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Category:Piano, guitar, Yukiri, violin, cello, drum, harmonica, saxophone, flute,TrumpetCahong Drum,Flute, cave, gourd silk, guzheng, erhu, gong, Guqin, Yangqin, Leli

Album:Small soup 1, small soup 2,Small soup 3,Small soup 4,Small soup 5,Big Soup 1,BigSoup 2,BigSoup 3,599、849、299、718、740、Bach, improvisational accompaniment, finger-playing guitar

Characters:Wu Koliang,Yuan Sha,Chen Liang, Gokios, Liu Cong, Liu Tianli

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Why do pop songs sound so alike?
Get all the modern chord marks at once
The chords will be better with the addition of "2"?
What does chords do?
What else does chords have?Sequel
The ghost note "ghost" in the jazz drum, what kind of ghost?
What is The Twelve Sections of Blues?
What was the ancestor of the decomposition of chord accompaniment?
Teach you ultra-simple pop song accompaniment!Beginners can also play!
Teach you ultra-simple pop song accompaniment 2 more rhythmic pop song accompaniment!
SolresolHow do I speak with notes?Music is a language.
What's the bass you can walk on walking bass talking about Walking bass?
What is termination?The way the last two chords in a song are arranged
What is Terminating 2 More Termination Ways!
Teach you how to turn large chords into different flavors.
How to write a dynamic bass line Walking bass
It's the 11 chords!
It's a jazzy 13-string!
How did each video in the Good Chord series come about?
What is size tint? Once to understand
What is a natural, harmonic, melodic little scale!3 modes for small tones
Understand the seven tunes and remember their names!
Ionian,Dorian,Aeolian 调式!
Phygian and Lydian Tune!
Fastest to get to know Mixolydian and Locrian tunes!
What is a full scale?
Understand what a secondary chord is and improve the ability to match chords
What is a three-tone agent chord
The secret to making the side chords more beautiful
Three simple and practical piano accompaniment modes
Very simple Dorian tuning improvisation!

Two tunes to switch back and forth, more severe improvisation!

Improvise with the blues scales!

Make the chords more fun with Sus2 and Sus4 chords!

