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For future waste disposal, possible scenarios:

  • Everyone has to pay for the waste.

  • Landfill is still the most important way to dispose of household waste in China.

  • Waste incineration has developed rapidly in recent years.

Services for Google and Apple:

The section on Apple in the following section should have been right over the past few years.But in recent years Apple seems to be trying to change the "idea" of self-driving technology, not cars.

The content is as follows:

It was written by Ben Thompson a long time ago, who used Apple and Google as examples to talk about the two trends that followed the company's growth.

Apple, do hardware. Create differences through complementary premium services to sell high-premium hardware. So it definitely won't open up the system, even to deepen the moat and have to make its own content.

Google relies on services. Its business practices are user-based, so it's more willing to reach more users with external products and platforms without worrying about the "harm" of openness.

Children and beauty:

I still agree very much with this view.And the Chinese university teaching material "bad" is my long time feeling, but also has been on the heart of things.

So, I'm very happy, happy, supporting and appreciating this activity.

"The more aesthetic scent your child is exposed to, the more likely they will find out what is not perfect around them, and more opportunities to try to change the environment around them so that the surrounding environment can be more beautiful." This was the beginning of a textbook renovation program launched by the "beauty cell" of Taiwan and three national Taiwan ese transportation university graduates.

China House Prices:

Sharing a point of view, which has been impressive, has always found it reasonable and very important to date:China's housing price trend is very critical, high house prices will be to a large extent the efforts and struggle of most people tied;The people have worked hard, the natural economy is good, which of course the government likes to see.

Typical, such as two people bought a house, the next few decades need to repay the loan;In other words, for many years to come (not just your youth, but even your life) you need to work hard to create GDP, otherwise... ;No other wise, you dare not stop.

So if from this point of view, at least house prices are unlikely to fall sharply.Because, high house prices are too important;The government won't let it go.

I think there is some truth in a recent article about Chinese housing prices. The point is:There is a bubble in China's house prices, but they really won't fall.

Here are some of the more specific points:

  • China's house prices won't fall

Over the past 20 years, China has created a wonder for the world economy. The greatest credit for China's economic miracle is land finance.

A new country is destined to go through a process of scarce capital, all the developed countries on earth, through foreign aggression, plundering the wealth of the colonies, to complete the accumulation of their original capital.

Once the accumulation of raw capital is complete, it will result in sustained taxes, which can be reinvested to self-circulate and accelerate accumulation.

Therefore, developed countries can achieve peaceful development, but never a developed country can achieve peaceful rise, their rise process, must be accompanied by a bloody foreign war.

There is a mystery in the world that only China has achieved a peaceful rise so far.

Without external plunder or support, it is too difficult to rise simply by self-accumulation.

The central reason why China can become a world economic miracle is that it has a rare global public ownership of land, a system combined with land finance, produced an unexpected chemical reaction.

Basic investment will continue to bring income, this deal is cost-effective, the proceeds can also be reinvested, can also take the proceeds of cash flow as collateral, in exchange for a large amount of financing, so as to continue to develop, this truth, the global government understand.

But the initial investment needs the capital, to plunder the outside is impossible, to convince countless people inside, their money willing lying to their own investment, and not, so the problem became a dead end.

China uses the characteristics of its own land public ownership, by selling land use rights to obtain initial capital, use the initial capital for urban investment and construction, obtain a stable cash flow, with these stable cash flow as collateral, the use of "city investment company" platform as a glove to refinance, so as to borrow the amount of raw capital to re-invest, This process, collectively known as "land finance".

The biggest reason why China can rise peacefully is because of the financing model of land finance, so that China does not have to plunder externally, nor to force accumulation of internal, on the peace "borrow" enough money, complete their original accumulation process, and then through long-term gains to repay this part of the debt.

  • There is a bubble in China's housing prices

Looking at China's 15-year rental rate of return, the rate of return on rental can still reach more than 6% in 2004, and by 2019, the rate of return on rental housing has fallen to 2%.

2% rental rate of return, million can not support 5% of the cost of holding, this is betting that annual house price increases must exceed 3%, if not up, will bring a terrible sell-off, even if the price of the price, rental return can only return to 4%.

From this point of view, China's housing prices are bubble, there is no dispute.

