Not your familiar Youtube ad, but people who have seen it say it's harder to forget!

You must know.ForeignAre all in useYouTubeThe ad works very well.Recently, its head ads added a new way to buy,How can you miss it? Come and have a look with the little panda!

YouTube Header Ads

Show on your mobile and desktop devices at the top of your YouTube home feed. Over the past few years, home-screen feeds have become a must-see for users, with content being played attracting a 10-fold increase in viewing times in the past three years.

Previously, head ads used a pay-per-view (CPD) mechanism, with only one advertiser in each country able to book. Now, Google is trying to offer another way to buy, designed to give more advertisers the opportunity to show ads in the most compelling places on Your Tube's main screen feed.

This beta feature allows advertisers to purchase header ads at a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and to be able to target their own audience. Ensure stodaways within the campaign's time frame (as little as one day, up to seven days) to ensure that your brand gets the exposure it needs on the most important days.

Why choose a YouTube header ad?

In addition to expanding reach, head ads are impressive and effective, and head ads have a particularly significant impact on ad recall, with an average increase of 92 percent and an average increase of 46 percent.

Let's see how everyone does it.

TurboTax has been advertising in the NFL Super Bowl for the sixth year in a row. It booked a pay-per-day header ad, which was available on the Monday before the championship. Focus on how to easily use TurboTax Free Tax Return. After the first placement, the company has now arranged another header ad to introduce turboTax Live to users.

Cathleen Ryan, Vice President of Marketing at TurboTax, says:Head ads are a great way to promote not only turboTax Live, a new way to file taxes, but now allow them to contact certified public accountants and IRS-licensed registered tax collectors on demand.

YouTube is the world's largest online video platform, and the day after the Super Bowl is the most important day for the football and advertising industry, and it's a time of great interest to appear in The Most Prominent On YouTube. "

Now is a good time.The extra flexibility given by the cost-per-show purchase mechanism, coupled with the appeal of YouTube's first-screen feed, means that the potential impact of head ads is greater than ever.

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