The Nintendo ad came out and you got to the top of the YouTuBe list, and even the sister said she didn't buy clothes to get it!

For all the little companions, there must be a Nintendo in childhood with the Holy Fighter, the Beautiful Girl, Huluva.

As one of the world's leading video game industry, one of the three giants, the pioneer of the modern video game industry. Nintendo has developed highly rated game masterpieces such as Super Mario, Pokemon And Legend of Zelda.

In terms of the history of console development, Nintendo's console sits growing up with us.

In recent years, in addition to the launch of the WII and the Pokemon GO fire last year, there has been a super Mario run with a focus on the exploding meter.

The gaming giant is in the midst of an increasingly fierce battle in the gaming industry. It dropped a pound bomb in the spring of 2017.

The pre-release trailer shocked the entire gaming industry when it was released.

YouTube's first day of broadcasting soared to more than 10 million, once topped the YouTube charts, outpacing the U.S. election.

Due to the long time from the first public day, the comparison chart at that time could not be found. But again, over the past three months, it's not hard to see how far the number of hits from NS ads has been.

Nintendo Switch

Launch DateDetermined toMarch 3

It's priced at $299.99 and in Japan it's 29.980 yen!

It breaks the traditional mode of host palming machine, using the home machine, palm machine integrated design concept. The new Machine Unlock Zone (Region-Free) supports 4K TV output and 720P handheld output. This is also the last hardware product that former president Iwata was involved in.

In addition to the powerful hardware, as Yan control, more care about the shape, when watching the trailer for the moment, the shock wallet a tight!

This kind of fit can be the host

Dismantling energy as a palm machine

 And then can also be a desktop

Seamless switching of various modes! A concept of the head made up of me!

How to tell the old man how to hold the !!! You're a fighter !!!!

Of course, this for you turn around, the maximum number of 8 people fit play is also possible!

Nintendo will also offer a new online service, a change from Nintendo's years-old online service on the Wii, Wii U and 3DS. The service will offer better paid services, and a free trial will be available later this year. Like other paid online services such as Xbox Live or PlayStation, it will offer a month of free game downloads.


Under the Nintendo Subscription Terms of Service, users get free downloads and running old games for one month. After a month, these downloaded and run games will also disappear from the game library. If you want to keep these games forever, you can only choose to pay for them.


The Japanese media also compared it to the previous wii. Various predictions and reports have been made about how Nintendo's big work will be in the gaming market.

Various predictions of mixed comments and analysis have also proved that Chiang's popularity and concern are unquestionable.


Most of the content said that they are very optimistic that this work will achieve good results in the market.


And the Japanese netizens' expectations for this new work are undoubtedly high. There are even netizens drawing plaid cartoons to shout "switch after the sale, not good-talking house will be able to get "take the sister home" skills, so hurry to buy" the post.

Yan's picture shows the excitement

Translation: NS Too Cow XXXXXXX! This is a god machine no matter how you look at it!! Thanks to Nintendo! Thanks to NS!

Twitter is also highly heated.

Translation: Super want to buy clothes! But in order to buy switch can only be patient. Die! Mingming is a sister, but choose the game do not choose clothes.

Translation; Nintendo switch... Super to think, but too expensive....

Translation; sister dominates the TV can't play jet warriors. It takes Nintendo Switch to deal with this kind of person! I want to buy it! Give me the exam to finish quickly!

Translation; right, yesterday went to Shinjuku's electrical shop to see switch in the window! Much smaller than you think!

What's more interesting is that the brain hole opens all kinds of netizens all kinds of flirtation

Tune nS name SWITCH (switch)

Detachable handle for tuning sn

Tinted Apple

Small editor has been eager to hurry and good friends play together!

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