Opinions and facts:

Some of the points made by the author are good in response to a small number of errors in Mr. Wu Jun's "Top of the Wave";

What I'm trying to say is that if we're really as passionate about "critical thinking" as we admit it is (it's not really the same word as "criticism" as we say), it'sThese problems should be recognized and confronted, and their objective existence is undeniable;But at the same time, we also need to acknowledge that the weight of these problems is limited and therefore does not deny the value of the entire book., the so-called "read a few pages there are n errors, the overall quality can be imagined" statement, more like a dream.

Unfortunately,In reality,We often don't see high-quality discussions, and often only crude two-point stakes: either to catch the problem and make a big deal on the line, or to be pointed out to the problem on the angry back." AnywayMany people seem to have a deep sense of preparedness and hostility in their hearts, and there is no way to calm down and discuss the problem first, and then the weight of the problem and its connection to the whole.Over time, the quality of the text could not be improved over feedback, and the crowd became fragmented.

In addition, it is important to distinguish between facts and opinions.Opinions are different and cannot be forced, but facts can be verified by each other.Was "Top of the Wave" written at Tencent? There are already two friends I trust very much come out to make a real name statement: it was written long ago, not in Tencent, but the publishing time coincides. Although I have written books and know that i need to do some work when I write them, I can't compare it with the energy i need to write. So it seems to me that "The Peak of the Wave" was not written at Tencent's time.

By the way, a friend once told me in private about a little unpleasant experience with Miss Wu Jun (although this is not necessarily What Wu intended),But this time can still be straight book, refuting malicious smear, this is very much i admire.

And the author also shared "less from the media, because many from the media have too many mistakes." On this point, the author cites some very strong evidence that does not unfold here.

Youtube can skip ads:

Many people may still have a view of domestic video ads and Youtube video ads, domestic video ads are long and Many Youtube videos are not advertised, even if there are can choose whether to skip after 5 seconds.

This view is normal (I've been at this level for a long time), but it's hard to say what's profound.In fact, there are deeper reasons behind it.

I recently read an article about youtube ads.Articles have a more comprehensive understanding of Youtube ads.

Key content is shared as follows:

Youtube's design that you can skip after 5 seconds of advertising is very subtle. It's not entirely because of Google's "conscience" or for a better user experience; it's because it makes more money (yes, you're not wrong).

Because you subconsciously want to skip the ad, you won't walk away in 5 seconds, and you'll not just walk away, you'll stare at the ad, which means that within 5 seconds, the ad's arrival rate is extremely high.

So this is it.Can increase the true exposure of your adsThe reason is thatBecause you want to skip, so you must stare.

This is very different from the domestic video site ads, in Youku to see a 120-second patch ads, from the ad jumpout this moment your eyes will immediately loose, greatly likely to do something else: drink water, brush friends circle.... Wait a minute...... So if youku's front post is 120 seconds to sell 4 posts, the first and last paste price will be higher than the second, and third paste, advertisers are not stupid, they will not pay high cost for you to drink water on the bathroom.

Another obvious advantage of skipped ads is:Let advertisers add a dimension to measure the quality of their ads, it is clear that your ad was skipped by the user in the second sand, skipped in the 7th second or skipped in the 23rd second to accurately reflect the attractiveness of the ad.

This is the true quality of the ad indicators, there is no more detailed than this data to show the excellent degree of a patch ads, the click rate of the patch is the result of the ad performance indicators, and skip the length is the ad effect of the process indicators.

The advantage of doing this is thatBetter evaluation of ad quality:You're a free ad quality judge on YouTube.

And domestic video site advertising obviously can not do this.

If your ad is skipped, YouTube won't charge you, and you'll only have to pay if your ad plays 30 seconds or finished playing (the ad is less than 30 seconds long), so YouTube named it "Tureview ad", which means you only pay for live viewing.

Youtube does this because it's about how it bids.

The last big benefit is:Good advertising ideas can be encouraged from the underlying mechanism

So why don't domestic video sites do similar things?

The reasons are:

  • YouTube is fundamentally different from Youku and Aichi in terms of business models and business models. Simply put, YouTube is the UGC video site, while Youku and Aichi are the movie and television sites.

  • Technical genes and media genes also determine the two ways of selling in a certain sense.

  • Domestic video sites must protect the interests of members.

It must be noted that, in fact, YouTube and YouTube are intrinsically unified in following the basic logic of advertising: high-quality videos are sold at high premium selling prices, and long-tailed traffic is sold at effect auctions.