketing: Audiences who have visited your website or landing pages, YouTube videos, and more.
Set keywords, topics, and placements
YouTube can show your ads based on videos, channels, or keywords from sites of interest to your audience. So you can enter the target keyword in Keywords, or click on the recommended keyword on the left.
In Topics, you can run ads based on theme. For example, if you choose Business Services, ads will appear in videos such as corporate events, consulting events, and so on.

Under Placements, you can choose where your ads appear, such as videos, channels, or websites.

Note that each ad group tests an audience to see which audiences are performing best.

4, set the bid

The fourth step is to set up a CPV bid. One watch is when someone watches for at least 30 seconds (or finishes watching, if the ad is less than 30 seconds), or clicks on your ad. If someone clicks to skip the ad after 8 seconds, it's not billed.

Suggested bidstarts start at $0.10, after you start getting impressions, adjust your bidbased based on the results of the data.

If you want to show ads in popular videos, click Adjust The Auction.

5. Make youTube videos

Both horizontal video (16:9) and vertical video (9:16) can be uploaded to YouTube. Creating different video creatives helps you attract users.

When you create a video ad, you need to upload the video to YouTube, and then you can create an ad with a video URL.

Video Ad Form Select In-Stream, In-Stream video ads can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Next, enter the URL that the user jumps to when they click on the ad, and the jump URL that appears on the ad, which must be the same or the ad cannot be created.

Users clicking on the CTA on the video will go to your website, so CTA is important.

There is also a companion banner that appears at the top right of the desktop side, with a size of 300 X 60. If the user skips the ad, the banner is still displayed at the top.

Here's where CTA and companion banner are displayed:
When your ad is set up, click Save.

Note: You can remarket to anyone who has watched your YouTube videos on Google or YouTube. Just watch your videos to be your remarketing audience, and you don't need them to click on ads, so you can build remarketing audiences at a lower cost.


YouTube video ads are a very effective and powerful way to promote. If you want to build brand awareness, sell products, etc., be sure to monitor the video viewing rate. Viewerrate can lead you to discover how people see your ads. The higher the viewing rate, the higher the participation. The viewer rating must be at least 20%, and if it's below that, consider changing your ad or retargeting your audience.

If your ad target is website traffic, click-through rate is the metric you want to monitor.

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