This Chinese food ad hits a million on Youtube!

For a eater,

The big gate crabs are invincible.

And for a Virgo eater,

Perfectly eating a big crab is a must-have skill


It is said that this big crab's food advertisement

Millions of hits on foreign website Youtobe

Evaluated by foreign netizens as: the highest state of eating goods

After reading this ad,

The first reaction of the class cadres was:

Sure enough, the beautiful sister of the big city, even eat crabs so exquisitely

People like class cadres are directly whole put into the mouth bite

And then it's spitting out the flesh with a shell.

Such a delicate way to eat

It's the first time I've met.

Step 1: Eat Crab Legs

Eating crab legs requires scissors to cut off your thighs.

Put the meat out with your calves.

Step 2: Eat the tongs

Take the pliers down first.

and pick out the meat from the tongs.

Finally, I have to put the little pliers back.

Step 3: Eat Crab

The crab cover needs to be opened first to season

And then take a small spoon out to eat

Part 4: Eating Crab

The meat and yellow in the crab can be eaten.

After eating, cut the remaining shell back into the crab shell.

Step 5: Eat small joints

Shanghai beauty sister said

Next door Wang Bo's family eat a crab leg can drink half a kilo of yellow wine

(Wang Bob eats the whole crab, should have been drunk it

Step 6: Put the crabs together

The point is here.

Eating crab meat is not the most important thing.

Instead, you'll have to piece the crab shell into a complete crab.

This operation, 666666


This six-step crab-eating process down

Virgo should be driven crazy.

And netizens have a lot to say.

The comments are too bright. 

The first of the most visited:This crab is so beautiful.

@Aswau:The crab looked and said it was panicking.

The Little Thumb:This man I know, and finally starved to death.  

@l Independent Head I:It's a horror movie for the Big Gate Crab.

@zerob876:The first time I saw the corpse sidonned so fresh and vulgar.

Nickname s6 coins:Big Gate Crab: I've been hollowed out by this little sister!

Hairy legs:This mushroom cool do not know good or bad to eat, anyway this crab is really beautiful.

The swastonoment traffic police dirt crow:To tell you the truth, I was attracted by the title, but after watching it, I found that I was watching the cheongsam beauty all the time.

The Star Moon Shenhua:People's call to eat crab, like me, the shell down, grasp the feet from the middle to open a bite of the call to punish

I'm on the other side of the world:This may be the legend of the full of food to support nothing to dry it (s) after eating back 233333, a big crab joint to drink half a kilo of yellow wine emmm ... Next door old wang is mostly not in the world, to eat the crab remember to smell that the crab-scented (smelly) hand.

Sure enough, the netizens in the comment section

All are talented, talking and listening.

Maybe because of this ad.

Netizens also played a wave of crab contest

I'll show you.



(Post-Shooting Day)

(My Buddha Mercy)

Ultimate Edition

At the end of the day, it's great.

Class cadres can only give their knees.

It seems that eating is really a learning thing.

"So-called live to old, eat old!" "

This sentence Lu Xun's famous words do not deceive me!

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