Decorate the C chords with Dm, C and other chords!
Take the chords in the slope!
What is a five-sound order?
Improvise with five sound levels!
Officials for your music advice
The eleventh sound in the big chord?
Super cool genin chord change tone!
What is a small 11 chord?
Two other ways to use small 11 chords!
What is Borrow Chord (Tone Interchange)?
Get a look at the panovers!
Motivational development:Teach you to write melodies when you're not inspired!
How do you write a song that sounds like 007?
What is altered scale?
What are neighbors, passing sounds, and resounds?
Get goals and strings in high and low half tones!
With a 2-5-1 chord, make a nice turn!
Richard Clydeman's favorite accompaniment mode!
The sound accompaniment: how far should the tone and tone be away?
What do the digital bass often mean by the Six-Four chords?
How do I help a melody with chords?
Use C, G7, Dm and F for chords!
Use the 1 to 6 levels of the large tone to match the chords!
Upgrade to add2 and m7, and a new idea!
How do you use the sub-chords?
What is the melody when it can be matched with C chords?
What is the melody when it can be matched with C7 chords?
What is the music theory of the music department of the university test?
What is a chord reduction?
What is a half minus seven chord?
What is the correspondence between chords and scales?
What is the termination of the Six Orfour chords?
What is the six or four chords?
What is a continuous bass six or four chords?
How to divide Lin Yujia's "Circle" from a professional angle?
With a very simple way of thinking, make the genus chords more cool!
"Cannon" and the sound is carried out!
What is a shift instrument? 
Pickup third time!How do I use large chords?
The half-tone downthes of the harmonics are carried out!
End with a chord!
Get a single beat and a re-shot in ten minutes!
Abnormal beats!
Strong, weak and multi-layered beats!
What is the cut rhythm?
How to make a melody into a piano solo?
How do You write a different and different tone?
What is an add-on six chord?
Why does a powerful man play the same chord better than you?
Why can you hear the melody?
Why do powerful people play the same melody more layers than you?
A bad man plays the same string, and it sounds better than you do?
Teach you how to Swing!
Why are powerful people, the spectrum can be so fast?
Analyze songs and understand pop songs!
How to pop the handsome and tangled is a seven chord!
Up and down the "clamp" target tone, make the melody more interesting!
How do I use "first transposition"?
Use high and low half tones to make your chords more modern!
How do I write a grand soundtrack?
How do I practice the scales?
Within ten minutes, learn to make music with a computer!
A new chord configuration approach to thinking!
Randomly select chords, but also garbled!
Good Chord episode 100!
Teach you to write melodies on randomly generated chords!
Improvise on complex chords with simple sounds!
Why does Super Mary sound like Super Mary?
Psychological grouping of notes! 
How do I train myself at home?
How don't you write the exact same song every time?
Why does it sound bad when the piano is not sounded?
Learn how composers think with simple sentence-making exercises!
Like the end of Super Mary's music?
How to make use of the subtle time difference, to make a handsome rhythm?
Electromagnetic wave, seven-color rainbow river 65-year-old breakfast shop owner!
Why Octagon is important, as well as smart men living in Greece!
How did Lucky Goras find Do Re Mi?
"Wolf Five Degrees" and irresponsible musicologists!
Middle-of-the-road full-tone, as well as stories about Do-Sol and Do-Mi!
Abacus God Zhu, as well as the average law of the average!
Get it all at once, make music at home and need basic equipment!
Ultra-simple and practical, with only three-tone chord configuration!
How to put a main melody into any instrument you want to compose?
Good chord episode 120!
How to stack sub-chords continuously!
How do I continuously stack church terminations?
What is a negative tone?
How to write Chinese music?
How do I buy your first microphone?
How do I control the compactness of music?
Let's play continuous bass!
Keep playing The Persistence!
Let's play with the Constant Structure!
How do you know how fast a song should be played?
The story of the metronome!
Master Chopin teaches you to play semitones!
Will one day all the music be finished?
Master Rachmaninoff, teach you 10 semi-tone and sound techniques at a time!
What are pixels and what's in the sound archive?
Good chord narration after-sounding process!Noise reduction, hissing...
Challenge the compression limits of mp3 archives!
Want to write the song like Mozart?That's right!
Let's talk about PC Speaker!
Good Chord Analysis May Day's "Fame in Hope"
Listen to the first recording in human history!
Non-Functional and Sound (Non-Harmony function)
Create all kinds of feelings with only two chords!
Why shouldn't you use the shift key on the electric piano?
What if you don't have any inspiration?Teach you to copy with the "feature list"!

Let's play keyboard drums!
Jazz Drum Score, and your first keyboard drum rhythm!
Keyboard drum:How to "move and hit times"?

Keyboard drum:Bossa Nova, Swing Jazz and five great doors! Nice Chord Good Chord 
Sampler:How do I make a song with just one bot bottle?
Understand the basic things you should know on the five-line spectrum at once!
Come and talk about 1-6-2-5 chords!
Never-ending sound!
How to make the sound "three-dimensional sense"!
Why are the singers on the record so accurate?Tell you what is the sound university positive software!
What exactly are the three pedals under the piano?
How to get rid of the vocals in the music!

How do I pop up any style accompaniment with the piano?

How do I play Bossa Nova on the piano?

How do I play Uptown Funk on the piano?

How do I play swing jazz on the piano?

"Laurel" and "Yanny" silly do not know?

How to use the piano to play the dunk master?

4 tips for popping up "jazz" on the piano and learning how to listen to music carefully!

Sampler:Let's turn Lady Gaga into an electronic instrument!

Take you to reggae-style music (Reggae)

Ultra-simple and powerful composition software PixiTracker!

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