Minutes, let you learn to run YouTube ads and never worry about traffic.

Want to promote your product or service on YouTube? So do you know how to set up the background for YouTube video ads?

If you lack this experience, it is too coincidental, today small editor to bring you a YouTube ad background settings detailed, small book hasten to remember!

I. Associate youTube channels with Google ads

First, you must associate your YouTube channel with Google ads so that data can flow to Google ads.

Before setting up, sellers need to associate with your YouTube channel.

Step: Open the Google Ads panel, click the Tools and Settings button at the top right of the screen, click On the Linked Accounts under Setup in the pop-up menu:

In the pop-up page, scroll down and select to YouTube:

Then click on the "plus" button and follow the prompts to link to the YouTube channel.

2, in theGoogleCreate in an adNew video campaign

Little editor reminds me that a lot of peopleThere can be some confusion when setting up your campaign.Many advertisers believe that goal setting is linked to ad conversion, and that if they don't set goals, they won't track conversions, which is not the case.

Steps:Open the Campaigns on the left side of your Google ad, click on the "plus" add button, and select new ad "New Campaign" in the pop-up menu

Select your ad target on the next page. If you're running your first YouTube ad,It is recommended to create an ad that does not set a goal (Without a Goal's Guide), it has a lot of bidding options to choose from, first chooseSet up CPV manually (pay by presentation)。 After you've collected enough data, set your ad goals based on your data feedback.

If you've set your ad goals for the first time, you may not be able to get impressions because Google doesn't have the relevant data. If your ad doesn't have impressions, re-create your ad and don't set ad goals.

Suggested selectionCreate a goalless guidecampaign, and then select a video for the campaign type, forType selection for your campaignCustom video campaigns

There are many types of YouTube video ads, including:

Skippable video ads (Skippable video ads) appear in front, in the middle, or last of the video content. Users can skip these ads after 5 seconds.

Non-skippable video ads (Non-skippable video ads) appear in front, in the middle, or last of the video content. The ad length is 15-20 seconds, depending on the setting.

Bumper ads, non-skipable, 6 seconds long, video content before playback.

When you create an ad, select Custom Video Campaign for the video type.

This option gives you full bid options, so you can start by setting up CPV and then view other targets after you've got enough data and conversions.

1、Choose a bid strategy and budget

Step: After you've set up your video type, enter your ad name on the next page. In the spot strategy, select maximum CPV (Maximum CPV). Usually CPV is between $0.05 and $0.12. If you set a bid, if you don't get an ad impression, you'll need to raise the bid (the price is high or low).

On the budget side, choose the daily budget or the total budget.

Then select the ad start and end date. Push method selection criteria, if you choose to accelerate, Google Songs will spend your advertising budget as soon as possible, the budget will not be able to maintain a day. (Small editors don't set an end date, and hopefully you can keep a close eye on your campaign and manually stop ads if you need them.

2. Choose the network

Step: In Networks, select YouTube Videos to cancel YouTube Search Results and Video Partners in Display Network.If you click Advanced Search, you can also set the range by radius.

3, set content exclusion

Content Exclusions lets you customize where your ads appear and prevent them from appearing in videos that don't match your brand ingenaarry.

Under Inventory Type, choose the right video range with three options: Expanded, Standard (recommended), and Limited.
In Content Exclusions, you can filter out video content that is not relevant to your business.

InDevices, you can choose which devices to display on your ads, including computers, mobile devices, tablets, TVs, and more. You can create ads for each device individually.

In Frequencyy, you can set the frequency of your ads to avoid harassing users.

You can also set when your ads will run. For example, on Mondays from 4 to 8 p.m., the ads work well and you can choose to bid for ads during this time period.
If the effect is not good, do not choose to serve, avoid wasting the cost of advertising, save money.

3, set up ad combination and audience targeting

Instead of naming an ad group "Ad Group 1," "Ad Group 2, and so on," you can use a descriptive name when you set up an ad group.

Select the gender, age, parenthood, and family income of your target audience, and click Audiences to see some of the other options to fine-tune your targeting.

YouTube matches keywords related to YouTube videos that are of interest to your target audience to your ad keywords, and if the match rate is high, your ad will appear on the target audience's browse page.

When you want to add keywords to your ad, simply enter the relevant phrase (for example, "Video Marketing" on the right), then see a list of potential keywords and click the keyword you've given to add it to the list on the left.

1, positioning the audience to receive information

2、Set keywords, topics, and placements

YouTube can show your ads based on videos, channels, or keywords from sites of interest to your audience. So you can enter the target keywords in Keywords, or click on the recommended keywords on the left to see how likethe keywords are.

In TopicsVideo ads have related topics, you canCheck a specific topic under Topics so that your ads will only appear on the video page for a specific topic. For example:When you choose Business Services, your ads appear in videos for corporate events, consulting events, and more.

4、Make youaed for YouTube videos

Horizontal video (16:9), square video (1:1) and verticalVideo(9:16) can be uploaded to YouTube, adding diversity to your creative resources and making it easy for users to watch videos in vertical mode while holding a smartphone.

According to the investigation,Understand that more than 75% of YouTube viewing time occurs on smartphones and tablets.

Creating a variety of different video creatives for your campaign can help you better engage viewers, and you should have at least two or three video ads in your ad group to split the tests.Create different versions of the same ad to see which series works best for which audiences, because each campaign is different.

For video ad formats, select Anin-stream ad video (an In-stream ad video can be skipped after 5 seconds) and enter the final URL and the URL in the ad, which must be consistent or your ad will not be approved.

Users clicking on the VIDEO on the CTA will go to your website, so CTAImportantly, it even determines whether the viewer will click on your page.

There's also a companion banner meeting.More You Can Advertise Areas for YouTube, the size is 300 X 60.It appears at the top of the screen on the right side of the video and moves with the page. Even if the ad has been skipped, the banner continues to appear on the screen.

Here's where CTA and companion banner are displayed:


Finally, YouTube video ads are one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers, drive sales, and raise brand awareness, and the metrics you should focus on depend on your campaign goals.

If you want to build a brand awareness, sell a product, promote sign-up, or build an email list, monitor video viewing, and consider changing your ad or targeting if the viewing rate is less than 20%.

If your goal is to attract traffic for your site or your target page, CTR is the correct indicator for monitoring and optimization.