Why can I skip ads for YouTube videos? Is there a big negative impact on advertisers?

In fact, I thought about it earlier, and now I just put my point of view out.

Setting video ads to be free to skip would certainly reduce the amount of ads on video sites in the short term, because companies would think their ads were being ignored. But in the long run, such a setup is a win-win.
It will benefit ad delivery companies, ad makers, and video sites.

Landlord you also mentioned that if it wasn't particularly interesting ads, you would choose to skip it directly. On the other hand, if this ad is interesting, you will choose to read it, and I'm sure the vast majority of people have the same ideas as you do. If ads are always free to skip, those that aren't interesting will be eliminated, and interesting ads will stay. The ultimate effect of this setup is that good advertising maximizes its benefits, while poor advertising is minimized. The result is that good ads will continue to be delivered, while bad ads will be stopped.
Explain this: If your ad sucks, it can damage the user experience of a video site. A very bad advertisement, mandatory to let you watch a minute, you will be happy? If your ads are interesting enough and customers stay long enough, it's also great for video sites. Video sites should support excellent advertising. 》

There's a word for user experience, and for a website, it's absolutely central.
The largest video site in the country is Youku, its ads can also be skipped, when you become a member of it, you can do so.
We can understand that Youku members have a better user experience than the average user. But let's think, most people are not members. If the content of the ad is bad and you can't choose to skip it, the user's feelings will get as bad as the ad. This is not a good thing for the website.

There's another interesting thing.
For Youku, if all the people who use Youku have all the members, then no one is running ads -- if your ads aren't as interesting.
So Youku has a phenomenon where the more members it has, the lower its advertising effect. If your ads are mandatory, it will have such consequences.

In addition, let's be clear, skip ads so that you don't skip ads.
Video sites rely on advertising to make money, and if you want them to completely eliminate advertising, that's impossible, but video sites can help ad makers make ads interesting.
The "free to skip ads" setting will filter out the best ads for video sites, and this screening team of hundreds of millions of netizens is completely free.
I am very firm: if you want to live, give power to the people.

Of course, this kind of free jump is conditional. In addition to the option of "skip directly", you also need to fulfill your obligation to screen people. Video sites offer TV movies to you for free, so you're responsible for filtering ads for them.
This kind of screening is of course a rule, I have thought very detailed, but the screening details have nothing to do with this problem, so not ready to write it out.

In accordance with the established rules, there will be more interesting ads on video sites, ad makers will help to produce better ads, advertising companies will also be because of good advertising to get real revenue.
At the same time, viewers of video sites will be beneficiaries because of this small set.

Isn't this a winning way?

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