The advantages of YouTube advertising!

Video content marketing has been on an upward trend.However, in many businesses, the concept of advertising on video platforms such as YouTube remains unfamiliar.
Unlike traditional ad channels, placing ads on YouTube allows your potential customers to connect with them in a different way when searching for keywords related to your product.Businesses of all sizes can use Google AdWords video systems to promote YouTube video content.

First, the user scale and wide distribution

YouTube has more than 2 billion active users and is growing; YouTube has become the world's largest platform for sharing original video content, with a huge influence among Millennial Generation Z users, and YouTube is also using its fashion and entertainment in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries , original sharing properties, attracting more and more young users' attention. The growth of user scale provides a sufficient user base for advertising display.

Second, the product stickiness is strong

YouTube captures the need for user sharing, entertainment, time-killing, and viewing in product design, so it's also very long-lasting, and YouTube is becoming a new way for young people to watch videos. Users are sticky, can let the platform get more user interest attributes and tags, in the ad, the more accurate the display of advertising, which is the two years overseas YouTube video content marketing has gradually become the most popular platform for advertisers.

Third, the accuracy of advertising targeting

YouTube has a strong sticky product specific, for the platform has accumulated a large number of user tags, ads can be based on the user's geographical area, age, interests and many other attributes of targeted delivery, so that the display of advertising more accurate, thousands of people in front of the display form, so that the conversion rate of advertising becomes higher.

Fourth, continuity

Google Adwords offers the option to set a start and end date for your video campaign. However, unlike campaigns such as streams and in-site CPC, YouTube video content KOL is generally not deleted, except for pushing to current fans, as the number of bloggers' fans increases and new potential customers start searching, your promotional videos are likely to be presented to customers.

Fifth, excellent advertising experience

YouTube has a very good user experience in the form of video, based on the precise orientation of user tags, in the high-quality content planning, thumbnails, titles and many other aspects of the presentation, are very good, mainly in the performance of the performance

1, KOL in the video to maximize the display of your product advantages, selling points, details, features, experience and so on, can better let potential customers understand your product;

2, YouTube KOL promotion can help out-of-sea merchants to complete brand exposure, sales, endorsements and so on;

3, overseas KOL promotion can be accurate lying (delivery time, gender, the use of the network environment, the region and language, etc.), so that advertising coverage more exciting;

4. Sharing capabilities, video access on YouTube, especially for your target audience, and the perfect combination of sharing and community to create opportunities for audience engagement and business growth. If viewers find your video enlightening or entertaining, or both, they can choose to share it with others. As a result, video coverage is greatly expanded.

5, make contact, with video advertising, KOL can be true, meaningful way to interact with potential customers. Connect with fans with creative video ads to get them to know your brand and raise awareness of the product;

Conclusion:In its 2019 B2B video marketing report, it reported that 81% of video marketing companies prefer the marketing of KOL video content, and that the brand's publicity and conversion performance is better than any other content. Whether IT is KOL or KOC, we can not deny that video content marketing gradually occupies the main position in the market, so overseas KOL promotion must be a way for merchants, enterprises need to choose.


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