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Many friends are familiar with Google's ad campaign background operation, but the real operation hasYouTubeless, this article mainly lets everyone quickly get startedYouTubeBackground operations.

YouTubeHave a super10billion smaller users,2018Years of direct pressure20billion, second only toGoogleSearch engine, commonly known as the world's second largest search engine. According to theBeyond SummitsStudies have shown thatYouTubeMore than 10 countries in the popularity90%


Set upYouTubeAdvertising

Create aYouTube Chanel

Set upYouTubeThe first step in an ad is to createYouTube Chanel。 In logging in with your Google accountYouTubeTo create your own channel, the name is best set to your brand. Also bind toGoogle Analyticsfor campaign analysis and repositioning.

ChooseYouTubeCampaign goals

YouTubeCampaigns are passed by yourGoogleThe ad account is set up. LoginGoogleADsThen, click the button to create a new campaign and go to the settings page.

YouTubeA variety of options are available to create campaign types that determine the types of ads you can serve, where you can see them, and more. According to your ultimate marketing goals,YouTubeThe video ad selects one of the following options:

After you select a campaign goal, you'll see a list of the campaign types available for that goal, selectVideoAs a campaign type, when you're done, click Continue.



Choose an ad format

You can useYouTubeThe ad format depends on your campaign goals and the duration of your video ads. The following is an introduction to the three most commonly used formats.

1 TrueViewAdvertising

TrueView Video ads allow YouTube Viewers choose whether to watch video ads and when they want to watch them.TrueView Ads (formats) can be divided into two types:

Interstifated ads in YouTube Video sonbefores, during, or after playback, and can also be displayed on video partner sites and apps. This type of ad playback 5 After a second, viewers can choose to skip. This type of ad is intended for people who watch videos. Only watch videos by users30Seconds (or less than full viewing time30seconds of video) before you have to pay for advertising.


Frequently discovered where ads appear where users find content, such as YouTube In search results, next to related videos, and mobile YouTube Home. Such ads are charged when a user generates a click.

TrueViewAnother hidden advantage of advertising is social proof. It means whether or not the user skips the ad,YouTubewill count (and in yourYouTubePublicly displayed on the channel) all video views.


2 Non-skippable interstitial ads

Non-skippable interstitial ads are only available for ads with campaign type "Brand Awareness and Reach" for less than 15 seconds.As with TrueView ads, non-skippable ads run before, in, or after video content.The benefit of this type of ad is that you can make sure that viewers can see your entire footage, which translates into higher ad views metrics.

But this type of advertising is expensive because you pay for each viewing. Although this is a more popularYouTubeAd type, but real engagement may not be satisfactory. Because users are forced to watch your ads, their participation is less than choosing to watch5The user who watched the skipable ad after a second is so high.

This type of advertising is billed in such a wayCPM

3 Guided ads

This type of ad is essentially a short video, and the length of the video must be6Within seconds, the same is not to skip the video, its advantage spout is cheap, high frequency, the sameCPMpricing, but the disadvantages are equally obvious, that the information you want to express must be condensed in6within seconds. This type of advertisement can work withTrue ViewAds combine to do ad sequences.

4 Ad sequence

Ad sequences enable you to divide your campaign into steps. Once you've set up your sequence, determine which ads to show to your users and in what order. It means that when a user sees the first ad in your order,YouTubeThe next ad will be served first, and then the next one will be served until all the ads appear. As mentioned above will guide advertising andTure ViewAds combine to do ad sequences, you can see ads as a trailer,Ture ViewAds show more detail. But only in30A complete sequence is displayed to the same user over a period of days.


Set budgets, delivery cycles, and bid methods

After you select the ad format, enter the name of your campaign, set your campaign budget, and then select the start and end dates.

There are two ways to bid:

True ViewAds use maximum per-view cost, and tellYouTubeYou want to pay the maximum price for each viewing of your ad. For discovery ads, it determines the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click on an ad.

Target per thousand viewing fee, i.e.CPMis the average of what you are willing to pay for every thousand conversions.



Choose an ad placement

This step allows us to choose the placement of the ad, which is the placement


There are three options to choose from: network, language, region,

You can see the support in the figure above withYouTubeSearch results,YouTubeVideo andYouTubeThe net alliance, the price of net alliance will be relatively cheap, but the corresponding quality will be uneven.

The next step is to choose the type of ad resource, just as the movie will scale the rating,YouTubeThe video on the same scale rating, advertising resource types have the following three choices, generally speaking, the normal brand is to choose standard advertising resources, the scale is equivalent to the film“PG”, i.e. underage viewers must be accompanied by a parent.

