Run YouTube ads, 7 things don't do!

YouTube's video ad users have reached 3.5 billion, many foreign trade people will be on the ads, but the problem also arises, if accidentally violated The YouTube video principle, it will be deleted, or even sealed. Here are 7 things to do when you run youTube video ads.

(1) Don't brush ad click-through rate

With a robot or manual brush click-through rate, if detected by YouTube, you will be sent a warning letter. More than 3, your channel will be blocked and cannot be restored.

(2) Don't include a link to aDFLy ad in your movie

With the AdFLY URL, users click on the first to enter the ad or other images you want to show, which Google and YouTube do not allow, will cause your movie to be stopped, never get back.

(3) Do not upload copyrighted movies and music

Whether you're running a Google Ads or YouTube video ad, uploading a copyrighted video will be detected and warned by YouTube. If you receive a warning letter, your entire channel will be stopped.

(4) Don't upload videos about violence, erotics or even blood

When users see your harmful message ads, they probably don't like your ads, they click "dislike" and YouTube lists you as a "dangerous goods channel" once a lot of people click "dislike."

(5) Do not put a lot of Spam (junk information)

Some people, in order to attract a lot of traffic, will put a lot of text in the description of the text. Detected by YouTube will also send you a warning letter.

(6) Don't advertise heavily under other people's information

Some people will advertise their own videos in the message board of some popular videos, and once you detect it, they will blacklist your channel.

(7) Don't put a lot of irrelevant labels on your own videos

The movie tag itself is a reference for YouTube to recommend videos to users, and if you put up a large number of unrelated tags, you will be warned if you detect it.

 Professional things to do for professional people.

YouTube Basics

YouTube is aVideo site, the early companies are located in theCaliforniaTheSan Bruno。 Registered on 15 February 2005 by Chinese-AmericanChen Shijunand others created to allow users to download, watch and share movies or short films.

In November 2006,GoogleThe company bought YouTube for $1.65 billion and ran it as a subsidiary. But for how to make money from YouTube,Googlehas been veryCautiousattitude. YouTube remains popular with Internet users around the world after acquisitionCitibankAnalysts believe Google could get $2.4 billion from YouTube in 2012Dollarnet income. On January 3, 2014, YouTube announced thatLas vegasA 4K HD video streaming service is presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The service uses Google's video codec technologyVP9。 Unregistered users of the site can still watch videos directly, while registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos. When the film is likely to be offensive, it is only available to registered users over the age of 18. As an online video service provider in the industry, YouTube's system processes tens of millions of video clips every day, providing high-level video uploads to thousands of users around the world.Distribute、Show, browse the service. In February 2015, CCTV firstGalaPush to overseas sites such as YouTube.Switch app Youtube was released on November 9, 18.On December 18, 2018, the World Brand Lab2018 World Brand 500YouTube ranked 20th.

Google announced that it will close its YouTube game channel on May 30, 2019, when most of the features and content available on the platform will be re-integrated or incorporated into YouTube.


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