What does YouTube mean for advertisers to offer a 6-second ad?

YouTube recently launched a new online form of advertising, skipping six seconds of ads, in an attempt to attract more advertisers by delivering more efficiently.

Under this new way of serving ads, advertisers don't have to pay for the amount of presentation, they just have to pay the cost of actual reach. In other words, any ads that are skipped are not charged.

In fact, before that, YouTube has launched long ads that can be skipped, and audiences can skip ads by clicking the button after watching for 5 seconds. YouTube also launched a very simple six-second TrueView pop-up ad -- the now-popular ultra-short video ad -- but the six-second ad can't be skipped.

Now, YouTube combines the two to create a six-second-skipable ad that gives audiences more choice whether to watch ads or not.

Is YouTube just improving the user experience?

Shorter video ads, more rights to skip ads... Some of the changes in Online advertising on YouTube over the years seem to be struggling to improve the user experience.

But is YouTube's skip-per-view ad really just talking about the user experience?

We cannot deny that a good user experience is an important way to retain users. In order to improve the user experience, many video sites also relatively adjust the advertising business, and strive for shorter ads, less, more in line with the needs of the audience. Like the domestic secondary video site B station, on the promise never to increase the patch ads.

However, for video sites, advertising has always been an important source of profitability. How to improve the user experience without affecting profitability? YouTube's exploration of the way ads are run may be finding a better balance between advertisers, users, and websites.

For users, the launch of a 6-second ad can be skipped to improve the user experience, which is certain. And for advertisers, it's not that advertising can be easily skipped is a bad thing, but rather that it becomes a more efficient form of advertising. Advertisers should be happy to be right!

So why is this form of advertising efficient?

01, "Skip" is an effective button to test the results

Whether it's a long, skipable ad or a new skipable 6-second ad, the Skip button creates an opportunity for audiences to interact with ads. Once you have the "skip" interaction, it's possible to learn the audience's intentions.

If the ad is skipped by the audience as soon as it plays, it may be time to reflect on the quality of the ad content, so this form of advertising is more demanding of advertising.

If the ad ends up finished, it's likely that you're interested in the content of the ad, in other words, the advertiser's potential customer.

In this way, both to know the audience's love of advertising style type, but also to help tap potential customers, can be said to be a stone two birds.

02, only the target consumer to pay

When you choose youTube's skipable 6-second ad, if your ad is skipped, YouTube won't charge you. So in the budget of advertising, advertisers can finally only pay for their real audience or target consumers.

Self-rescue in the context of the YouTube digital advertising crisis?

For YouTube itself, then, a better user experience and more efficient form of advertising will undoubtedly appeal to many advertisers. At the same time, it also solves the digital advertising crisis under a bit of difficulties.

In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet, digital advertising has suddenly become the new favorite of advertisers, causing criticism. Advertisers are beginning to have a crisis of trust in digital advertising. All kinds of traffic fraud, whether advertising can really reach consumers and so on these issues have become advertisers' doubts.

First set aside traffic fraud, advertising is a less attractive audience to see things. Especially when people watch videos, there are usually two choices to avoid advertising:

01: Use other trivia, such as going to the toilet and drinking water, to kill the time period when the advertisement appears

02: Buy members, block ads all-round

So, in this case, the chances of the audience actually seeing the ad are slim.

In 2017, Procter and Gamble slashed its $100 million digital advertising budget in one quarter, saying it had no impact on performance. Internet companies have always prided themselves on the huge flow of traffic, and their marketing value was instantly shaded.

Now That's a six-second ad that YouTube can skip and charge only for reach consumers, perhaps more effectively addressing the crisis of trust.

In any case, the six-second you can't jump on youTube is trying to provide a new way for brands to find large-scale short-term exposures and save on delivery costs.

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