At the same time,YouTubeIt also supports the exclusion of certain types or labels of video, but each time you add an exclusion, your advertising costs may increase, officials also said that this feature will be removed soon, students can not choose if not necessary.


Another hidden option after excluding the type is the selection of the device, frequency, and delivery time, which are the other settings below the figure.

First contactYouTubeAds may be ignored by classmates, but a very important setting is on hand here! That's the frequency set.

The frequency cap is important, which determines whether the ad will drain the user's attention, withFacebookDifferentYouTubeAdvertising leaves this option to advertisers, offering both display frequencies and viewing frequencies in two ways for advertisers to set themselves, both of which can be chosen at the same time.



Target your audience

Base Audience

YouTubeThe basic demographic targeting options are simple. You can choose the age, gender, family income and marital status of the target audience (family income options are only available in some areas).

AndFacebookor other platforms,YouTubeWatch videos without logging in, soYouTubeDemographic sits for unregistered users are not known. So when choosing the audience targeting option, be sure to check unknown users.

After the basic positioning is set, there is also a personalized feature selection in the following image.

Similar audience

You can create custom audiences and then create similar audiences. This one feature is related toFacebookOn the same, butYouTubesimilar audiences are more powerful becauseYouTubeData is determined byGoogleThe search data was supplemented.

A custom audience for a similar audience is made up ofGooglesearch for specific keywords or access specific keywordsURL, the location or the user of the application.

For example, if youNikeOfficial visitors are included in the Interests category of A Custom Audience, and people who visit the site mayYouTubesee your ad.

One use of custom similar audiences with similar interests is to target site visitors to your competitors. Just put the competitorURLAdd to the custom similarity group, and then let theGoogleAnalyze their habits. You can then show to people who are interested in products similar to yoursYouTubeAdvertising.

Remarketing and similar audience targeting

Remarketing and similar audience targeting options are similar to those for participating and participating usersFacebookRemarketing. And by theGoogleSeveral categories that are automatically generated are supplemented.

YouTubeAds offer four different types of remarketing audiences:

1. Standard remarketing.Standard remarketing allows you to display ads to visitors to your previous site or app.

2. Dynamic remarketing.Dynamic remarketing builds on standard remarketing, allowing you to modify ads that viewers have previously seen that are displayed on the basis of a product or service.

3. Video remarketing will be to those who have been with your video orYouTubePeople who interact with the channel show ads.

4. Customer list remarketing.Customer List Remarketing allows you to upload a list of contact information that the customer gave you. Then, you can useYouTubeAds to target them (as long as they're signed in to the platform).

Google Ads automatically create screates custom remarketing lists for you while your campaign is running. As long as you willYouTubeThe channel is linked to a Google ad account, and Google Ads automatically captures audience data that interacts with your video, allowing you to remarket the video.

Google captured the following video interactions:

  • Viewers watch any video from your channel;

  • The audience has seen certain videos;

  • Viewers subscribe to your channel;

  • Viewers visit your channel page;

  • Viewers like videos on your channel;

  • Viewers add videos from your channel to their playlists;

  • Viewers comment on your channel's video;

  • Viewers share videos through your channel.


Optimize visibility

Forget all about keywords and topics. This setting is not looking for keywords that people are searching for, but that ads will appear inYouTubeThe keywords that appear in the video.


YouTubeKeywords in the title, tag, and description of the video content are analyzed&The topic, match the keywords you choose, and then insert your ad into the most relevant content.

You can enter your own URL, similar URL, or even a competitor's website address in the Get Keyword Tips boxGoogleKeywords given&Topic tips.


Concrete exhibition location

YouTubeThe display location isYouTubeOne of the underutilized gems of advertising allows you to over-target your videos. You can choose the exact channel (or even the exact video) you want to deliver. Imagine you're creating a video ad plugged into a competitor'sYouTubeWhat will happen in a video that is playing on the channel?



If you choose the highest per-view fee as your bid strategy, don't set the bid too low, because your ad may not run at all, and the higher the maximum per-watch ingress, the better the ad will perform.

To make your ad appear higher at the start of your campaign, set the maximum per-view charge to average3-5Times.

For example, if the averageCPVFor$ 0.02-0.32, pleaseCPMAt least set to$ 1.50and then adjust when you have the actual data.

Select a target per-view fee bid strategy, the higher the bid, the better the effect. Don't be afraid to set the price to above average becauseGooglewill be optimized over time.



Select footage

Finally, the advertising material postedYouTube URL

CreateYouTubeThe whole process of advertising is over.

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