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In a game, if you finish second, you will be number one?

August 9th, today! YouTube will soon overtake Facebook as the second-largest U.S. website, according to a report by MarketResearch' SimilarWeb. As for the number one, in July this year, Google reached the top with 15 billion monthly visits.

At The time Of YouTube's rapid rise, with more than a billion unique visitors and more than 30 million daily users, you can talk about being the world's second-largest search engine after Google. Since it is a search engine, just learned The new Google SEO play students must have thought, YouTube also has its own SEO tips -

Take notes, take notes, class!

YouTube's ranking algorithm

Websites abroad are very user-friendly, as do Google, and YouTube, which wants users to see what they like and value when they visit the site.

YouTube's way of observing the user experience is to analyze their interactions with the film, roughly from: views, average viewing time, return rate, and degree of interaction (point likes, dislikes and messages) and so on, through the user's behavior to directly understand their views on the film, these content will be organized and transformed. Place it on YouTube Analytics for video uploaders to watch.

Content is the key to success or failure if you want to use YouTube for the desired benefits. Uploading low-quality videos that trick visitors into clicking with vivid, exaggerated titles doesn't boost the video's ranking on YouTube.

As a result, in order to effectively improve the ranking, many YouTube also put on the end of the movie "Please support likes, messages or share" slogans, to enhance user interaction with the video, thereby increasing the ranking and video touch.

Furthermore, frequent lying videos is also an important indicator of impact ranking, and if you regularly update your own videos on YouTube, YouTube can analyze data to know that this is an account that is actively producing content, and to increase the proportion of videos in the search rankings.

Set up movie basics

Uploading YouTube videos, titles, bids, tags and other basic materials are very important, if set up, there are high-profile search keywords, YouTube can use these materials, for video and visitor search results to make a better match, so that more interested in the video topic visitors to see the video.

Confidant, do not know how to set up these materials, you can first go to see the same theme of the video, the first few video room how to describe, especially pay attention to:

Are there any important keywords in these video sins?

What angle is the title described?

What is the movie label?

Analysis of good examples, can speed up learning, optimize the effectiveness of video upload.

Decide on video keywords

To the basic information of the video to set keywords, we must first understand the composition of the keyword form, the composition of keywords can be broken into "words" "words" "phrases", simply, if the title is set to "quickly look at the college entrance examination must win the cheat!" The keywords that this title can be split are "gaokao", "must win", "secret" and "high examination cheat".

As a result, every word of the basic information is important and requires special design, and you can quickly find popular, highly searched keywords using keyword analysis tools such as Google Search Console, SEMrush, and SEOProfiler.

There are also tools dedicated to analyzing YouTube videos and channels - vidIQ and TubeBuddy. Enter the movie URL within their website to see your video and channel information directly with competitors, from average viewing time, movie tags used, and user interaction outcomes (see figure below).

Both tools have free and paid functions, which can be set according to the user's respective needs.

With these three tips, your YouTube video ads are ready to go.Too much dry goods don't feel like you're addicted enough for YouTube advertising tips? Don't panic! Xiao editors have dropped out of many youTube messages, poke links to feel it.

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