YouTube - a new way to attract audienceattention and measure the impact of advertising

Nowadays, people play with their mobile phones while watching TV, watch TV on their way to work, and work on computers when they broadcast video to a set-top box. Most of the day people spend most of their day connecting with the outside world through the use of a variety of electronic devices. Therefore, how to reach consumers has become the focus of advertising attention. But today's advertising, can reach consumers a lot, and really can attract consumer attention is very few.

However, online video ads are excluded. According to a new survey by Google in partnership with Ipsos, people pay three times as much attention to online video advertising as they do on TV ads. In terms of online video advertising alone, youTube has about twice as much attention as other social media. The reason is that ads on YouTube are more visible, and people are twice as likely to watch videos on YouTube with purpose than on other online platforms. Today, Google shares three new tools designed to help advertisers learn how to get viewers' attention on YouTube.

Help brands reach the right audience

Clarifying the consumer's intentions makes search advertising efficient - the ability to quickly connect what people need to the business that sells them. In January, Google discovered that the same applies to search ads. Audiences who were interested in advertising from a consumer intent increased their memory of ads by 20% and 50% of their brand awareness, respectively, compared to advertising campaigns that were based solely on demographics.

To help advertisers spread more relevant and useful ads on YouTube, Google is making it more efficient to leverage Google's broad ecosystem by studying the types of searches users use, favorite sites, and apps Audiences toTouchAudience. For example, an outdoor products brand can use Custom Affinity Audiences TouchUsers who have searched for skis, visited ski resorts, or downloaded the Ski Path Guide app.

Large-scale creative customization

Custom audiences can maximize value with relevant creative collaborations. But large-scale personalization is hard to achieve. Because video creativity is expensive and time-consuming.

Google's Director Mix can be adapted to the same ad based on each audience's characteristics. For example, advertisers can create thousands of versions to match the needs of different audiences, whether they are voice dystorated or background designs.

Campbell's Soup uses Director Mix to create video ads based on what people are about to watch. For example, when people watch the Women's Prison (Orange is the New Black), you might see a Bumper ads asking, "Will your cooking improve the prison's meals?" Our soup can. "It turns out to be a really good idea: Kimbo Soup's sales are up 55 percent and your audience's memory of ads is up 24 percent."

Break single ad limits and create layered release

Similarly, Google's Video Ad Turboing helps advertisers build a complete ad experience with time. This new feature, which is part of AdWords Labs, lets advertisers connect their ad ideas together. Advertisers can make adjustments, reactions, or guide different ways according to the audience's love of different ads.

For example, advertisers can start with a 15-second TrueView ad, start with awareness, then put a longer ad to introduce product attributes, and finally follow a 6-second Bumper ad that impresses the audience and stimulates their desire to buy.

To build momentum for the new Assassin's Creed game, Ubisoft has edited four different six-second Bumper ads, each containing a key element of their trailer. The brand uses Affinity Audiences and Video Ad Uping to deliver ads to the core audience of E3 , The Electronic Entertainment Expo. The event reached nearly 15 million independent viewers, and the brand's popularity (-25%), The Assassin's Creed search (-224%) and the trailer's search (375%) all increased significantly.

On YouTube, Google is committed to showing viewers relevant and helpful ads so that they don't disturb them but enhance their viewing experience. That is, the best YouTube experience is achieved by providing users with comprehensive control choices and matching what advertisers want to promote with what their audience is interested in.

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