There are three types of YouTube ads, ten optimized bursts!

As one of the most popular and widely used social media in the United States, YouTube has an amazing appeal and influence, with 1.9 billion active users, making it one of the preferred channels for corporate marketing. Unlike the 120-second ads commonly found in Chinese video portals, YouTube has a variety of ads that both ensure the audience's attention and accommodate the best audience. Today we'll take a look at three common video ad types, and what to watch out for before running video ads!


Types of ads

First, YouTube's video ads are roughly divided into three categories:

Reach ads, front ads, ultra-short ads


  Touching ads


Touching ads is the most common ad on YouTube, and it's varied, between 12 seconds and 6 minutes long.Users can skip after five seconds, and promoters will only have to pay for ads after the user has watched, clicked a link, or watched at least 30 seconds

If you break it down, you can also divide the touch-up ads intoSearch for recommended adsAndPatch ads

Search-recommended ads may appear not only on your YouTube page, but also on search pages and related video pages.


Patch ads typically appear before the video is played, and the runner can override the Call of Action button on the ad, such as The Grammar, so that users can access the website directly.


Of course, the Call of Action link can also be placed at the top right menu for a more visible view.

So what should a good touch ad look like? Over-selling, straight-talking content is clearly not appropriate, users want to see is a story, an example of how they can be in common. Such ad video should be entertaining, people do not want to miss, so that consumers really let your brand forget.




The patch ad is particularly short, 15 to 20 seconds long and not to be skipped, also known as a front ad

In positive slices longer than 10 minutes, it is also possible to see half of the ads inserted in front.

Similarly, pre-advertising often includes characters, music, dialogue, and so on.But because of the short time, it's best to have a Call of Action link to encourage viewers to click, sign up, etc.


  Ultra-short ads


The last ad, the ultra-short ad, which is only 6 seconds long, appears before the video is filmed。 Because of time constraints, pay special attention to highlights when choosing such ads.


Ten optimization tips

For people who use AdWords, there are also ten tips for optimizing AdWords to get the most out of your budget and boost your returns before you launch.



Identify metrics and goals


When analyzing ad results, you can start with four criteria:Views, Viewers, Brands, Conversion Rates。 We can not only analyze the user's viewing, interaction, but also by increasing the viewing completion rate to reduce the cost of browsing, and according to the conversion rate to determine whether the brand's advertising investment has been a good return.




Find underperforming implant ads


When serving ads, pay special attention to underperforming websites, and you can cancel this segment as appropriate, reducing exposure costs.



Design thumbnails

If you want to get the user's attention and increase the video click-through rate, be sure toHigh-quality thumbnailsor design one yourself. Not only that, but also to take into account the different devices to display the proportion of the problem, and to ensure that the picture can highlight the focus, in the composition of the aesthetic.


Drive users to consume with a card bar


When you see the top right corner of the video positive“i”Symbols, click can jump out of the card bar, here can be inserted to jump pages, videos, etc. links, and its text, pictures and other options can be customized to their own needs.



Have a call to action.


As mentioned earlier, the Call of Action button is critical.It takes users to landing pages, product pages, information pages, job pages... Almost everywhere.! Adobe, pictured, chose to use the Call of Action button to bring users to the live page to enhance interaction.




Make your own end-of-film template


Whatever your YouTube channel, the end-of-film template can help you increase your audience's interest in the brand.If the audience thinks your end looks good, it's likely to do like, subscribe, and more.This end-of-film template for Jimmy Fallon's talk show, for example, promotes both video and tv station's mobile apps.



Reverse thinking


If your marketing cycle is long and you want to attract new users but don't know how to get started, think in reverse and think about what kind of people won't be interested in your product. By removing them, you'll be able to better spend your budget on people you're really interested in and able to convert.



Add subtitles


For all videos, adding high-quality subtitles is very effective, although many brands have not yet implemented this, or just use the system automatically generated low-quality subtitles. Considering that YouTube is an English-led multilingual, multicultural platform,Prepare users for as many captions as possible to make you stand out



Retain a high-quality audience


For people who aren't interested, let them skip your ads! That way, the publisher doesn't have to pay, and the viewer doesn't have to waste time, which is a win-win.



Longer Ads


In the long video model of reaching ads, to retain users, you might want to leave them with a little suspense or sweetness to the end, so that perhaps they will be watching longer and more likely to see the full ad.


Now do you have new insights into YouTube's video ad model? Next time you consider running a video, don't forget to pay attention to these three ads, put your insights to use!

If you want to learn more about the details of your YouTube ads, you're also welcome to chat with our customer service!

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