Why aren't you ads?

Friends who are often on Youtube must have a deep feeling about its experience of using it

Click-to-put? That's cool!

5 second ads, can I skip?

Wait, like after 5 seconds, why am I still watching...


  Mechanisms, patterns, monopolies

Super experience is not a gift to the capitalists, but the product of the new mechanism.

1. Advertising mechanism

YoutubeOf course, it's not that there are no ads, it's just that the ads are so good that viewers who have been bombarded by domestic video station ads feel "no advertising."

At Youtube, a mechanism called trueview plays a key role in advertising efficiency and experience.

The core mechanism of trueview is that YouTube charges advertisers only if they are viewed for more than 30 seconds.

First, for the publisher:

In fact, the 5-second skipable option is an important screening mechanism for the runner - the audience skipped in 5 seconds is not necessarily a target customer, and it is not advisable to waste advertising money on them.

Second, for users:

5 seconds can be skipped with virtually no effect on viewing.Real and unconditional skipable optionsIt also greatly increases the user's experience of self-selecting.

Finally, for Youtube:

5 seconds skip reduces the damage to the platform experience, combined with ad skipping records, but also better grasp the user's ad preferences.

In all,In a three-way win-win situation, YouTube's advertising ecosystem has achieved a positive cycle - high-quality ads are delivered more precisely to target customers, and people who don't want to see ads will get a more refreshing experience.

On the contrary, the domestic, everyone car after the second-hand car continued, melon son broadcast Youxin second-hand car, often in front of the positive video seamless broadcast ... ... (The helpless experience)


2. Shallow Reasons - Business Model

The optimized advertising mechanism is inextricably linked to Youtube's business model.

First, the difference between Youtube's business model and most domestic video stations is that it is dominated by the acquisition of copyright, while YouTube is dominated by user uploads.

This directly leads to the two platforms in the"Content - Traffic - Advertising Value Factor"The world of difference:

Domestic platform good content directly rely on the program word-of-mouth / film and television brand, users must unconditionally accept advertising;

Good Content on Youtube requires active exploration by users, who are willing to pay the price to watch ads, and are almost always skippable.

Second, at the profit level, the major way for domestic video stations is to "buy members can skip ads" ...

3. Deep Causes - Oligarchic Ecology

Different business models create different advertising ecosystems, and behind Youtube's business model sits in the industryOligopolyIn the country's first hotNetflixIn essence, it's also different from Youtube positioning.Arguably, as the world's largest video station, Youtube has few competitors of the same level/location.

As a result, YouTube has taken advantage of its absolute dominance over advertisers to design the platform around the user experience from a global perspective. On the basis of absolute dominance over the content, quality and delivery form of the advertisement, Youtube gives full play to the effectiveness of the feedback and algorithmic mechanism, and builds the ad into aA sense of self-selecting experiencecontent ecology.


  Domestic video station outlet

Tencent Video, Youku Tudou, LeEco, PPTV, Sohu Video, Sina Video, Aichi, NetEase Video, Thunderbolt, Popular, PPS

Recall that for most domestic video stations with scattered resources, you have two options:

1, first watch the xx seconds plus the advertisement

2, close the page, give up watching

In fact, there are exceptions, such as these two: Acfun, Bilibili

A station and B station was once a second yuan of the world, now, they have long been a collection of dramatist, animation, youth cultural groups in one video community.

Low ad volume pages, no ad playback, user contribution system is their important competitiveness, in the case of many resources are deleted can also occupy a place in video sites.

Group feuds, poor viewing experiences, cross-dimensional traffic transfers, poor sensory bombing

Under the new trend of change in the advertising ecology of domestic video stations,

The already-surge in user experience will lead to an ad upgrade in advance compared to the legendary 5G

Efficient feedback, survival of the fittest, experience for the king, oligarchic ecology

In the domestic video station can not be changed under the premise of the group male, traffic owner and advertiser relationship will not change, business model is bound to be difficult to improve.

Therefore, in the future, the advertising of domestic video stations will be more dependent on and based on the technical level of advertising mechanism design -

1. More sophisticated user action feedback

2. More dollar profit channels

Finally, I wish you all the best.

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