This short five-minute Youtube ad saw three million people...

What if I told you
It's an ad.

You're going to think it's some kind of public service ad, don't you?

It's not.

The video was posted on June 1st by more than three million people to the pipeline.Why is a short five-minute Momondo ad so popular? In particular, the advertisement for any scenic spots or good-looking and fun things are not mentioned in the case.

So this is really a god horse situation... Is it the right way for me to open it?

Yes, it's an ad, and it's really an ad for a travel comparison website.Just, the meaning of travel here is a bit unusual.

In 2006, several whimsical Danish programmers decided to get together to accomplish a new task: exploring a new world. To challenge the dogma of the traditional ticket sales industry, they created momondo, A completely free, independent online ticket search engine, transparency of all market prices. They use unique coding, program and robotics to the search engine, enabling people to quickly and easily search for ticket prices in real time around the world.

In the video, a group of volunteers from around the world are invited to conduct a DNA test, including Britons who hate the Germans:

There are Bangladeshis who love their country very much:

There are Icelanders who are very sure of their pure lineage:

And black friends.

The expert may be gossip, and asked a word:

Well, this question can not be lit by the small flame of ethnic contradictions! The first Englishman didn't know if he didn't like the Germans because of the legacy of history.

Then the Bangladeshi piece is not too peaceful, so the people's life is not completely happy and harmonious:

There's another Kurdish girl who looks good (fancy face, you're right about everything you're saying❤U❤)

Note! Note! Note!That's when a Madame said:

If you don't want to small editor can tell you irresponsibly:This cargo is French! No other possibility!

Cough, run off, then go on the test. Although the volunteers at the beginning are optimistic about the joke mentality, but the experts still do not change the face to insist on explaining the mechanism of DNA (say these people high school creatures are how to learn, so simple big A small a truth do not understand ... )

Watch them in the eye. 👇

Then everyone starts spitting in the tube, and then on the day the test results are published (Holly shit, here come ur big day!) everyone is dressed in neat rows and waiting to hear the results.

Oh yes, there's a gimmick here, remember the Madame before? The answer is revealed👉

In short, the little partners are holding the idea of "I'm 100 percent my father and mother", such as the British soldier at the beginning of this article:

(Oh, that's good)

(Please call me the British Little Public)

(This is a sorceic... )

Results published, the most hated German, but he has 5% German ancestry, personally feel that this expression of complete strength explained the "good sad, face good pain, but also to keep around the smile."

Others were clearly hit 10,000 times when they got their results.
A face with an instant orgasm:

There's a grim face:

There are also very questionable ones:

And beautiful (❤U❤)

Oh yes, how can there be less French Madame here, let's push the camera a little closer to a close-up (guess what she's talking about merde or Putain :P)

Oh, this TM is embarrassing.

In fact, many volunteers after hearing their own test results can not help but shed tears of excitement, in fact, small editor himself watching this video is also a sudden burst of wet eyes, of course, this with the advertising soundtrack is certainly related, but as the film said at the end:

If people know that the lineage they inherited is like this,
There can be no extremism in the world.
It's like, who would be foolish enough to think of
What about something like pure race?


It's as if suddenly there's a moment where you can really feel the magical connection between even the smallest individual and the big world.

Yes, this is full of public service advertising, what world citizens, everyone has a responsibility and so on one, two, three, and the film finally fooled everyone to go above their own "blood" tourism, exposing the nature of its advertising. And whether it is domestic or foreign internet, this type of advertising has been common.

ButIt was undoubtedly a success.The director's plot settings allow the audience to recognize the absurdity of racism in another way, which is why the short five-minute film can be retweeted, followed and recognized by so many people.

Even if the way, you can hide a heart.

Throughout the current situation in France, strikes, demonstrations, the shadow of terror lingered, to say that people are panicked, but not accurate. In addition to the need to have a clear understanding of reality, similar to this advertising campaign seems to be a needle to use a strong heart, you say, is not?

Finally, to borrow the mantra of a male singer of a recent grass-chicken fan:

My wish is world peace.

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